[Archive] Artisan's Contest #5 - Ends 31st August


Welcome all to Artisan�?Ts V!

What to enter?

The theme for this Artisans is to write a short story or a description of something to do with some aspect of the Chaos Dwarfs.  This can be about slaves, hobgoblins, the diet they have, how they make beer, how bull centaurs fight etc.  Basically any fan fiction themed towards how you see Chaos Dwarfs.  This may not be how most people see it, but if you think it would make a good entry there is no law against going against the ‘traditional’ or commonly accepted fluff. :wink:

Just so this is clear; you can write your entry in the form of a story OR as a description.  When it comes to judging people must remember that we have said both are equally good.  This is not only for short stories.


The deadline for the submission of entries is 31st August 2009 11:59pm EST.  

Rules of the Competition

Each member may only enter once.

There is a maximum word limit of 1500 words, so PLEASE double check before sending it.  It�?Ts so easy to check that there isn�?Tt really a reason not to.  Any words over this will be deleted.


Staff will not do any editing for grammar, punctuation or spelling.  Any winning entries that appear in Word of Hashut #6 may have these edits.

How to Enter?

To submit your entry send a PM to Staff (a special user that all Staff have access to) (Note: This is the same as previous Artisan’s Contests)  Make sure that you have checked and double checked the word count before copying into the pm.

How will this be judged?

On 1st September we will create a 10 day timed poll to decide the winner(s).

If there are more than 10 entries there will be Silver and Bronze Artisan’s medals.

All entrants will be given a number of slaves equalling the total number of entrants (10 entrants = 10 slaves per entrant etc)



I think this is a bid for more Word of Hashut articles rather than a real Artisan’s Contest.

Thommy H:

Entry sent.

This message was automatically appended because it was too short.


Either way the winners would have got in WoH. :wink:


Well done for getting in this early! Did you have to do any editing because of the word count?

Thommy H:

No, the thing I started with was about 700, so I just wrote up to 1,500. I think it’s 1,499 exactly.

Kera foehunter:


This will be fun! I didnt get a Golden hat in because i got drunk and couldnt find my camera. But this should be good.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ll see what I can muster :wink:


Kera foehunter
Either way the winners would have got in WoH.  ;)

bah i don't need no stinking badgers!!!!
i'm not going  be in it due to going back to collage !!! yea!!!:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers

Badgers, as in the ferocious rodent like creatures of the wild? o_O

Kera foehunter:

Badgers are short-legged, heavy-set carnivores in the weasel family

back on topic

Hashut’s Blessing:

Still trying to decide upon the theming of mine and, more importantly, whether it be a description or a story :wink: How are others progressing? (Other than those finished of course, lol :smiley: )


im giving this one a go, im thinking of going with a description, i’ve started but i fear its not descriptive enough… lol


Uhm, add more description? Personally, I’m going for moar skullz. I hear its the thing to do.


I’ve come up with an idea for this. See if I can get it done in time.

Kera foehunter:

great job cornixt!!!1500 words who count them ??


great job cornixt!!!1500 words  who count them ??

Kera foehunter
The slave pen?  We have to keep him busy you know!

I'm guessing a word processor will do the tedious work ;)  just copy/paste


Hashut’s Blessing:

Copy and paste into something like MS Word and use the Word Count tool. We also recommend that you type it into a wrd processor as it’ll make counting the words far simpler. Then, copy and paste it into your PM and send. A good idea is to use the tags (such as italics or bold ifyou’re using them) whilst typing it for the first time as using the word processor italic/bold formatting doesn’t copy across.


A good thing to do is have someone else read your work. They will often catch stuff that you as the writer will miss.

Note this will not be the Staff.


A good idea is to use the tags (such as italics or bold ifyou're using them) whilst typing it for the first time as using the word processor italic/bold formatting doesn't copy across.

Hashut's Blessing
Note that doing this [/ ] will take 3 words in a word count, whereas doing []this will only take 1.  So for if you adding the tags in Word make sure you have them touching the word, or they will effectively reduce your word count by 2 each time.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Great tip, thanks GSF :wink: Mighty useful :smiley:

EDIT: Although that’s how I do it anyway, but it’s still useful in case I changed habit, lol :smiley: