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The Ash Wastes Insurrection… a tale of a collectors out-of-control spiral

I’m going to kick this off with a “quick” … re-introduction.

Back in the dark ages of 2007, my then 10 year old son thought he’d like to try warhammer. So we bought the BFSP set.   He chose the dwarfs and I got the goblins.

Pretty soon the adventure escalated into an arms race between the goblins and dwarfs, with myself deciding that anything that hates dwarfs is good.  Hence the brief ownership of 3k or so worth of elves.   The elves got literally given away for nothing to another player last year.   Along the way I’d gotten to like looking for the older models. Then one day in 2009 whilst crawling through ebay looking for dwarf slayers and such for the boy, I discovered the existence of the 3rd Ed’ Chaos Dwarfs.

Another day I found some Grenadier and Ral Partha orcs on ebay and thought they looked nice. Back then I didn’t know about the differences in their sizes from GW O&G.   I just used them as my Black Orcs and goblins respectively.  Collection-itis had its claws in me.  The 3rd E’d Citadel and MM90 CD’s got bought and later the Grenadier, Bederkin and Titan CD’s came along.

The weight of metal was growing, with most things needed stripping and trimming and such and I sort of concentrated on that.  With the help of the Brush Slave comps I started to feel a bit better about painting.   At the end of 2011 we had plans to attend the CanCon 2012 tournament in january and as you know painted models are a must.   Preference wise I’m helm and mask orientated so I thought to practice my painting on the big hats that I had then and take them and that’s why they are the only CD units that I do have that are fully based and painted to this day.

It was for that comp’ that I decided to separate the Grenadier and Ral Partha Orcs out from the O&G army and use them solely for my hobgoblins.   This somehow led to my needing all the C36, DL2 Citadel and TSR ADD54 Hobgoblins which led to the Grenadier and Chronicle Hobgoblins (and Trolls and Ogres).  Then the Grenadier and Chronicle wolf riders that I already had got drafted in as permanent hobgoblins so I of course needed to get all of them.

Still up to now I hadn’t really bothered with the 4th Ed citadel Hobgobs’ except for a few as some small semblance of wallet awareness did exist. That was until september last year when I impulsively got a small, 60 odd figures, all metal, 4th Ed’ army with all the on foot hobgob warriors included.  That now just leaves the mounted ones for later…

And of course in the last couple of years, the Hellcannon and FW stuff came out.

I now know that my inept fat fingers really hate multi-part models and hence the fireglaives are still a mostly forlorn WIP.

The downward spiral still continues but so far this year I’ve been very good but it is in its early days yet.   :cheers

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



The Army So far…

The painted ones as a whole as also seen in the showcase section

and the unpainted legions

whole unpainted army as of 15 may 2013

my son thought that one of his slayers, is it “Grimlock Ironjaw?” was a fair match for this battle

the left side a little bit closer

including two blank bases for the WiP Destroyers

and the right side a little bit closer


More drivvle…

How I got here

Originally I found the “Hand of Hashut” website and it was my first ever foray into a forum.  Later I found this one after reading a couple of the Word of Hashut magazines and eventually moved myself over here.

Preferred army list

Thommy H’s.  I have used LoA and Ravening hordes. But I much prefer Thommy’s as it allows me to use all the older models I have fallen in love with for something as well as the newer stuff.   LoA is great in that that we have an official list but it rules out using so much of what I have and want to paint.  And that one tournament I went too the LoA list was banned.

As a General�?�.

I’m quite possibly the worst one on the Forum.  I literally don’t get many games and I didn’t win any last year at all and only a few small warband ones the year before.   As a consequence I don’t really comment on other people’s army lists or tactics questions at all

My Plans

Besides gathering my forces in secret until I can launch my insurrection at the arrogant lords in Zharr Nagrund!!

Well I intend to finish painting and basing those figures that have already been started like the Bull Centaurs and Wolf riders

And then at least begin to fill in the other gaps that exist in my army list, mainly whole units of Weapon/Shield combo’s, fireglaives, decent banners and a BSB etc.

All the while continuing with all the WIP’s and other fun projects that exist on the side.  

My Chaos, O&G, Undead and DoW armies are very sadly neglected at the moment

Colour Scheme(s)

Muted Oranges and metals mainly.  That theme comes from an old favoured football teams colours.  For them the basing is an Ash Plains theme.

But now I’ve got a small army from eBay already painted in another scheme with broken lava type bases (just needs a dozen or so models repaired and better basing before unveiling), it caused the plans for an alliance of clans to come into being.  So now I need a few more definitive colour schemes for the other clans that are currently “in waiting”.


Have done some CD stories that began as fluffy stuff I did whilst keeping the mind busy during long hours on the road. Two chapters are done and in the Word of Hashut so far.  But I got disenchanted with the rest that I had already written and have been trying to fix it.   It wasn’t quite Dawi Zharr enough at all.

Other stories I’ve done were mostly very small and really only an elaborated telling of a game played here at home.


you have one of the biggest army I ever seen!!

Oh my God!! you have a CD Juggernaut!!


Thats Ok Babis. I know Zharr Nagrund isn’t in Italy so you are safe!

You are quite welcome to join my insurrection though.

Mind you if painting skills added to the end result then you would definitely be an objective!!


OMG, thats a lot of figs!!!

Ceann Fine:

How did you do your large bases?


I use MDF board for the bases and the movement trays.  It is easy for me to work with and the only thing you have to make sure of is that you seal them so that they don’t fall apart if it gets wet.  Then I just glue a layer of sand on top and decide what to do from there. For all the old solid based fig’s I build up around their original bases with layers of PVA and sand until its reasonably level.

Red Skullz:

You remind me of a friend I had. He loved the stunties in both versions so much that he bought up the entire stock of dwarfs and CD in our local hobbystore. Quite a sight, very impressive but I do not envy you the task of painting it all up so all the best in getting the job done :slight_smile:



What an army!!!

What’s the strange thing between the juggernaut and the Reaper Krung beast please? It seems to be something done with sprues, but not sure what it is.


That is an awesome collection I’m very envious.

you seem to have a large pile of Tenderiser and Whirlwind bits down at the front as well.  [shifty look] If you’ve got any spare bits you don’t want drop me a PM


What's the strange thing between the juggernaut and the Reaper Krung beast please? It seems to be done with sprues........

Absolutely correct. It all just sprues cut and glued together.  It was my first effort at a destroyer. Basic bull body sort of frame and then i was going to finish it in the same fashion as my K'Daii.  It now been designated as the basis for a Bale Taurus

Sorry Vogon.. Got some plans for a double decker whirlwind somewhere. Most of the Ball and chain bits are broken enyway


Lol, all in all my long lost twin especially when regarding the win/loss ratio of those few games, though I really envy you that juggernaut.

Even if my approach at painting is more chaotic than yours. I don`t even think about army lists when I select what to be painted next.


It time to start catching up with some of my WIPs

One of the K’Daii from GH 16 in its initial stages. heres the link to GH16.  http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/contest16.php

and below is the start of 30 or so BFSP that were being converted to Blunderbusses. I think they will be changed to be fireglaives instead before they get any further along as I’m pretty sure I’ve got enough actual BB models or other proxies


Some WIP pics for the Bull centaur musician from GH …  An old reaper? gorgon bull and a new Reaper dwarf Musician
The axe was bits-bashed.

it doesn’t look like this anymore. I was never happy with the top half of the hat and the bulls body armour was atrocious. So that stuff is all gone and it is back to being a WiP
the fluffy stuff behind the right front hoof is supposed to be kicked up dust

Da Crusha:

are you using a nail or a screw for that blunderbuss?


Its a nail. More specifically a “clout” which is just a nail with a large flat head i believe. the lines you can see are ridges that let the clout grip the wood a bit stronger

Da Crusha:

Aww neat that could really help with uniformity

Kera foehunter:

Slow down !! or your need a bigger table :slight_smile:


@ Kera. The place the car is supposed to park is looking good

@ Da Crusha. Yeh I kept looking for something I had easy access too as lots of spare round shields isn’t one. looked at buttons and washers etc to stick on the end of the barrels but nothing really worked then looked at things with a shaft and a flaired sort of end. In the second picture, the one on the right is GS molded onto an “unused” injection needle. Pointy bit cut of and the remaining shaft used as a pin. The one on the left is one of the clouts and I’ve ground out inside the end a bit with a dremel