[Archive] Arashi's Dawi Zharr conversions


CDs and Undead are (or probably ‘were’ now if they have adjusted it) considered slightly overpowered compared to the other teams. Goblins and Halflings are underpowered for some stupid reason (they think that crappy players should make for a crappy team, rather than balancing them with other useful skills like they do in Warhammer)


Hmmm, halflings do sound interesting though, I smell a new army comming on…


Picture of my hero, which is also my entry for the GH2.

I guess the bad quality of the pics will decrease my chances, but I�m not participating to win this time, it�s just for fun. Please post your comments!


hey, this one looks cool! ^^

the only thing i have to complain about is the hair… imho he would look better (or: more evil) without hair. but it’s my opinion…


Nice one! I like his teeth!



@Snotling: Thanks! I was thinking about that, but then it would look too similar to that CD Sorcer conversion that participated on the Golden deamon one or two years ago. I also thought about doing dreads on him, but that would have givven him a too-wild look. He�s a hero, so that wasn�t really what I wanted for him.

On a side note, I�m going to do a normal warrior with dreads, rampafing forward without any mask or anything :wink:

@angryboy2k: Thank you. For me, there�s three things that distinguises chaos dwarfs appearance from normal dwarfs. The beards, the noses and the teeth, so the teeth was a must ^^


I didn’t see the CD sorcerer in GD, any pics? An awesome model, I think the hair works personally, the once thing I would change is the cloak, it just doesn’t look natural the way it falls


I could be wrong, maybe he didn�t participate in the GD (even though I�m 80% sure about it). Anyways, you can find the pic of that mini here


And yeah, I�m a little dissapointed with the cape as well, don�t know what I was thinking…


Ya, he won Gold with it, I believe.


Now that’s a sweet mini, the NMM is just superb - drools all over keyboard - I like his interretation of the hats as tall helms as well - good look and lassic style, without being to… well… elfy


Long time since the last update, no? Well, sorry, been busy working. Anyways, here are a few pics of the few CD I have been able to paint.



I have brightened the pics a lot, so you would be able to see anything on them… Oh, and the banner is not that curved as in pic 2, it�s just the camera…

I�m almost done with the other five aswell, but I will not post anything of them until they are painted. Or will I…?

yeah, that picture sucks aswell, but at least you can see a little. It�s a sculpted face, a CD without mask, and with dreadlocks.

Oh! And I will probably get a Hellcannon before this weekend, I�m really excited ^^

Feel free to comment or ask anything you wonder about!


These rock! They remind me a lot of my own! Love the use of the symbol! Perfect sculpting, great paint jobs, nice style, just awesome! I look forward to more of your army!

On a side note, I basically finished painting my warriors last night, I will post pics tonight, if I can.


Thanks Xander! But I highly doubt my sculpting is perfect, I still need to get more experience with greenstuff. Will be waiting to see your painted warriors aswell!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sculpting looks good enough to me. And it’s a really nice paint job.

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice masks! :hat off for including some CD faces too, it’s something I would definetly like to see more of!! Loving the dreds! also good colours I’m struggling to find a colour-scheme for army at the moment and I havn’t seen much green about, looks good!!

The hero is great, one of my favourate Dwarf minis, you don’t often see that one used for conversions. He looks grumpy enough to be a chaos dwarf though don’t you think!?!

Can’t wait to see some close-ups of those faces! Keep up the good work Arashi! :cheers


Thank you guys. As for using the dwarf hero, I guess it�s a hard mini to convert, since he is just made as “one piece”. Really a shame, since that mini is one of the best GW have done so far IMO.


Keep it coming! We’d love to see more. :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

Now that you mention that Dwarf Hero, I remember seeing a big hat conversion with that model. From what I can remember it was bright purple and standing on a helluva lot of skulls …

Cracking job! Keep it up!


Wow, I haven´t updated this in a looong time. Sadly, most of my CD army is in the other side of Europe, so will not be able to show much. Luckily, I still have these…

First pic: 3 normal warriors. Just 2 more left to finnish my unit of 15 normal warriors :smiley:

Second pic: Just a small sneakpeak of my next project, a unit with 15 warriors with heavy weapons.

3rd &4th: Just some more of the same figures…

Will probably not be any new updates soon, as I´m working on my orcs and HE…


Nicely done.

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