[Archive] Best RPG video games of all time


My order would be:

1. Legend of Zelda- A Link to the Past
2. Baldur’s Gate I
3. Baldur’s Gate II
4. Legend of Zelda- The Ocarina of Time
5. Final Fantasy I for SNES (technically FF III in Japan)

How about you?

Note: I’m not really interested in a platform war here either; if it degenerates into that it’s Dark Side time…

With that said for me A link to the Past was epic as it represented a huge leap forward and played the hell out of it in my teen years. It’s also cool that over the years it’s still ranked high in coolest games of all time.

It will be interesting to see if this breaks down along generational lines amongst us as well.


Fallout 3
Baldur’s Gate (both)
Castle 2 almost right Castle of the Winds http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_of_the_Winds
Eye of the Beholder (first two?)


Final Fantasy VII (PS1 good old time !).

And of course I spent a lot of time on Oblivion and Fallout.


Fallout 3, and with some more dlc - even new vegas

Lord Archaon:

  1. Baldur’s Gate II

    2. Planescape Torment

    3. Fallout 2

    4. Neverwinter Nights II

    5. Fallout 3 and Oblivion

Pyro Stick:

Golden Sun is probably one of my favourites, along with Tales of Symphonia. I was never big on Final Fantasy games (apart from FFTA) or Zelda games. Oblivion is definately one of the best rpg’s ever but i think its storyline was pretty poor. The sheer scale of the world is what makes it good imo.


1- Story of Thor

2- All Gauntlets

3- cant remember the name but it is in this list.

4- fantasy Star V (or was it (IV)


Hard question to answer!! Here are my favorites:

Ultima III

Ultima IV

Ultima VI


Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oblivion blew me away - not so much for the story, but for the world they created. It reminded me of what I was seeing in my head when I played Ultima III and IV… I also love Diablo 2 - fantastic game! - but it’s not really an RPG.


Final Fantasy Tactics - favourite game ever :cheers

Final Fantasy VI (dunno what they call it in English) My favourite of the standard FFs, steam-punk awesomeness, a great cast and some serious innovation for the time

Dragon Age: Origins - Just brilliant, apart from the constant bugs.


I haven’t played Dragon Age, although I saw the xbox360 version on sale for $16CAN yesterday. Is it worth picking up?


I haven't played Dragon Age, although I saw the xbox360 version on sale for $16CAN yesterday. Is it worth picking up?
I really enjoyed it, its a HUGE game (50-odd hours playtime if you play it thoroughly) with good writing and a deep combat system. I particularly liked the European touches; European accents (apart from the American Dwarves), the spellings are kinda olde worlde which was a nice touch and the storyline is excellent and very believable - summed up by the fact that on your quest to save Ferelden, you end up having to kill more scummy people than Darkspawn.
Its also brilliant what they do with the Elves ;)

It had more than its fair share of bugs but the worst ones were resolved fairly quickly. The expansion was a little bit short in comparison but still worth a look. The DLC is variable quality but still worth the money imo.

I would play it on a PC if given the choice though, the console versions suffer from 'not enough buttons' syndrome.


Dunno about an order, but:

Knights of the Old Republic (and especially KOTOR 2)

Planescape Torment

Morrowind (hands down superior to Oblivion in everything save technology)

Deus Ex

I tend to like RPGs more than other types of game, so I liked Mass Effect 1&2 quite a bit, enjoyed Fallout 3 - New Vegas is better - had fun with Alpha Protocol, etc. There are so few examples of Western RPGs (either Bioware or Bethesda, really), and I don’t like Japanese ones. So I hesitate to name anything else as 'best of all time.'

On the subject of Dragon Age, I wasn’t too impressed with it. I found that it was padded with too many fights that I didn’t really enjoy, and that the setting was too generic for my tastes. Also I really disliked many of the characters. But I hear that it is much better on PC.

As for Zelda games, I have never really thought of them as RPGs, but they are certainly among the best games ever made by any measure, imo. I started with Ocarina of Time, so I have never played Link to the Past :frowning:


Thief 2 - the metal age (i love the sneak 'em ups)
Morrowind - Fantastic apart from all the damn walking!
Plane Scape Torment - any game where you have a skull familar that can have silver dentures to improve his damage gets my vote!
Zelda - Ocarina of Time - perfectly made.

Can’t put them in an order, they are all good for different reasons.


Suikoden 2. I think this is the best RPG ever made in terms of story and gameplay. Limited release makes this playstation 1 game sold in the 200 USD range, so if you didn’t get it when it was new, it’s hard to get now.

Quest for Glory 2 and 4. Oldschool adventure/RPGs - unfortunately now one of the most expensive series of games to get your hands on. 5 games in total. A fan remake or Quest for Glory 2 can be found for free online (they made it point and click style instead of the previous text command interface and upped the graphics a bit).

Mount and Blade: Warbands. Almost more a medieval sim rather than an RPG, a great game with open-ended travel, every playthrough is different, and surprising strategical depth that you don’t notice until you become a more prominent lord. Also, you guys could probably pick it up for around 10 USD now.

And games you guys are more likely to recognize include: Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Final Fantasy 6.

EDIT: just saw how Khan! posted Deus Ex, and had to add it. It goes above Mount and Blade, below Quest for Glory.


ok, I have not been much on the forums lately but here’s my thought:

1, if you count this as a RPG ¨the legend of Zelda Wind waker¨is on the top, why? Becouse I first played it when I was around nine and when I put the disc in the Game cube now it’s still a awesome game that you newer get tired about.
Killing monster’s, go through dungeons and throwing pigs, what more can you ask for?

2 ¨the elder scrolls Morrowind and Oblivion¨ is battling on the second place, both are great rpg’s! I’m thrilled for the fifth game in the series ¨Skyrim¨that will be released in november.

3-5 Zelda games as ocarina of time, twilight princess and a link to the past


My top 5 game run down.

1) Monster Hunter portable 3rd - The addicts game of choice.

   main site here - http://www.capcom.co.jp/monsterhunter/P3rd/ also worth checking on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsGVYFBxY88 (these are all in game) check out some of the others.

This game is an infinity loop, it never ends, you can upgrade everything and the monsters get contstantly larger and more impressive. Any of the other Monster hunter games are also pretty good.

2) Mount and Blade warbands - an excellent game, and the online mods are truely amazing.

3) Dragon Age: Origins

4) Dragon Quest 7

5) Fallout series.

I’m not sure if the Monster hunter games or the Dragon quest games are available outside of Japan. Dragon quest 9 might have been released internationally. Also Monster Hunter has a PC version which isn’t bad, but the PSP version is definately where that game shines (ironic considering the potential the game has in a PC format).


  1. Baldur’s Gate

    2) Mass Effect

    3) Dragon Age: Origins

    4) Kotor

    5) Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past

    Yup I’m a Bioware fan. :wink:


@ sparrow: both monster hunter and dragon quest is available in eu. I’ve played monster hunter tri on the wii, the gameplay was nice but the storyline just stoped in the start of the game and then you got quests like in a mmorpg which i’m not a fan of.

I think the most successfull rpg must be Pokémon.


@ sparrow: both monster hunter and dragon quest is available in eu. I've played monster hunter tri on the wii, the gameplay was nice but the storyline just stoped in the start of the game and then you got quests like in a mmorpg which i'm not a fan of.

The wii version is nice, you get the underwater stuff, but the game wasn't a great success, it is best on the psp. It does play a little like a mmorpg. But like I said, it's an infinity loop type of game. You just never finish it. Good for those hour long commutes that I have to do every day. And it's got the online stuff, which doesn't require any kind of sign up. A great game.

But each to their own. I'd rather read a good book than play a point and click, and when I do play I like action, to be able to pick up and play after a couple of weeks of not playing and with enough rpg elements to feel like I want to invest some in the character.


1: Zelda: A link to the past

2: Baldur’s Gate

3: Zelda: Ocarina of time

4: Fable 2

5: Fallout tactics