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Hi recently myself and alot of other people have been ripped off by the guy below and had alot of items stolen with nothing back.

Bad Trader Alert: Darkurieth - Druchii.net

Username: Darkurieth

Email: darkurieth@hotmail.com

Name: Dorothea Karabinidou

Adress: Souleiou 36 Str. Korydallos

City: Athens

Country: Greece

Postal Code: 18120


Thanks for the heads up steveb have just read the thread from Dnet guy seems like a right @!*#:mad its people like this that really ruin the hobby for others


Yep, thanks for that, we all need to look out for each other. These scumbags move from site to site.


Hi well we have tried to warn who we can so nobody else gets screwed…


And thank you for doing that… do we have any CDO that live near Greece? perhaps someone could verify that physical address?


You know… that’s not a guy though but a gal.


You know.. that's not a guy though but a gal.

Does it matter if it's male or female? Notice I used the gender neutral IT in that sentence....:sick


You know.. that's not a guy though but a gal.

Does it matter if it's male or female?  Notice I used the gender neutral IT in that sentence....:sick

Well technically it was meant for the first two posters who said guy... and the bunch on Warseer.

Not that it matters. A scumbag is a scumbag. But is certainly unusual that it would be a woman. Female gamers being scarce as is anway. Always figured there was something fishy about them.:~

I think we'd better keep an eye or two on our own here as well. Who knows when they'll fork their miniatures (and our) on the black market to fund their obsession with shoes (which we all know is their one true passion). ;):yar:hat off

Pyro Stick:

Its probably a guy pretending to be a girl.


Its probably a guy pretending to be a girl.

That is even worse. Now they have to resort to acting as the opposite gender to run their schemes.

Kera foehunter:

maybe it was a guy that change himself to a girl ,that act like a guy with a girl name !!!

well thanks for the heads up !!!

but another reason to hate elves !! that a guy?girl?


I know… it’s a dude playin’ a dude, desguised as another dude…



christ. i must be really nieve :S. (and sorry for the spelling) i really didnt know things like this happened. will be mega careful from now on!!! thank you steveb :cheers. your doin us a great service. does anyone know of a link to a site or of some rules themselves or things to look out for? its just newer people, like me for example, might not know what to spot and look out for and therefore get caught out like other people, who i am extremely sorry for!!! things like this should never happen!!


I hate thieves

I’m off to warn others


Hi here is some advice that Iv now been given lol

1) Do not enter into any high-value transactions with anyone who is outside the coutry you are located in. Individuals who are cheats often target people in other countries since they know that it is essentially impossible to be held legally accountable.

2) If you are going to enter into a high-value/high-volume trade with someone–even if that person is in the same country as you–get the person to agree to break it up into some smaller pieces. Send some of the models in one shipment, and don’t send the rest until payment for the entire transaction is received in full. Or if it’s a large trade, each person sends half of their stuff and waits for receipt from the other before sending the second half. It may increase shipping costs, but at least you don’t lose everthing if the buyer doesn’t pay or the trader on the other side doesn’t come through. Also, if you propose doing things this way and the other party is resistant, it’s a signal that maybe you should cancel the whole thing.

3) Trade through a site that has an established feedback system (Bartertown, eBay) and pay attention to the feedback scores. I would never do a trade worth more than $50 unless it is someone I have traded with before or unless it is through a site with an established feedback system.

4) Always pay for delivery confirmation or insurance. Prove that you sent SOMETHING.

Hope that helps…


Probably somebody on their mums computer :wink:

I think 2 and 3 are the most relevent points .Their are thousands of legitimate trades for each dodgy one,Feedback and market rep are enough for most .High value trades should definately be broken up if you have doubts and insurance is wise for those :hat

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thank you for the heads up.

Someone mentioned that it seems girls ruin the hobby: (not their exact words, but I didn;t know how to word it properly lol) consider this… Essexgirl from eBay was ripping people off, this lass/lad/whatever is a thief…

looks at Kera and Sojourn suspectively Joking :wink: It’s a shame a few have to tarnish the name of another few.


Of course that assumes essexgirl was indeed a girl.

Kera foehunter:


He was joking Kera.

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