[Archive] Big noses and bigger hats. OOP Dawi Zharr!

Red Skullz:

Can’t do much more than say thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Red Skullz:

Needed to paint some greenskins. Really like these sculpts. Pity I only have two…

Anyway, here’s the end result.

WiPs and more pics in the blog. http://bigbossredskullz.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/hobgoblin-khans/


Love the models… The scheme is very nice and the paint job is really good!! Great job Skullz!!!

Skal du på Challenge te helga?

Red Skullz:

Cheers Y! Oh and call me Red, everyone calls me that :slight_smile:

Nei beklageligvis. Så heier på Geir :wink: Mitt mål er Northern Battlefields, Tromsø i januar. Da skal disse luftes.


The riders look good, very unique colors and nice bases!

Red Skullz:

Cheers THM! Happy that you like the colors as I’m very happy with them myself :slight_smile:

Red Skullz:

This will be done…


I looked at this picture everytime I’ve been up to feed my baby during the night. Still can’t make any guess at what it is…


I’m guessing an iron deamon, going by the large cylinder, ‘tiny’ wheels and the double minecart on the right.

Red Skullz:

Slave (cookies are not a thing here I guess :wink: ) for you Helblindi :slight_smile:


Red Skullz:



I guess that will be a train or a giant mortar! :stuck_out_tongue:

Red Skullz:

Aye, maybe :wink:


Iron Daemon! But at first I thought it was a (fuel?) tank car for your Iron Daemon to pull.

Red Skullz:

I took stock of the bitz at hand. I raided the kids Lego drawer and found the concrete mixer for a truck and took it. They’re all into Star Wars anyways…

Soulassasin had an iron daemon with a huge boiler so I knew it could work. I’m doing my version though. Love working with plasticard.

Far from done but I’m nearing completion on the boiler and undercarriage. See the connection to the old bighats?

As for towing stuff. Got plans for towing an eartshaker and a magma cannon. I’ll build those myself but the cannons will be stock.


This is going to be awesome. It already is awesome, but it’s gonna get way better! All the bits so far are very neatly assembled, and the overall plan is impressive!

Thanks for the slaves btw, they have already been sacrificed to trap some daemons into my own iron daemon conversion :slight_smile:

Red Skullz:

Cheers mate, you’re too kind :slight_smile:

There are not enough scratchbuilt iron daemons so praise Hashut!

Red Skullz:

Coming along.


Almost an hourly update! Coming along nice. :slight_smile:

Ben Saunders:

I’m following progress here keenly. Are the wheels from Lego too?