some realy cool models here


Huh nice models… Sanguinary Guard looks really awesome and i like their fluff.


They look fantastic- To bad I’m gonna be the Daemon hunters. Maybe I’ll ally some Blood Angles…


If you want to use the specific Blood Angels models you’ll have to use your Daemon Hunters asallies. DH armies can only take certain Codex Chapter units as allies


huhu…nipples on a space marine?

and i thought the nipple batman in that movie looked funny


Ugh, yet more unimaginative space marines. The sanguinary guard look like a joke - pushing the angel wings further and the poses are so static and boring, even for the special characters.


I can only agree with GRNDL - these model sucks. Lots of nicely done details etc. - but the overall design is a joke. God, I hate noble Space Marines


I think there are some very cool models there the sanguinary guard look like the angles out of darksiders if any one has played that game they will know what i mean, i really like Gabriel Seth the Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, i think i might have to buy him just to paint up on his own


I was going to make a Flesh Teaers army.

Now I’m not so sure…


Hmmm so clunky-looking, everything is so angular. They look like they were designed by marketing. They seem hell-bent on turning them into children’s toys, how much more cartoonish can they go with the whole ‘armoured superhuman giant raaaargh testosterone’ look? Yawn. Its like the Power-aid Minotaurs all over again.

The Sanguinor could have been good if he had sensible proportions. The wings are too small and the limbs too short, not to mention it has no grace at all.

The old figures were much better imo. I’m assuming they have also ruined Dante.


God damn ! Im so glad I have my old blood angesl from the legendary multi coloured catalouges now, yawn next lame excuse for a model please.


Neat that they made plastic Death Company, they were always among my favourite bits of 40k. Having plastic Sanguinary Guard is good in theory, but there’s something off about them, I don’t know what.

Totally agree with Baggronor re: the Sanguinor’s proportions.

“Gabriel Seth” is among the worst fantasy/scifi character names I’ve ever heard.


I still cant help but think the saviour guy from devil may cry 4 when I see these newer Strawberry marrines,

Old One Eye:

I still cant help but think the saviour guy from devil may cry 4 when I see these newer Strawberry marrines,

Good point these new blood angels are too pansyfied


I’ve always liked the red marines/ blood angels.

I like that they’ve made the death company in plastic, but the models are far too detailed imo. Maybe they’ve changed the fluff so that instead of just painting their armour back they get a whole new fancy suit?

It would have been nicer to see the Sanguinary guard with fancy jump packs instead of wings. Same with most of the characters actually. Lemartes is a very nice model.


It would have been nicer to see the Sanguinary guard with fancy jump packs instead of wings.  Same with most of the characters actually.  Lemartes is a very nice model.

they got jump packs behind the wings if you look at the sprues


Exactly, they have both wings and a jump pack. I would have just prefered a more simple (but fancy) version of the jump pack without the massive wings (which wouldn’t last 5 minutes in battle).


I actually really like them, some dodgy pricing aside I’m considering buying some.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I find them extremely cool.

I have seen that these models really split the community in half, not just here but also on some other forums that I frequently visit. But if it were my decision to make, I’d give all the Blood Angels those winged jump packs and golden armour. I mean their name is Blood ANGELS! They are supposed to descend from heaven, boltguns blazing, making every heretic and chaos worshipper shit bricks!!

…but I understand not everyone thinks like that. :wink:


I got my hands on the models last night at my local store and even put one together, and i have to say they are very cool, i also had a read of the army book and can most certainly say that the army is well and trully broken, i will post a few bits that i can remember if you like in this thread or would you like them in a seperate one? or wait for the surprise your selves ?