[Archive] Artisan's VIII - Voting Thread


Presented below are the 5 entries we received for this competition.

How to vote

Choose your favourite entry and select it in the poll above.

This is a 10 day timed poll, after which it will automatically close and we will start a new thread to announce the winner.  As there were less than 10 entries there will only be a gold medal awarded.

The entrants will be given 5 slaves each.

Do not take into account any models included in the photos! You should only judge the terrain.

Because I wanted to capture the detail better each entry has 2 photos.














Lots of great entrys, props to all those that entered


Some great looking towers. All worthy of slaves, medals and loot! :slight_smile:


Twisty big hat tower!! Oh man, go number 4!

All of them are very nice.


I have to say the standard this time is one of the highest we’ve seen. You guys should send these in to GWs Gameboard Giveaway contest


… Must try harder…


Me, too. Not bad for a first try, though!


Awesome work here!

I have to say the standard this time is one of the highest we’ve seen. You guys should send these in to GWs Gameboard Giveaway contest

I agree, but the GW contest ends on the 3rd september so you have to send them in now!:ohttp://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/blogPost.jsp?aId=12500044a


Great job everyone!! Unfortunately couldn’t finish my entry… Demands of a new baby & working nights proved too much! Congratulations everyone!!


Great looking entry’s from everyone :hat off


Great work everyone. I actually wanted to put my entry, but alas it is only half finished. Just like vulcanologist, “real life” just got in the way.

I applaud everyone that could get their entries finished, and I applaud even loader at the quality of the entries. Job well done everyone.

My vote has just been cast. :slight_smile:


Outstanding quality work there - very, very impressed

:cheers:cheers:cheers:hat off

Pyro Stick:

Very very impressive work. Just as well i didnt finish mine. I wouldnt stand a chance.


Truly some stunning pieces here! Impressive turnout!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Any/all of you want to make another one (or three each) for me? :smiley:


Awesome work, guys :hat off

A bit sad that we only had 5 entries - but can’t blame anyone - as I didn’t enter myself.

So, no GH Vet silver medal for me this time - but who cares about an invisable medal, anyway :wink:


Very impresive work every one, its such a shame that i can only pick one to vote for as the are all so good :hat off


Awesome stuff, guys! :slight_smile:

I wish I would have had time for this one, but doing Games Day sapped a lot of Hobby energy out of me, and I am still recovering… though I am itching to do more sometime soon… Acolytes of Hashut, likely. :wink:


Great work all of you… I only got the basic shape of the tower together before I got sidetracked again. :frowning:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

BOY we have a few seriously crazy architects among us! Hehe, I expected to see at least one square tower but instead I see lots of really creative and twisted architecture. The level of detail is astounding, too. I mean entry 2 actually has stairs inside!! o.O This will be a tough one to decide. My hat goes off to you guys. :hat off