[Archive] Big noses and bigger hats. OOP Dawi Zharr!

Red Skullz:


Long time since I’ve been here. Last time with a plog on my kustom made Blood Bowl team, the Zharr-Naggrund Juggernauts. Ironically I traded them and two other kustom made BB teams for some 4th edition CD :slight_smile:

Now they’ve been lying in a bin since I got them but after going to the national tournament in miniature wargaming (in Norway) playing 40k I finally got back the urge to play fantasy again. Mainly due to all of the great armies I saw and my awesome 4th ed miniatures.

Here’s my starting point.

Mind I’ve got a ton of stuff, probably in the 4k+ region but you’ve gotta start somewhere :slight_smile:

Now the coolest thing (imo at least) is that I’m running this plog also as an article series on BoLS. Here’s the links to part 1 and 2. Part 3 is out this weekend I think.



For some batreps and spoilers go to my blog, http://bigbossredskullz.wordpress.com/

There, now it’s all up to speed and from now on regular updates :slight_smile:


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Ben Saunders:

I knew I’d seen this elsewhere (BoLS as it turns out). Always nice to see more Chaos Dwarfs.


Curious why you don’t strip the old paint jobs off them?


Looks like a good start!


Im growing more fond of the big hats day by day (and actually couldnt resist to buy a bunch ;-)). I am really looking forward to this. Chaos Dwarf need all publicity they can get so keep writing on BolS :-).

Red Skullz:

Cheers everyone :slight_smile:

Aye big hats are an iconic piece of GWs miniature range. Cool that FW actually gives a nod with a good mix of that look and the newer look of the hellcannon crew. All old news here of course :wink:

Personally they’re growing on me more and more as I paint them. So I’m on the lookout for more but oop on eBay is at blood money level…

Now the reason I don’t strip them is due to not having to. The details on the old ones aren’t exactly sharp (sculptwise, typically of this era of plastic) in the first place so I use washes, inks and blending to compensate. You wouldn’t notice the difference tbh after paint.

As for BoLS I hope the CD community supports my articles and the number of views so far have been promising :slight_smile:

Fuggit Khan:

Yes! More army blogs! :cheers

And do I see the vintage 4th edition Lord from the Taurus converted to a standard bearer? That’s a new trick, I like it :hat off

Red Skullz:

Cheers Fuggit :slight_smile:

Aye you do indeed, happy you like it :smiley: I wanted an imposing miniature as my castellan and he fits the bill.


Red Skullz:

Part 3 of my article series on BoLS is out (about this army) :slight_smile:




Do you work for BTP? :stuck_out_tongue: You kray kray

Red Skullz:

Huh? Nae not at all and BoLS isn’t paid either :wink:


Huh? Nae not at all and BoLS isn't paid either ;)

Red Skullz
Ok I'm going to be honest as you seem like a nice guy... Personally I would not get into the habit of painting over stripped minis ever, no matter what you think; you ARE loosing detail. AND I would learn to paint freehand, in the time it takes to copy print and cut out (quite badly) and stick on those paper shield icons, you could have practiced and learned to freehand them. That's my two cents. Each to their own though.

Red Skullz:

Well I prefer you being honest rather than with a rude comparison as you did with the BTP thing…

With that said (and yeah I’m a nice guy). Here’s my response to something that is kicking up a little storm in the comments over at BoLS and obviously you as well.

1. Stripping minis is unnecessary imo unless they’re caked in paint. These where not caked but had a thin layer of poorly applied paint.

2. Maybe I should’ve freehanded the shield designs but that was not the point. The point was finding the old designs and applying them “oldhammer” style on the shields and blinging them up with colours. And seriously. Yes the cutouts aren’t the best on all of them but the scale IRL you won’t exactly notice it.

This article series, on the creation of the army is about me learning new stuff. I’ve never said in any place that I’m an expert or a professional. I’m just a normal guy with plastic crack as a hobby. How I got the BoLS gig? Ask Larry cause I have no idea! Though I’m proud I have that opportunity :slight_smile:

You see where I’m coming from now maybe


Sorry for the trolling man no bad feelings intended! Couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah I totally get what you mean, you want to copy the 90’s look which is a nice idea and I’m glad you are sharing your blog =) We will have to agree to disagree about the paint stripping. Its not for me to say whats right or wrong but if you do learn to freehand that’s a skill which you can apply again and again on different projects. I’ve done a few bighat armies, the last I did was a ‘carbon copy’ of this one about 9 yrs ago (same shield designs and everything) http://www.oocities.org/timessquare/arena/3390/arme.jpg - which I regrettably sold on ebay for a ridiculous amount of money. I found using the gw transfer set was harder than just learning to freehand and I think the hobgoblin shields didn’t have any transfers? And I wanted them all to match ie not half painted and half decals. They also looked too shiny and crinkled once applied. Making a poor mans decal out of paper is just making a poor mans version of a not very good original solution to begin with. My best advice is if you want to learn new techniques learn from the masters at CMON forums, they will help you a lot and teach you some great stuff and stop any bad habits you have so you are moving in the right direction. For instance painting yellow over black like that, your black is still showing through the yellow quite badly and white might’ve been a better choice. If you are just doing it for fun then doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks and screw it, and I applaud you for sharing your work good sir =)

Red Skullz:

Thanks for the lengthy and very reasonable feedback. No hard feelings here, I’m a grown up so I can take both good and bad in the same stride :slight_smile:

As for using this type of transfer technique. I’m steadily getting better. Just wait until you see my bsb :wink:

So maybe in the end of this project my skills will have improved on the freehand. Now CMON is obviously the place to go for single or smaller groups of miniatures. I make armies. What I mean about that and I saw tjub kinda saying the same thing in his blog. At this stage in life it’s about taking on an army as a project and completing it in an economic way with the best possible result. Don’t know if you’ve seen my blog but my Ork army is a result of that approach.

Anyway, I find this discussion refreshing and I suspect in part it’s due to the BoLS gig as that “obviously” allows people to go at me as you did initially Doombeard. The positive of it is that we ended up having a very good discussion on it. I have several mates I chat with where we do this and I appreciate it a lot. To often in later years forums are almost overly kind instead of being constructive and honest.

With that said I know that it will come more of that as this project will rub people the wrong way. Yes it’s retro by its model base but that is not the same as not changing stuff.



Ben Saunders:

I think the photocopied decals was a nice idea actually. I probably wouldn’t use it myself, but it’s a clever solution for those that want to go that way. I was also baffled by your choice to paint yellow over black, rather than a white undercoat, though. Still, it won’t be too noticeable when one looks at the whole army on the table.

Red Skullz:

Thanks Ben (i guess your Ben S on BoLS?) :slight_smile:

It’s about the end result indeed. If I’d gone from white on the bright colors and black with the darker it would’ve looked weird next to each other. My choice of colours and the different decals are meant to show that there are individuals in the regiment but they march together in times of war.


I love the work your doing! Love the old transfers, and you make it look old-school and cool :cheers I believe in stripping the minis! I find graffiti remover works awesome, spray it on, see it bubble and work its magic then wash it off (dont try on plastic) :wink:

Red Skullz:

Tjenare grabben :slight_smile: point taken on the paint stripping :wink:

Ben Saunders:

Thanks Ben (i guess your Ben S on BoLS?)

Red Skullz
Indeed I am; I'm following your progress on two sites.