[Archive] Bad hair day? my big hats


hey all, Like most of us I have far too many half finished/barely started piles of metal and plastic. After my success of my Reaver log on Dakka I figured the best way to inspire me onwards and upwards would be to log my next army building/painting attempt.

As you can probably guess from the title that means those curliest of beards.

I was fortunate enough to be given some “big hats” by an old friend. I came close to flogging these last month but couldnt bring myself too, it wouldnt have shown much gratitude so i sold off some warmaster minis instead.

I have been buying minis to go along with what I have and am starting to approach something that looks like an army so figured I’d start the log.

Firstly I painted the plastic warriors, these really are naff sculpts, luckily I only have 4 as unit fillers, hopefully I will be able to avoid any more.

now that they are outta the way I can start on the better minis, heres my first bull centaur (sorry my camera really hasnt made a good job of these, I need to try and sort something better, they honestly look better than this).

Finally I did a hero, this is the same fig that was voted 3rd in the best wfb poll on GWs website.

more to come, shields also still to paint, gotta try and sort some hobgobs too.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking very nice. So, are these all of your models so far or not?


No I have managed to get about an armys worth. i’m just painting various ones to try out paint schemes and stuff.

I have been painting a few black orcs tonight, will post some pics soon. One of the cool thing with chaos dwarfs has got to be the varied troops, it keeps it interesting.

I have to admit, I haven’t been this inspired by a new army for a while.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad you’re inspired. So, is this just what you’ve finished painting then?


yeah these are just my first few attempts. Looking through this site there are some truely stunning minis, I wanna keep it all big hats if I can though.

I just missed out on 2 death rockets on ebay tonight…grumble.

Kera foehunter:

I like the colors that a nice red you used , and the beards are great too


Great start. I shall follow this blog with interest…


thanks for the comments and encouragement. I was planning to get more done taday and put up pics up I kinda overdid it on the Jim Beam last night and was in no state today to paint.

all I managed was assembling some Starship Troopers minis, that doesnt quite cut it here eh?


Even though this site pumps out plenty of cool conversions, I’m glad to see more classic big hats floating around.

As for those plastic warriors, I agree… unfortunately I have to use them as unit fillers too. The paint job you’ve done suits them though


You can show your starship troopers stuff in the ‘Off Topic Showcase’ section. I would be curious to see those.

IMO you should use a second metallic colour for the decorative bits on the axes.


Well because of my inability to handle booze killed yesterdays painting session I have but a bit of effort in today and have some more done. again my camera kinda kills it.

Black orc champion, this one I got free from those lovely peeps at GW mail order during their recent warhammer quiz promo.

some blunderbusses, plenty more to go

a metal warrior, again loads to go

2 more bull centaurs, getting there…

finally a regular orc and a black orc, gonna have a unit each of these to provide a bit of muscle.

phew, now wheres that taurus?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking nice. Clean painting, variety of colours, good shading. The colours complement each other well. Good job! As said above, post your Starship Troopers in the Off-Topic Showcase. I have no idea why, but the words Starship Troopers brings up images of a human version of the Tau armour and weaponry… Bizarre.

Kera foehunter:

I realy like the bullcentaurs and orcs


Blunderbussers look sweet, especially the cocky looking one


Great work man! I have got to say, you make the plastics look worth painting! Excellent job on everything, a nice clean painting overall!

Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more!


thanks very much.

I have posted some of my other ongoing projects in the off topic showcase as suggested, lemme know what you think.

I got another few blunderbusses done yesterday as well as the taurus, will get some pics taken later.

Gonna see if I can get some hobgobs done tonight.


ok time for an update.

I just bought some more warriors,blunderbusses, hob gobs and death rockets from a nice dude on Bartertown, they should arrive this week so I dont have tons more to buy.

here my latest efforts (also check out my “Emperor” on my off topic blog…

Lord on Taurus

2 more Blorcs

2 more Boyz

Hero and Sorceror

I’ve added banner poles and rebased the Lord

2 metal warriors

the Blunderbuss unit so far (lots more done)


looking good


Liking the banner poles on the lord, make sure you give him suitably good looking banners to do him justice

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good. that little touch of blue on the musician’s horn really works well. Itmight be an idea to add a touch of blue to any non-standard CD model. As in command groups and characters, possibly crew… Stilll looking excellent! Can’t wait to see the extra BBs done and in formation…