[Archive] Blood Bowl & Fantasy Football Chaos Dwarf Mega-Thread


Blood Bowl Minotaur from Forgeworld. Behold:

Best of all is how it’s directly useful for ordinary fantasy. The football gear is not so accentuated you need to convert anything to transfer it to Warhammer proper, although a weapon is always a welcome addition. Might need another Minotaur unit filler along with the AoW one for my CDs…


Ah, forgot to post him. Been around for a while now, a really good model IMO.

Ghrask Dragh:

I think it is a good model, it wasn’t what I was expecting though, doesn’t quite seem ‘chaotic’ enough.

I was expecting more of…

But then I suppose a little sculpting around the eyes would make him look angry enough


True, Ghrask. The caged face certainly adds to the chaotic look. Might need to convert that.


Not a fan. Looks like an Ogre with a pacifier, nothing cow-like IMHO.

And if the sculptor knew what that nose ring is for (to subjugate even the wildest bull due to pain), he probaly wouldn’t have put it on a fierce star player.

These two by Meiko actually look like a cow:

Goltor Lintrepide:

Man, this new bull is very nice looking. The best part is : add some chains and he looks like he is dragging something heavy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Man, this new bull is very nice looking. The best part is : add some chains and he looks like he is dragging something heavy ;P

I like that idea


I agree entirely with the astute comment concerning the nose ring.

I haven’t decided which will be the ‘regular’ Mino and which will be Grashnak, but the Minos winging their way to me for the LavaBulls are:



I had not seen this dude before: Chaos Dwarf beer

Sorry if it has already been posted but my infernal dwarfs need this bro.



Ah yes, that one! Thanks for sharing!

No idea if it’s been posted before, but I once stumbled across it while listing CD BB minis. Such a great idea for a mini, especially the two heads! Will need it for ordinary army use as well.

The drunken Dwarf models by GW were actually the very first minis I ordered online from them, back when they had bitz service. Those, and Mordheim Dwarf backpacks. Full circle now with the Chaos Dwarf drinker. :slight_smile:


Black tree design (my fave vanilla dwarfs) also had a couple of cool drunk dwarfs


Star Player Miniatures have released a Damned Dwarf Blocker which may be most interesting to people around here:


Pretty cool great find bro


Drill arm for the win!


Malditos enanos... - starplayershop.com

Star Player Miniatures have released a bunch more player for their coming team.

Thommy H:

Available starting next week…for a limited time only (probably).


Awesome find, Ill be ordering on release!


Somebody beat me to the punch here. I wanted to post this bit of news. I’ll see about putting my own order together for these guys. I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection of hobgoblins I picked up last year.


Excellent. I was so frustrated for missing these last time, thank goodness I resisted eBay hehe


Great news

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