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I decided to make a army blog were I will put all my latest work.

Here are my three sorcerers, two were made from the BFSP Cannon crew and the last one from spare parts but its not completely finished so bare with me. I will post more pics of other stuff when i got the time.

Enjoy! [attachment=2114][attachment=2115][attachment=2116]

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


The Stormchild:

Very, very nice.

I really want to see the rest of the force when ready.

Be sure to keep us updated!


Looks great, I really like the last one with the book! :slight_smile:


Love the one with the book, that one has real style. I’ll look forward to more of the army when you have chance to post them :hat off


I love the detail on the second ones beard, and once again brilliant hats.


Thanks for the comments, it warms my black heart ^^

In the future I’m planning to continue on the sorcerer holding the book. I’m going to add a cloak, extend his beard and add some “beard-jewelery” & spikes. I’ll possibly add rings to his hand and a scroll or pouch to his belt.

Here are some of my Chaos Dwarf warriors that I’ve already posted in the “Conversion” thread.




Ok so i started working on some Blunderbusses this week. They are far from finished. Tell me what you think. I’m pretty pleased with the muzzle’s on the guns which were made by O-rings. I also culpted gas masks because I think it gives them a cool appearance. Comments are welcome!

Btw I think I’ll start to paint next week and i could really use some ideas about colour schemes for my army. I have some ideas about my beards being dark-blue-ish with bright coloured jewelery, maby the “main-theme” will be dark red. I haven’t got the slightest idea on how to paint the topthingy on my hats…




Looks great so far man, i hope your saving a couple of them to enter in the Golden Hat.


These are great, I really like all of them. Feel like I have to do some more work on mine now…


Awesome work, I like what you’ve added to the tack hats! Keep up the good work!


Awesome work on the big hats, well worth some slaves :slight_smile: cant wait to see more, what do you plan to have in the army ?


Awesome work on the big hats, well worth some slaves :) cant wait to see more, what do you plan to have in the army ?

Thanks! I agree with you, "no hat can ever be to big !"
My plans for the future is some Boltthrowers, 1-2 Earthshakers, Lord on Great Taurus, some hobgoblins, Bullcentaurs and a few more CD ofc!

My next projects will be the Boltthrowers, my remaining CD's from the BFSP kit and Bullcentaurs. Either I'll make the throwers from scratch or cast a goblin spearchukka. The Bullcentaurs will most likely be made from a cast of the grudge pony.

I think the biggest problem is my colour scheme for the army so if you got some ideas it would be nice with some suggestions:)


The use of washers on the blunderbusses is ingenious, really impressive work. :D

I also agree no hat can ever be ‘too’ big.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I decided to revive my old army blog with some new pictures. I have been swamped with work for the last months so my CD workshop has been very quite.

Here is a few pics were i’ve started painting beards and some other parts + 3 goblin shamans which i painted ages ago and thinking about repainting.

(Actually the Cd characters are already painted, i havent found the time to take any pictures yet.)


Da Crusha:

I really like how your cd’s with great weapons turned out. they look fantastic.


Like the painting so far!


very cleaver use of the BFSP Crew!



looking very nice, keep it up :hat off


Spent some time last night modelling a CD hero. I wanted him to bring out some of the malicious ingenuity CD’s are known for, therefore I gave him a mechanical arm and engineering googles. At the same time I wanted him to look like a real badass on the battlefield. I reasoned bigger weapon = badass, hence the giant obsidian maul.  

Sidenote: He and my other special characters are already painted, I’ll post them as soon as possible!

Comments are welcome! :slight_smile:



the pipe is a very nice touch, very cool! :hat off