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Artisan’s Contest XXIII: Watchtower Artwork Challenge

"It’s toppling! Run for it!"[/align]

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1st Place: Entry #5 - Admiral!
2nd Place: Entry #7 - t5p1ny!
3rd Place: Entry #3 - Fuggit Khan!

And an honourable mention to Will Liam, who trailed bronze with one vote!

The entry key!
You can share your love for each entry by donating slaves to the owners of the entries!

01 - TheHoodedMan
02 - Dînadan
03 - Fuggit Khan
04 - Will Liam
05 - Admiral
06 - Jackswift
07 - t5p1ny
08 - Vapo

Slaves and medals are coming! Should you have earned a new Veteran’s Medal (gained at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 main contests entered), please contact us and link us all your entries in all previous Golden Hat and Artisan’s Contest competitions (note: Scribe’s Contest does not count towards this purpose, but have its own Veteran Scribe’s Medal).

And now for the gold prize, passed on to a worthy IKEA designer! Will Liam receives 4 Tjubling Blunderbusses from Admiralty Miniatures plus Grulka from Titan Wargames, the latter courtesy of Zanko:

While t5p1ny claims Marrog Blackhand from Zanko:

Finally, Fuggit Khan grabs ahold of Cinneron Dhum, likewise thanks to Zanko:

A big “thanks” to everyone who participated and voted, as well as a big thanks to Zanko for his prize donations!

And that’s it for this round of Artisan’s Contest, folks. Now let’s see the participants’ entries in the blogs and in this compilation thread. :wink:

Next up, a sporty Golden Hat!

The Staff

Ghrask Dragh:

Congrats to all, very worthy winners. The whole lot were so good I really could have seen any of them winning

Congrats again :cheers


Who knew Fuggit Khan didn’t yet have a bronze AC medal? Well, that slot is plugged in now. :smiley:

Great work everyone! Splendid turnout.

The funny thing for me here is that when I first saw all the entries, I relaxed with a smile and thought: Ah, better and worthier designs than mine, and some in colour. Mine isn’t even 3D, so no chance of winning there. (I prefer not to take up medal space in competitions I run.) Then the voting turned out a surprise.

Ah well, thank you everyone! And more importantly, we’ve collectively carved out a range of different Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin watchtower designs. I’m impressed by a lot of what everyone came up with. Great job all of you who managed to enter!


Congrats to the winners.


Congratulations to the winners! :hat off

Not all of my votes made it in the top3 this time, but this is a matter of the great variety of the entries and tastes!


Grats to the winners!


Who made entry #4 ?

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Well done everyone, nice contest and really deserved medals for winners !

Will Liam:

Who made entry #4 ?

I did :)

Will Liam:

I liked them all and all my votes made it through - well done guys


Congrats to the winners!! Some great ideas and well executed. Well done. :hat off


Well done all and a big congrats to the winners!


Congrats to the winners! :hat off



Who made entry #4 ?

I did :)

Will Liam
I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the concept you created. A mobile hobgoblin watchtower is simply a brilliant idea. I am inclined to revisit it myself, eventually :D


It was an honor to participate on this contest, eagerly looking forward for more :slight_smile:

Uther the unhinged:

Well done everybody. Loved the concept and entries. However there is a special place in myheart for the prefab IKEA tower.


Well done everybody. Loved the concept and entries. However there is a special place in myheart for the prefab IKEA tower.

Uther the unhinged
I think you�?Tll find it�?Ts IKHARN ;P


Well done to everyone, plenty of great designs here!


Very nice guys! Was some tough competition, one of my favorites didn’t make it! Keep it up.

Fuggit Khan:

Congrats to everyone :hat off

And while I’m happy to have won a medal, I’m even more feeling a bit in disbelief (because of some superb competition) :o

Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

And Hoodedman! I just absolutely (pineapple) *@$#! love your entry! So damn cool, I love everything about it (and I have to admit that I’m a little bit jealous that I didn’t think up such a great piece of art as you did) .

I especially love the CD on the watch lookout, but oblivious to the sneaky git coming from behind <3

So I would respectfully like to donate the prize that I won from Zanko to you. You deserve it (plus it has a very nice MM90 look to it).

And Admiral, your entry was the only one that I knew who made it. Your attention to detail and cool visual style gave you away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And finally, Mr Jackswift, what did you use to make your outstanding artwork? Inks? Oils? It’s really stunning!

Anyways, thanks again :cheers