[Archive] Artisan's Contest #3 - Winners Announced!

Hashut’s Blessing:

A quick recap of the entries with the winners announced below.

For the written category:

Grimstonefire (Entry #1)- Written Contest

The plan I had to represent a Chaos Dwarf shrine was to build one based on a bull’s head. Can’t go wrong for a Hashut theme if you stick to bulls!

What I planned to do was use mainly foamboard to build a big scale version of the Warrior�?Ts of Chaos Juggernaut’s head. It would be sitting so it was facing up, with two large horns added (no rhino horn).

Being made mainly from foamboard it would be clean to make, not relying on carving foam at all (messy and tricky to get looking good). It also wouldn�?Tt require me to buy any special bits or tools.

I was thinking it would be cool to have it so the lower jaw had some stairs going up into it. The teeth would be fixed closed, mainly to make it easier to paint, but there could be a door going in at the top of the stairs to show it’s a shrine and not a statue.

It would be coated with a thin layer of ready mixed polyfiller in places to make it look a little more like stone (not black iron), then painted as black obsidian with extreme red highlights on all the edges (nice and easy!).

For the base I would keep it fairly simple. Building the model up a little ontop of a stone (pink foam) outcrop might really make it look the part, and some small iron ‘teeth’ sticking out from the base (like in the new Warriors of Chaos book). I would add some plasticard runes on so hopefully it would fit a Chaos Dwarf theme. The iron teeth would be painted as rusty iron.

Hashut’s Blessing (Entry #2)- Written Contest

I decided to have it based on our main city-del capital, Zharr Nagrrund. Basically, create a ziggurat, as shown on the GW website and in one of the issues of WD. Next, build a small altar from card, strengthened using pieces of sprue and place this in the centre at the top. Add a sorcerer model and paint as a statue, but leave space on the altar for offerings (maybe include some jewels, slaves, weapons etc) and paint the rest. Build some braziers and place on each tier, near the steps and either side of the altar.

Willmark (Entry #3)- Written Contest

Creating a Chaos Dwarf Shrine

Material Needed:

- Some foam or R4 residential insulation (higher density materials are better here).

- Glue gun or white PVA glue

- X-acto/hobby knife

- Rubber bands (optional- depending on size of shrine)

- Some sort of basing material (pressboard, chip board)

- Balsa Wood (larger flat board work best)

- Ruler

- Ballpoint pen- (optional- see below)

- Textured paint- (optional- see below)

- Toothpicks

- Sandpaper - (optional- see below)

- Greenstuff

- Matte spray

The following is a step by step of how to make a chaos dwarf shrine with just the materials listed above. No matter what the modeler sets out to create, whether it is a helmet, a bull shrine, what have you, the basic construction principles are the same.

For the purposes of this guide the modeler will be assumed to be creating a Bull Shrine on a stepped ziggurat. Simply adjust the basics to fit your own modeling idea.


1. Measure out and cut a 4�?� (W) by 6�?� (D) piece of pressboard, this will be the base.

2. Cut out a piece of balsa wood that is ¼�?� of an inch smaller on all four sides; repeat this with each step of the ziggurat that you are going to add. Glue all together. Use rubber bands if needed to secure the piece while it dries.

3. Cut 4, 3-inch pieces of foam or R4 residential insulation. For width, no more than 1 inch. Glue several pieces together as needed to get the desired thickness. Rubber bands and set glue aside to dry.

4. Cut a 5-inch piece of foam or R4 residential insulation and glue together as needed to get a thickness of 1-3 inches; glue and rubber band as needed.

5. Cut a roughly rectangular cube of foam about 2 ½ inches wide.

6. When all parts are dry take the toothpicks and insert into the ends so they will form joints to white glue together. Arrange in a rough frame assembling the structure into a bull shape. Make sure you are satisfied with the positioning before gluing. Don�?Tt forget to position the head.

7. Once dry: Take your hobby knife and make sure the blade is sharp. Start to cut long straight cuts while trying to echo flat surfaces rather the rounded ones. Cut the basic shape of the legs, (use sand-paper to lightly smooth the legs to make them more rounded if that is what you are going for). Be careful not to make them too thin or they will easily snap.

8. Proceed to the body and repeat the process in step 7.

9. Proceed to the head and repeat the process in step 7.

10. Take special care to not �?oover-carve�?� features such as the eyes, ears, or nose. Such features are best hinted at.

11. Once carved, apply greenstuff as needed to fill any holes, awkward junctions or joints. Once ready glue the Bull to the base. Let the whole thing dry overnight.

There is so much variation as to what you might carve in essence, that it serves no purpose to tell you what to do. Make the statue your own. One good tip here is to make sure you are continuously checking to make sure that it will stand on the base properly.

If so desired, prior to painting use a ballpoint pen to drawn in runes on the piece. Take care not to press too hard while doing this.

From there make sure the whole thing is dry. Either undercoat by hand with acrylic paints (spray paint will �?oeat�?� the foam or use textured paint as desired). Paint as desired and spray with a matte spray. For weathering thinned green washes may work well for an aged look.

Paint and there you have a handy piece of chaos dwarfy terrain for your table!

The building category:

Servius (Entry #1)- Build Contest

Hashut’s Blessing (Entry #2)- Build Contest

Willmark (Entry #3)- Build Contest

Once again, I’d like to thank all of the participants. Excellent ideas and presentations and I’ve certainly gleaned some inspirational juices. I hope the rest of the members do too.

Now, for the announcement of the winners!

For the written entries: the winner is Willmark! Congratulations, a gold cog is winging its way to you soon :wink:

For the build entries: the winner is Servius! Congratulations, a gold cog is heading your way soon too :wink:

Thanks to all and I think our two winners have both deserved it thoroughly!


Congrats to Servius on a cool build entry! Nice win Dude!



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Congratulations to Servius and Willmark!

The reason why I voted for entry 3 in the written part is that I really liked the thorough explanation and run through. As for entry 1 in the build contest is the completeness of the whole feel and visual.

Well done of course to the other participants as well for the inspiration given! :cheers:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I do what I can :wink: If I isnpire one person, but get no votes, I’m a cake-filled HB :smiley: (read: happy Dwarf.)