[Archive] Avatars of War Plastic Slayers!


Check them out:


Amazing stuff I think, and perfectly useable as Dwarf slaves! :idea

I’m going to have to get a couple of boxes.


what was it 25 models for 25euros, not a bad price really.


Nice. Very nice. I smell conversion potential :slight_smile:

That video reminded me of test runs for my stop motion animations at uni lol


Just had a cool idea actually for my dwarf themed skaven army… I have been looking to do another slave unit for a while so I may have to get another box just for them.

Da Crusha:

WOW! I am a fan! I really want to get a unit of these bad boys. it might be hard to field them though since I already have about 30 or so slayers. the detachable Mohawk really opens up conversion possibilities.


MUST have! Finally some nice looking plastic slayers full of conversion happiness.


Am I missing something? They look way too big… or are these 1.5-ups or something like that?


If they are the right size I might make some mutant berzerkers of them.

25 for 25 Euro you say?! That’s good value!


<–he’s a fan.

but Nicomedus, i believe you’re right…


Hmm, dwarf slaves… :smiley:


Ahh! They are finally here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7967

- looks good and I will be looking forward seeing the videos of what’s actually been done here.

And a great price - as well

Regiment boxed set (20 to 24 minis, depending on the troop type) at 25EUR

Horde boxed set (32 to 36 minis, depending on the troop type) at 35EUR

Hopefully, Felix will now listen to the people at AoW - a do a set of evil dwarfs :smiley:

Scale-vice, Guess they are like the rest of the AoW - dwarfs - so slightly bigger that standard GW stuff - probably like 21-22mm to the eye - and 25mm to top of head (without the mohawk ;)) But it’s hard telling only seeing the 3 up.


I’m hoping he’ll class the Avatars as heroes/ lords and do them a little bigger than the standard troops.


looks good,really like them

have to put it on my list…onmy way to long list


Gobsmacked. Truly. If they can do similar stuff for other races… Eff you GW, effing eff you.

Thommy’s not going to like that though. He’s got a tabard covering the gap between the legs. :stuck_out_tongue:


These are so easily converted into Hellcannon-crew style CDs. Head swap and you are done.

I am very excited for these. I will be buying some for sure. 3rd Party plastic kits are the most exciting thing to me. And several companies out there are doing them now.


I have been looking for some slayer models for my dwarf army and I think I’ve found them :wink:

Thommy H:

They look fine. It would be nice to see something that wasn’t quite clearly a Warhammer unit, but as a technical exercise they appear to meet the design brief of “plastic Slayers”.


The mini looks quite nice but not outstanding - and I’m afraid that the models are much too big!

But if I will see the 1st painted ones I might abjure! :wink:


Thommy H:

Obviously this is a scaled up prototype.

The thing I notice with these (and the same as true of all the emerging plastic manufacturers right now) is how far behind GW’s curve they are in a purely technical sense. This is a 6th Edition Warhammer figure. It’s like a multi-part of the era when multi-parts were a novelty so they had to be super duper posable which invariably comes at the expense of the sculpt’s quality. Remember the 6th Edition Dwarfs with the giant hands and the hunchbacks? This level of posability works great for Chaos Warriors and Space Marines who are made up of armoured, modular parts, but the old plastic Night Goblins show you where it can be taken too far.

For example, just look at the shoulders on this figure. They don’t work, because the arms have to be separate pieces. It’s fine for AoW (or whoever) to take baby-steps when doing this stuff, but let’s not all go mental about what an amazing development this is. Games Workshop was doing this stuff a decade ago.


GW seem to have moved in other directions though; sure they have finer details and very well placed mould lines, but most of their models of late are single pose. Which for all the quality improvements is a huge step back I think.