[Archive] Artisan's #7 Winner


As the poll has now closed:

First Place and Gold Artisans Winner Baggronor

Voting Key:

Entry 1:  Alfract

Entry 2:  Baggronor

Entry 3:  Forgefire

Entry 4:  Kerbak

Entry 5:  ‘The Siege of Teotiqa’ Skink

Entry 6:  Warh

Medals and Slaves awarded.


Not that much of a surprise tha Baggronor did #2 - but won’t hold that against him :smiley: Congrats, Baggronor - it’s so well deserved.

But also a big thank you to all the other contestants here. You all made this the best AC till day (IMO).


I was really impressed with all the entries! I might print a few up and use them for our table at Games Day. :slight_smile:


YEah Great job everyone… I had plans to whip something up… just no time lol… Kudos!!!


Congratulation Baggronor and all the other participants! :hat off

Go on with your awesome work - I’m eager to see more of your stuff in the “Compilation of Chaos Dwarf Artwork” thread! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Next time we do an art one you guys won’t get away so easy… It fell at a bad time for me with exams/ assignments etc, but next time I will make a real effort to enter.

Well done Baggronor and all those who entered.

Skink was telling me his entry was based over 3 A4 pages I think. I’m interested how large all these entries actually are.


Well done Baggronor, a well deserved victory :hat off!

And well done to the other participants, this was a great artisan contest and i hope a similiar one will come in the future!


Awesome stuff everyone!


It’s a pity that their weren’t more entries. Forgefire & Skink’s artwork deserved the recognition. But rules are rules :frowning: . The entries were great. I was really impressed with them


Cheers guys, a really nice selection of entries, I think they should adorn the CDO Games Day table like Xander says :slight_smile:

I’m interested how large all these entries actually are.
Mine was roughly A3 (most of the stuff I do for CDO is A3, apart from Shadow and Flame which is drawn in A4 these days).


Congratulations! It was hard to decided really all entrys were good :slight_smile:


I was pretty sure it was a Baggronor peice but still there were 3 that I would have voted for and many other inspiring peices of work, Kudos for all whom entererd Congratulations Baggronor for being the winner.


Congratulations for the winner. :hat off


Compliments to everybody.

I’m curious about techniques. How you made yours entries?

My Favs are Forgefire’s, Baggronor’s and Skink’s, in this order.

I love Forgefire’s because of the colors and the warrior’s design. Is it actually painted or you used a graphic program?

I’m pretty curious about Skink technique as well. How did you get so bright colors?




Great work guys, it was really tough to decide on what peice to vote.

Time of Madness:

Tight decision! Great work gents.

Time of Madness


Thanks Bassman! First i did a simple sketch with standard pencils and scanned it, after that i painted it digitally in photoshop with a drawing tablet.


Pencil sketch, Indian Ink, White Acrylic, Photoshop. In that order :slight_smile:


Congrats to every who entered and a big congrats to our winner Baggronor :cheers


Kudos to you Baggronor, your entry made it really difficult to choose :wink: