[Archive] Are you a painter a gamer or both


I was just wondering after reading several threads here what the mix is between people who are primarily painters / modellers and those that are primarily gamers.

I realise that many people are somewhere in between - personally I like to paint but am not the greatest and have to be in the mood. My real joy comes from gaming in an hard but fair manner. As a result i post mainly with regards to tactics and army lists - not having much constructive to say about some of the amazing painting and conversions on here apart from jealous drooling.

Anyway - interested to see where this goes.


Both. I enjoy playing competitive and challenging games of Warhammer (not cheese, just hard armies :)), and converting and sculpting are a great joy for me. Painting is something that I’m only really recently getting into, (I’ve always been capable but never that enthusiastic until now).

I’m not that fussed about winning games, just about having good games, but I do want the coolest army in the room lol :cheers

Thommy H:


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Border Reiver:

both, I enjoy both aspects of the hobby


for 7 years i was just a painter then i started playing 40k but switched over to fantasy about 3 years ago now and have never looked back. Now i paint and game and enjoy both very much


I love painting, and even though I enjoy that more I do make the effort to game a lot too, so I’d say both in all honesty.

I am not happy fielding an army I don’t think looks good, but I am not happy working an army I can’t get into.

I think we’re missing a third category: “Role player” someone who enjoys the background/fluff and gets into that. In that sense I probably have that as my #2 trait, as I play CD as I really love them and their background. If I was a gamer 2nd… I’d be playing DE or Nurgle Demons instead.


I hate actually painting and modelling, but the results are usually worth putting up with the pain and anguish. I enjoy a good friendly game and hate the tournament atmosphere and the “win at all costs” crowd. I often feel that wargame rules are too complex and have too many variables to be a fair competitive game - its very easy to throw sportsmanship out of the window - so I tend to avoid it.


I’d rather be painting and modeling.


I am guessing the last choice should say

Painting is a chore and I would much rather be playing

rather than

Painting is a chore and I would much rather be painting

lol, I voted on that option assuming that anyway lol. I hate painting, I like making the models, and I love playing, but I cannot stand painting. Though I am forcing myself to paint my armies now.

orcs of fire:

i prefer to play than to paint, although i am being forced to paint my models before i get any more:~


Well spotted hulkster - sadly i cannot seem to edit the poll so it will have to stay as it is an people will have to use there common sense … :o


Enjoy modelling and converting plastics. Greenstuffing not so much. Painting even less. I often feel my painting cheapens the look of a model and prefer the aesthetic of greens. On the flip side I wouldn’t be happy owning and playing with an army I didn’t build and paint myself.

Haven’t played in some time (years) but I look forward to getting back into the game aspect of the hobby when I’ve got my Chaos Dwarves up to par.


Hulkster you might want to try the dipping method to speed up paint. Paint the base colors… then get some minwax. Dip in, shake off the excess, and let dry. Spray a dullcoat on top. Then base/flock. It REALLY speeds it up.

Wear old clothes, do outside… it will make a mess.


I´m more a collector and painter! :wink:

The last game I fought is about 3 or 4 years ago (that is the reason that I don´t know the 7th edition).

I fought most games at the end of the 80th and the beginning of the 90th … I think it was with the 3rd and 4th edition. But I wasn´t a good player, I wasn´t very ambitious. I only fought for fun with some friends.

And nowadays I haven´t either the time nor any friends (they were gone or ended the hobby) to play with …


Ishkur Cinderhat:

Painter and modeller with only occasional gaming activity really. We have a really active gaming group, but I’m a bad tactician and a worse dice roller so I prefer to excel with nicely painted and converted minis that are blown to pieces on the battlefield. :slight_smile:


Well spotted hulkster - sadly i cannot seem to edit the poll so it will have to stay as it is an people will have to use there common sense ... :o

I have corrected the wording.


I love playing a game of Warhammer, and try and hit up all the local tournaments. Painting and modeling are aspects of the hobby I enjoy as well. But I’m a better player than painter. I really really like buying models too (that’s part of the hobby for me as well).


im a painter,cause it seems there are no other players in my town,so i dont have the chance to become a player

Kera foehunter:

im a figure maker painter and player!! but im better with the first 2!!


Mmmh, my option is still missing:

“I like to sculpt and paint my army as long as playing but I s@#k at playing” ahahahhahahahhah

Honestly I love to play. The struggle to play with my complete army really keep me motivated to continue modelling and painting. I wish I have more time to became a decent player.