[Archive] BALE TAURUS up for preorder!


New newsletter from Forge World this afternoon. Including the Bale Taurus:


Looking good, although might hang back to see if they release a version with a rider (like they did with the dragon and boor horror)


It’s ok, but I’m not really convinced. I was thinking about using this model as Thundertusk in my Ogre army, but it might be too weedy…


i believe its safe to say they’ll release a ridden version in the course of the next months, and if i’m allowed to make an “educated” guess i’d say it will cost 75£, like the other (2) monsters. …

definitely going to get one, but i think this ones really going to be a pain to transport



It certainly is a big beastie!


I too am going to wait until the ridden version gets released.  Hopefully before Games Day.

It seems a little odd that they would release it without the rider in the first place, unless they’re trying to cash in on the Storm of Magic Bull Taurus


I have a feeling it is one of those FW figures that looks a lot better “in the flesh”. They sometimes don’t seem to capture how good they are in the photos they use on the website.

Think this is my next payday purchase. Also gives me time to finish what I have already.

Pyro Stick:

Dont think this is what the sneak peak is from but its still very cool. I will definately consider getting one when tehy release a ridden version.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I don’t know… the bull body is an awesome sculpt, sure, but those thin metal horns really need to go and be replaced with some massive Ogre-size horns. I’m also a bit concerned about the overall stability of the model. It would seem to me that clear plastic rod can’t possibly hold the model in place during transport and games and will almost certainly break at one point.

Anyone notice the inscriptions on the armour plating? These look suspiciously like cuneiform. :hat off


you´re right, it actually resembles early ugarithic cuneiform, a simplified derivative from old akkadian cuneiform written only in ugarith (today syria)… whereas old akkadian cuneiform (also sumerian, assyrian, babylonian etc.) is syllabic/logographic writing (much like modern chinese), ugarithic was the first language to use letters… some glyphs look like numbers to me, but its a bit difficult to decipher… If its got a meaning, I´ll tell you as soon as i get the model :slight_smile:

edit: on a second look, i don´t think there´s a meaning to it… it´s more a mix-up of the simplest glyphs of different periods and languages… i´ll get back to it anyways.

Blue in VT:

I’m a fan of the bull itself…but the armor just looks slapped on…and Will be a MAJOR pain in the ass to paint beneath.

I love the detail they achieve though…



I’m definitely picking one up, but not until they have the rider. :wink: I’ve really been enjoying what they’ve been putting out so far, but my wallet has not (!) DANG YOU, FORGEWORLD!!!


agree with blue, the bull is awesome but the armour is crap.

Plus I save some money not buying it :wink:


i think im going to stick with my converted Taurus, mine is bigger and look a bit more chaos dwarf cartoonish

Hashut’s Blessing:

It looks like the back leg has a lot of glue around the hoof so that it helps with stability making the support stick less prone to breaking (probably likely to anyway, lol).

I think the mouth being open would’ve helped to make it better (in particular because of breath weapons and it’s a great big angry bull of fiery doom!).


Meh, this just sold me on the scibor version. Armor looks a little lame, flying stand with back foot touching seems an odd choice, horns look too small AND wing blades? eh.

28mm/30mm Moscal General on War Bull 28MA0029 Here I come!

Thommy H:

Proof, were it needed, that taste is not so much subjective as it is completely nonsensical. I’m not massively sold on the Bale Taurus, but saying the Scibor monstrosity even compares to it is utterly laughable. At least the WF one is sculpted.


I really like this guy and will pick up the version with the rider when it’s out. Unless they will be sold separately?

Whilst I think it is great, it’s clearly not daemonic… Which is a shame. Maybe the other bull will be better.


Not my cup of tea really…


The pose is a little odd, and the armour is a little loose, but those are very minor - I love it.


I like it, although it’s seems to be totally obvious from the arrangement of armour plating around the shoulders that it’s a riderless mount. Disappointing that they don’t seem to release these as the same time.