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I’v been distracted by 30k and life in general for the last many months, but recently I dug out my small Chaos Dwarf army.

They been sat in box as I wasn’t really happy with them and had little motivation to try and change them. However, the new Dwarf plastics got me thinking that they would make good Big Hats with suitably sized chunks of green stuff. So I tried -

I painted them a brighter red, did not gloss varnish them and used a lighter basing scheme than my previous attempts, and I am much happier with them. This led me to give some of my other models a makeover.

First off I rebased and rearmed my FW Infernal Guard to use as Ironsworn -

Then my Iron Daemon -

And finally, the big man, BeeZharr himself got a makeover, and a re-arm (I think he has a little touch of the old Big Hat Taurus rider about him) -

And a group shot -

I hope you like. I haven’t played a game of Fantasy since the days of when Ravening Hordes was still current. My regular 30K opponent has promised me a game, so any tips on how I should build the army to play with would be very much appreciated.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



I like how the new Dwarf’s have come out as conversions!

The bright red of their armour definitely makes them stand out.


This was faster than anticipated seeing some of the new dwarfs converted - and what a job you did! I really like them.

This will be a great force indeed. Great to see some colour on thos FW dwarfs - mostly seen in different metal colours. And the big hat are super all the way around.

Makes me happy to see an old banner design on a regiment of warriors. Actually I’ve just painted my own version today.
I think it’s good you went for a blue banner - red would have been too much. Could use a small chaos star / skull / torch at the top.

Could you post some WIPs of the bighats/faces? I would really like that. Because your hats are really cool. If you don’t have any, perhaps take some when you complete more models.


looking forward to seeing more. Allways good to see FW stuff upgraded.


Wow, look awesome!!!


Striking work. I’m surprised the conversions of the new Dwarf kits went so seamlessly.


Thank you for the comments. I’m really pleased with how they came out, the new Dwarf kit is fantastic to build and the conversions pretty minimal. The heads, with beards, are separate to the body, so just snip the beards and green stuff curly beards, nose, teeth and lower lip - blatantly stolen from Tjub.

The hats are just whatever small round bits I can find, mainly the ends of Ogre clubs, but also Ork shootas and exhausts from the Chaos Rhino sprue.

I want to add irondrakes as Blunderbuss warriors.

The banner is my first proper try at some freehand. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, but the skull is a little lop sided. I’ve based on the old Bug Hat banners.

The colours look much brighter because of my rubbish photography, but they still are quite red.

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

Great work, the red makes them pop!

Fuggit Khan:

I’m stunned at how quick you were to convert these guys…and they’re all top notch too…impressive! great paint jobs and conversions…I love the old school red :cheers


I picked up a couple of boxes of Irondrakes yesterday for use as Blunderbussers. They look pretty cool but the kit isn’t quite as nice, or rich in bits as the the Longbeard/Hammerer one.

The first ten, I used spare heads left over from the Longbeard sprues. The Hammerers’s hammers actually make good hats with a bit of green stuff, which was quite handy as I was running out of hat bits. 10 hammers = 20 hats.

I ran out of heads from the other box, so used the IronBreaker ones instead. These are getting hats (plus noses and teeth), but I took the pic below at this stage as I figured if masks are your thing, and you want an army looking like the HellCannon crew, these are pretty close.

Thank you for the positive comments so far, I’m really excited for this army now.


Wow, really nice work on the blunders!!!


Very Tjub-esque! Looking forward to seeing them completed!


Hello all, again. Last week I had my first game of Warhammer since the mid-90s against a friend’s Skaven. I’m pleased to report that the Dawi Zharr, led by BeeZharr the Obnoxious, were victorious. This was aided by Thanquol blowing himself up with the fourth dice roll of the game!

I hope to bring you more photos of my army soon, it is growing slowly. I also have an ascended Astragoth conversion in progress. In the meantime, I have written a short story to explain the background of my army and where I feel it fits with the End Times narrative.

I apologise for any spoilers or canon-clashes - I’ve not read any of the End Times books, I’m just going by the jist of things I have picked up. Sorry for the length, I got a bit carried away!

Into The Flames

The great towers and forges of Zharr-Naggrund burned with sulphurous pyre. The glorious stepped Ziggurat raised in honour of almighty Hashut, built upon millennia of blood and bones of the slaves that had been driven into its construction, now fell apart around him razed by their own greatest and cursed creation. His own forges and workshops had not been spared the ransacking, the product of several centuries of battling, scheming and hording smashed to the ground in a matter of a few hours. He did not care though.

He knew this was coming. This was his plan. It was one hundred years since Hashut revealed all things to him. Those visions of the world covered in darkness and madness, the lands of man and elves ablaze with the breath of his god�?Ts nostrils and the grand halls of their deceptive cousins overrun by beasts of all manner of nightmares. The dead freely walked the on the earth and their foul master was returned to drive them forth. And then it all fell apart, collapsing into the abyss, a sea of darkness with only small islands that smelled to their inhabitants of survival and hope.

It was false hope though, as Astragoth saw the full picture. The destruction of the world had all been a game by Hashut�?Ts inferior fellows in the heavens, and its fracturing had left them exhausted and bored. Hashut knew this, he had schemed it so, and when the others removed their gaze and placed it elsewhere he positioned himself as the supreme master of the island realms, the puppet master of those who clung to them, forever enslaved to his service.

Astragoth wanted to laugh at the sheer perfection of the plan and the part he had played in it. The collapse and ruin being wrought in the once glorious city of the slavers was just part of the plan, the last step before its most wondrous culmination. But it had not been easy to find himself in this place and he had to make some foul and disgusting sacrifices to get here. He motioned his fingers, the last vestiges of flesh upon his petrifying arms, and the giant metal frame of his infernal new body burst into motion. He felt the being enchained within its bulk stir, scratching and clawing to escape but ultimately bound to his will and its magmatic blood fuelled the pistons driving the scaffold that now housed him.

The gate to this workshop was breached by rebellious former ogre slaves using the spent casing from a former Hellcannon as a ram. A horde of smaller slaves - goblins, gnoblars and other critters driven wild by the freedom offered by the raiders �?" swept into the workshop and dared to charge towards him. The beast behind him swelled as it sensed his anger brewing and feeding upon it, he in return could feel its essence burn, swelling with malign rage. He smiled, exposing his gnarled tusks at the sea of greenskin runts before him, and allowed the creature�?Ts rage to spill into the chamber hoist under the right shoulder of his artificial body. Bright, ethereal flames burst from his side, illuminating the workshop with reds, and oranges, the shadows dancing like K�?Tdaii as it surged, and it flooding the space where the slaves once stood. When the magma cooled nothing remained of the small greenskins, and the ogres had been pushed back by the intense heat.

�?oGet that gate shut!�?� he barked at BeeZharr, his lieutenant in this plan.

He loathed BeeZharr, everyone did. That is why he was known as BeeZharr the Obnoxious. For a Dawi Zharr to be described as obnoxious was not a surprise in the eyes of the world, but to be truly obnoxious to his own wicked kind was some achievement. The reason he was obnoxious was also the reason he had chosen him. He had a gift, a gift that most considered a curse, in that he was a supreme diplomat, able and willing to converse, trade and make agreements with the slave races. It had allowed him to forge a powerful cartel in the far north of the area of influence of Zharr-Naggrund, in Zorn Uzkul bordering the land of the Chaos tribes. From here he built a powerful slave force, manufactured great war engines and bound fearsome K�?Tdaii, all of which he turned against the lands of men marching them through the High Pass.

No other could have performed the task required in this time. No other could debase themselves to make the pacts that Hashut had warned him had needed to be made. For Astragoth, his personal part of the plan was simple. The eyes of the other gods were turning upon the world like never before, and soon mighty and powerful champions will walk amongst the mortals to oppose the forces of Chaos. In that time everybody would need to choose a side �?" save the world or bring around its destruction �?" but Hashut had shown him another way. The Dawi Zharr would not need to side with anyone if they did not exist.

It was a sublime plan. A plan fitting of his awesome power and intellect. First, he needed to reign in BeeZharr and stop him raiding outside of their borders. A century ago he met the hideous dwarf personally and gifted him a Lamassu, the most powerful of its malign kind. He knew that this creature would exert its influence on the Sorcerer and bend him to Astragoth�?Ts will. He promised him a prominent position in the Ziggurat, workshops and forges under his rule, and influence over whole realm of the Dawi Zharr. After the meeting Astragoth had the ally he required.

BeeZharr expanded his slave hordes, not through force but through schemes, plots and certain arrangements. The hordes were autonomous and would allow him to carry out the will of Zharr-Naggrund at an arm�?Ts length. Most importantly, they could do it anonymously. The slave hordes of Astragoth and BeeZharr carried a message with them as they went �?" they claimed to have razed Zharr-Naggrund and the lands�?T of the Dawi Zharr. It was clear, it was to be as if they had been wiped out. As the century wore on they would pass from the memory of man and it will be as if they had never existed in the first place, squatted from the annals of history like an annoying fly.

What men, and elves, and their former kin, the dwarves, did not know was that they remained. Small, exerting no direct influence on the affairs of the world, but they were there in the background always. It did not go perfectly however, the rivalries of the Sorcerers and their personal pride, ambitions and lust for more powerful meant there were many infractions and rebellions. Krimzuk the Sly managed to secretly supply the legions of Archaon with warmachines bound with daemoncraft for decades before his secret deals were revealed. This event prompted Astragoth to reveal his new body that he had constructed for the calamitous times to come, and he crushed the rebellious Krimzuk in his gigantic new fist and let his personal army to smash his workshops.

None of the rebellions came close to that of Drazhoath the Ashen. Forever an exile from Zharr-Naggrund, Drazhoath had always coveted Astragoth�?Ts position from his realm in the south around the Black Fortress, and mistook the decades of silence from the Ziggurat as a sign that Astragoth�?Ts flame had been extinguished. Drazhoath acted as if unleashed from the chains of Zharr-Naggrund, building himself an empire and exerting his influence far beyond the intentions of Astragoth�?Ts plan. The time of reckoning was too close, and the plan was so soon to come to fruition that he could not allow this upstart Hellsmith to ruin it now.

It was then that BeeZharr betrayed Zharr-Naggrund. Grimgor Ironhide, the most powerful greenskin ever seen had been created centuries before by Astragoth�?Ts very hands in his youth. A Black Orc, he was the first of his kind, created to be the perfect slave but they were created too perfect. Centuries ago they rebelled and nearly brought down Zharr-Naggrund, only the treacherous Hobgoblin tribes saving the Dawi Zharr from his wrath. He yearned to finish the job and BeeZharr used this to buy his services.

BeeZharr met with Grimgor in the land of the giants to the far east of the Ziggurat. The Orc was fresh from smashing the men of the east and the ogre tribes in the mountains. It was only a matter of time before his thirst for war would bring him to the walls of Zharr-Naggrund and this certainly would mark the end of the Dawi Zharr. Astragoth needed time and Grimgor needed a diversion. BeeZharr offered the Orc the Hobgoblins and, when the time came, the Gates of Zharr - in return Grimgor would help Astragoth wipe the Black Fortress off the map, smash the Legions of Azgorh and bring about the demise of Drazhoath the Ashen.

The joint legions of Astragoth, BeeZharr and Grimgor converged in the Howling Wastes, close to the Sentinels, and plotted their invasion of the Black Fortress. Astragoth grinned as he recalled the moment, the gathering of such expansive forces and the smell of the putrid open air after decades sealed within his forges. The excitement of battle was intoxicating and the vigour of his daemonically-infused body raged at the prospect �?" it felt his recollections and responded likewise.

The battle was instigated by the launching of the largest rocket ever forged, standing the height of five of the enslaved giants that followed in its wake. The ground thundered and split as it burst apart in wicked and catastrophic explosions, the foundations of the Black Fortress tumbling into the smouldering chasm left behind. Grimgor could be restrained no more and he led his vast horde into battle, caring not that the artillery of the Dawi Zharr smashed his own forces as much as they did those of Drazhoath.

It was a short, humbling defeat for the Legion of Azgorh as they were brought low by the endless multitudes of Grimgor�?Ts Waagh, and the ferocity of his Immortulz. Atop the ruins of the Black Fortress Astragoth found Drazhoath, his enormous Taurus, Cinderbreath, having abandoned him in the face of the true prophet of Hashut. There was no battle as Astragoth had a different fate to bestow upon this upstart. His powers had swollen to much greater levels than any sorcerer had ever wielded, and he had unlocked the key to halting the curse that Drazhoath had sought his entire life. Astragoth had halted it in his own body, containing it loosely within the heart of Krimzuk the Sly, but he needed a living host to contain it permanently. Pinned down by Astragoth�?Ts iron fist, Drazhoath was fed Krimzuk�?Ts heart and the full curse of the sorcerers overtook his body and instantly turning him to stone. Astragoth crushed his defeated foe under his feet.

With the death of Drazhoath, the Legion of Azgorh was no more and the first payment to Grimgor was made. In the forces that marched from Zharr-Naggrund were the tribes of the Hobgoblins, united under �?~Da Empura�?T and his �?~Funda Worriurz�?T with the aid of BeeZharr. Apart from a handful representing Astragoth�?Ts personal stock, Da Empura�?Ts forces were the entire population of Hobgoblins, and as the Dawi Zharr returned to the Ziggurat they were left behind to the mercies, or otherwise, of Grimgor.

Grimgor Ironhide left then, as agreed, but Astragoth knew it was temporary. A decade had passed in which the Orc had become more powerful than anyone could have imagined, and now he had returned and been allowed passage through the Gates of Zharr. His mere presence was enough to turn the greenskin slaves on their former masters, and the defences of the Ziggurat were laid open for the Orc and his horde. The mighty city, the greatest in the entire world, was cast down, torched and trashed.

Astragoth did not care about the destruction. It was fleeting in the face of the eternity of domination he was about to secure for his god. The slaves deserved nothing more, they were nothing, and much of the Dawi Zharr deserved their extinction also. Soon, only he and a few hundred hand selected followers and slaves would remain to emerge from the wreckage of the End Times, and to build a new Zharr-Naggrund.

He gripped an ogre by its neck, its mutated grey flesh a sign of its origin from one of BeeZharr�?Ts beastly workshops. Slowly he squeezed the life out of the thing, his cruel eyes staring it down as its being left it. Dust fell from the ceiling as thuds rocked the foundations of the earth. It died too easily and he searched for another victim into which to pour his rage, but there were none, the gate sealed by BeeZharr�?Ts warriors.

�?oIt is done,�?� BeeZharr told him flatly.

�?oExcellent. It is time then,�?� Astragoth said, turning to see a circle of burnished brass hanging suspended from the ceiling, a whirlwind of fierce flames swirling around its perimeter. This portal would take them to the appointed place. �?oInto the flames!�?�


A RED IRON DAEMON!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Good story, heaps of megalomania, betrayal and destruction.


Good to see you back her BeeZaar. Your stuff is good. Liked the story too, you can write.

Everything is End Times now. I think you should enter our current Golden Hat. It’s great fun, cool prizes and Astragoth Ascended fits the theme perfectly. Deadline is the 27th - you can make it!

You should enter Scribe’s Contest as well having your fine writing skills.


Thanks for the kind words.

I’m hoping to get an entry done in time for Golden Hat, and will look out for Scribe’s contests - I’ve been so busy with work and life I barely get time to paint, and not enough time to blog or post about stuff…


Your posts are already great and very promising. For me the new dwarf kits look excellent and it`s awesome to see some conversions of them.


BeeZharr the Obnoxious has been firmly put in his place and leadership of my force passes to Astragoth Ascended, the Ironhand, True Prophet and Incarnate of Hashut. I’ve updated my four year old conversion blog for him and asked for rule ideas so please contribute if you have ideas (In the massive post above I have some fluff for him).

In other news, the Blunderbuss Infernal Guard are coming along well. They still need the bases doing, but I’ve lost one in my man cave somewhere…

I also picked up a Hellcannon. I finally understand what all the rage is with Finecast - the detail on the kit is great, but the quality of the cast was appalling. I’ve tried to arrange the crew so there are two foreman and one dwarf doing the work - I thought this would be the Chaos Dwarf way.

Fuggit Khan:

I loved your GH entry, you had my vote. A cool model, slick conversion and a beautiful paint job. I especially like the expression on Astrogoth’s face…he looks determined, focused and expressing sheer will. Perfect!

:hat off


Your GH entry is awesome!!!, and the BB are great to!