[Archive] Armybook written from Dwarf POV?


I had an interesting idea last night.  Would it be a stupid idea to write most of the armybook descriptions of things from a Dwarf Loremaster point of view?

The Dwarfs apparantly will never enter us in the Dammaz Kron (the Great book of Grudges), but they must keep records of what they know about us.

So what I was thinking was something like a collection of notes in a journal.

So all the unit descriptions of things would be from his point of view, or him recounting things he’s heard.  Some of the stories and text would be done as normal, because the dwarf could not see everything. You could have sketch like artwork of things.

It would be an interesting idea though because you could show his frustrations “I must know more…”.  You could even include some cryptic sections written in dwarf runes in the background.

I think doing it this way would add mystery, but you would need to balance it with enough material from the CD side that the fluff makes sense.

Anyone who has Grudgelore, it would be very much in that style.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

It would certainly be an interesting read. But then again, what do the Dawi know about Chaos Dwarfs? I imagine only very little.

The Dark Elf armybook was entirely written from a DE’s point-of-view and it worked nicely. The same could also be done for Chaos Dwarfs


Wouldnt it be a bit annoying for CD players to have an armybook written from a Dwarfs point of view? I think there could be entries from Dwarfs to get their take on the CD’s but to focus on a Dwarfs vew of the CD’s is a bit insulting to the race IMHO. CD’s have too little focused on them already I reckon.


This is the best idea i’ve heard all day!

(though i just woke up…)

But nice thinking, it might be interestting



As a whole I’m sure they know little of the arcane depths to which the CD have sunk/ embraced, but the Dwarf PoV things would be more concerned with what he had seen and heard.  For instance the battlefield effects of hellcannons, or him hypothesising about CD sorcerers because of a fellow dawi that had escaped torture, or the reports of miners/ rangers/ slayers. So focused primarily on the unit descriptions section, but with a few stories as well.

Things like their timeline, descriptions of cities and other secret locations would be done as normal.


It would carry on the tradition of GW ignoring the CD, even in their own armybook! :slight_smile:


It would carry on the tradition of GW ignoring the CD, even in their own armybook! :)

So true its not even funny, well actually it is.


Sounds good, but tricky to pull off well. Along a similar vein, I think that telling the Armybook from the slave’s point of view would be good, because you could get the opinions of a number of different races


@ Grimstonefire: lmao you’re not wrong mate.

Definately tricky as Narflung says but it could work well

I take it CD’s arent geting another armybook as GW has written them off? If thats the case then I’d say b*&^%$£s to GW and make your own.


Only Hashut knows. Some say yes, some say no, some say maybe. Search the forum there are numerous opinions on that topic.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Aye, the only thing that is for sure however is that the Chaos Dwarfs have their place in the Warhammer fluff, even if they don’t get an army book. They have been mentioned everywhere in the latest additions to the game, be it the Ogre Kingdoms AB, the O&G Army Book, even in Mighty Kingdoms. So we definitely won’t share the same fate of the Zoats and Squats, and that’s a good thing. ^^


We also forced GW to recognize us in the battles for the Nemesis Campaign!


Kera foehunter:

i say grims just do it!!! Your one of the best fluff writers ever.

I do as one of the lost dwarf clann .That turn into the first chaos Dwarfs and go from there.

and write us a book PLease!!!


I have WD’s 1-250 if theres any info in them that you need? I am happy to photograph pages if it’ll help?


Thats an excellent idea because the dwarf/CD relation has never been clear. What do they deeply think of each other.

One thing that could be of interest is to show when and how the dwarfs realized that CD exist. What kind of sources could dwarfs have? (battle reports, spies, tortured CD, escaped prisionners…?) I think dwarfs could be the only ones who know exactly what the CD are, even if they refuse to talk.

It would be an interesting idea though because you could show his frustrations “I must know more…”.  

This could be the main idea. Dwarfs trying to understand how CD could exist. Their innability to understand how their own race can turn to chaos.

I support Kera. You could wrote something great. Sadly I can even do a good english translation of my ideas.


Well I’ve had a go at a few pages.

It’s written from the point of view of Ralkan Grumbak, Loremaster of Karak Kadrin (made him up).  I thought this would be a good spot.  He can have reports from slayers, miners, gyrocoptor pilots, rangers and other troops (from peak pass),  Also a few merchants (dwarfs, humans and maybe even elves spit) who have travelled through the Dark Lands.

The last page was something I’ve wanted to do for a while (half mysterious letters).


Kera foehunter:

Great stuff grims see you do a hella of good job. i love the blunderbuss you sketched too

and the goat killing cd


the commander from the warriors has the same stats as the rest of the untit the same is true with the blundies


Hmm… I typed the stats again so I could put them in a spreadsheet (nice and tidy), seems I forgot to change it.

Kharrahk Flintwalker:

Before me I have one of the weapons known to the Frurndar as a "blunderbuss", kept within my own vault. I have conversed with many of the wisest Master Engineers within our hold, and do hereby record a grudge against the Chaos Dwarfs for producing an effective and reliable handgun.
Sorry to be of annoyance, but this statement bothered me, as the blunderbuss is a widely use weapon in the old world (WFRP) and has been used by the untainted Dawi as well. (Forgot where they are from, but I recall dwarf rangers on skies with blunderbusses with their own rules for WFB.)

Perhaps "a blunderbuss of unusually reliable design" or some such change should be in order?


That is true, perhaps I should re phrase that.