[Archive] Arashi's Dawi Zharr conversions


Hello everybody! I recently posted a few pictures of my converted Chaos Dwarfs on Hand of Hashut. Xander then suggested me to visit this site, so here I am :slight_smile:

I have been a follower of the Chaos Dwarfs during a really long time, but until this last Christmas I had never went longer then having a blood bowl team with the chaotic stunts. During the Storm of Chaos campaign I started to think again about creating a Chaos Dwarf army out from normal Dwarfs and convert them, as I really loved the Hell cannon and it’s crew, but I hadn’t enough confidence to do that.
Then, during this last Christmas, there was a member on Warseer who made some excellent conversions out from the BfSP Dwarfs (yes, I know that EE is a member here as well and have posted pictures of his dwarfs here, but I first spotted them on Warseer =P ). I was speechless. They were really incredible, just the kind of miniatures I wanted for a Chaos Dwarf army. So finally, I decided to create my own.
Sadly, due to school work and similar, I didn’t had time to work on them. The small amount of time I had went to my Orc army, so it’s not until now I have been able to continue on my project. And here are a few pics of them.

(If you haves any problem to see them, click here)

My camera sucks, sorry for that…

Here are a few comments of the pictures:

#1:From left to right, a normal warrior, a champion, and my standard bearer. Even though it’s hard to see on that pic, I’m really satisfied with the mask of that warrior.
#2-3: My standard bearer. Yes, I tried to make a bull skull for my banner. I have no idea how a bull skull looks like, but I think it looks great anyways :stuck_out_tongue: I just used the Dwarf arms for him, cutting the cloth textures and modelling his muscles with green stuff.
#4: Picture of my “finished” ones (I have five other dwarfs and a converted cannon as well that soon will be finished, but I’m not done sculpting their masks yet).
#5: The back of the units champion. The picture is too small and too blurry, I know…
#6-8: The two painted minis. First I thought about painting them the traditional red, but there is already so many Chaos Dwarfs that have that color, that I decided to go with another color. Then I thought about a dark green, but then it came to me that they could be seen as Nurgle dwarfs, and that wasn’t really what I wanted. Besides, I already had an army (my Skaven) with dark green armour, and most “normal” dwarfs are painted using dark green (see GW’s homepage). So in the end I went with a lighter scorpion green, as I love that colour. And I don’t think I have ever seen any other Chaos Dwarf with that color scheme either. Anyways, I’m really glad I tried it, it really fits together with the bronze masks. As for the motive of the shield, I used Hashuts rune. I think the old CD symbols (the crushed skull, the skull cut in half and with the fire on the top, and the later added (think it was added for Blood Bowl first) skull with red bull horns) are a little out of date and that they don’t really have much of an connection with the Chaos Dwarfs (they can easily be mistaken with i.e. symbols for the undeath), so I wanted to have a more direct relate symbol to their god Hashut, so what’s better then the rune of Hashut itself?
Picture 8 also shows the back of these miniatures and their armour.
“Hero” pics: It’s still a WIP. I made it out from the most common Dwarf Hero. The mantle is from mordheim (I think?), and the horns from the plastic Orc hero’s boar. The idea of the horns on his shoulders comes from a conversion of a CD warlock I saw some time ago, I think that person used the same miniature for his conversion. I added a mask to his helmet, which I think is okay…

So, please give me your opinion of them. I really want to know what other experienced CD gamers thinks about them. ^^

(yes, most of the text is copied and pasted from HoH…)


Well I just love them there so cool and nice paint job but, I do sugest that you put symbles on all the modles in thats unit then,stop ussaly most people get tired of repiting the same symble over and over(and over and over…)but still put it on the odd modle and your heros.Never the less I still like them.


Nice work, I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the green colour scheme though.

That converted marauder standard is excellent.


@hobblin: Thank you! And don’t worry, Actually the symbol is what I enjoy the most to paint (I’m that much of a masochist)

@hal: Thank you (again, since you commented on HoH aswell =P). I’m receiving a lot of compliments for the Standard, so it maybe is good afterall! And I will probably continue with the scorpion green for some time, sorry ^^U


Well I can suggest somthing for your next unit try opend masks and give them tusks and on the standerd write"feel the wrath of the bull ______"

and add a word to end that that insent a swear.Hope you like the idea.:slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Arashi! Great conversions! Love the use of the symbol. Like I said, it would be great to have some higher resolution pictures so we can see all the detail!

Nice work!


@hobblin: I’m not much for having texts on banners, but who knows? :wink:

@Xander: Thank you for the welcome! I will see what I can do, though it will be difficult (will be in Spain at my parents home until August starting from tomorrow). Then I will add the other 5 dwarfs that are almost done now.

And I will try to upload some pics of my Blood Bowl team soon as well, just wait!


I�m glad he got you to post here as you got some real well done work there :slight_smile: Very nice :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

The pictures are pretty good. Nice colour scheme, very evil and dark. And you still have the hooked noses! :smiley:


@Nazhur: Thank you, and I’m also glad that he convinced me!

@Uzkul: Of course I have hooked noses! :stuck_out_tongue: And I think you are the first one besides of me that likes the color scheme ^^

And now, s I promised, my old beloved Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team!

A picture of my bull centaur. I had some problems with the mail order, so I never received the bull body. But I solved that with the body of a boar, a knife, and GS! Only thing is that he looks fat…

Here you can see the complete team (besides of one more CD, don’t know why I forgot to put him on the picture…). The chaos dwarf most to the left was my first CD conversion, made from one of the very old plastic dwarfs. In my defense, I will just say that it could have been much worse…

And then, a front picture of the whole team!

Sorry for the paint job, but I painted them like 6 years ago. I must say that they are my favorite BB team (I also plays Vampires, Orcs, and have tried Skaven). They have an incredible Win percentage. 15 Wins out of 19 games! (then three draws and one loss).

Next I will try to finnish the conversions of the first unit, and then I will try to finnish the hero (both converting and painint). Not that I think that I have a big chance to win, but I want to participate with him on the GH2 competition on this site :stuck_out_tongue: After all, then more people that participates, then funnier it will be!

Uzkul Werit:

That conversion was excellent! Pretty good paintjob too.


Wow, that waas some good BB figures. Not bad at all. I would love to get a BB team with CD but so far it has to wait. Got enought miniatures to paint.


The BC conversion looks great. Did you file off all of the fur from the boar or just some of it?


Nice BB team, I have a BB CD team at home but I’ve never gotten around to painting it.

What’s that CD model to the far left? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before.


It looks like a conversion of the old single pose plastic dwarfs.


I’ve never played blood bowl, but I may take it up seeing as its the only game where CDs are mainstream and have a full available range. Nice painting and conversion work. I’d go for you’re blue BB colour scheme on your WFB stuff as it looks awesome


I love bloodbowl, converted an entire beastman team from their regiment box set, giving the ungors a sex change and making them cheerleaders lol

chaos dwarfs arent really a good team to play as but what the hell its not the winning that counts its making your opponent forfeit because your team have pounded all their wood elves into the injury box so they cant even play :slight_smile:


Wow, a lot of replies! Sadly I have been busy with my summer work, so no new pics :frowning:

@Uzkul: thank you, but my paint skills have improved a lot since I painted them! Maybe hard to see in teh first pics I uploaded… Well, will try to show you some of my newer ones.

@Nazhur: You should get a BB team, that game is the best thing GW have done ever (that it�s the only GW-game that supports CD is a proof of that!)

@Cornixt: All of it, and only with the help of a knife. it was a really pain in the ass, but it was worth it.

@hal: as cornixt stated, it�s an conversion from the old plastic dwarf :stuck_out_tongue: Now that I look at him, I always thinks that I should have given him a bigger hat!

@AGPO: Thank you. I also like the blue of them, but it only works with bighats. I first thought about painting my converted ones with masks with the same color I used for the BB team, but that would maybe have done them look too similar to the “good guys”.

And yes, you should get a BB team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@torn: That�s true, but Chaos Dwafs aren�t one of the bad team either (looking at my Vampire Counts team). The CD are a balanced team, and feared by many thanks to the Bull Centaurs (the second strongest player, only behind the mumies, and maybe some starplayer or big guy).

And if your oponent don�t have any Wood elves to play with, then no one can stop you from scoring! (Just remember to not trust those Hobgoblins too much…)

The Flying Beaver:

That’s the first boar centaur I’ve ever really liked. Nice job Arashi.


@torn: That�s true, but Chaos Dwafs aren�t one of the bad team either (looking at my Vampire Counts team). The CD are a balanced team, and feared by many thanks to the Bull Centaurs (the second strongest player, only behind the mumies, and maybe some starplayer or big guy).
And if your oponent don�t have any Wood elves to play with, then no one can stop you from scoring! (Just remember to not trust those Hobgoblins too much...)
The thing is with good players is that they take a lot of gold to recruit, and if you only have 11 or 12 players on the field at the stat with injuries you will be undermanned by the end.

As for the undead team looking bad the hardest team i ever played against was 4 mummies, full re-rolls and the rest spent on skeletons. They never scored against me but i also never managed to score against them with any of my teams due to the fact they always had me outnumbered after the mummies injured a few of my players.

If i decide to take it up again i may have to invest in a CD team :)