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What do I want to achieve?

A cool army, everything converted/scrap build.

Doesn’t have to be a smart army - gaming wise.

Use all kind of weird bits.

Get better at greenstuffing.

A painted army.

First off I bought a box of new dwarf warriors at an auction, and got a load of chaos bits from a friend. Found a box of “old” dwarf warriors too, and a couple of BFSP dudes.

1. Rule: Paint your guys before buying new stuff. Don’t end up like your 500 dude large unpainted empire army!

Initial paint scheme: Dark purple and tin bitz as primary colours. Pale skin, black and bone as secondary colours.

2. Rule: Remember to build payable blocks. Make armylists in 500 point blocks.

Fire Glaives

Fire Glaives are cool. Så i started out with those guys. A regiment of 20 would do. But to save a bit of money, and add some diversity I will use unit fillers.

Command Group:

First guys build. Fairly simple. Not the “correct” chaos dwarf beards. It’s been years since I used green stuff.

Picture is old. Has changed the helmet of the champion and expanded the banner a bit.

Fire Glaives:

Made by cutting the dwarfs handgun and inserting an axehead. Used marauder axeheads as much as possible - for the evilness. Chaos warrior helmets make the chaos dwarfs stand a bit taller than their “good” brothers.

Made my first correct beard here.

All 16 Fire Glaives:

Unit filler:

Made on a bretonia bowmen base. 4 small bases wide. A captured beatman slave is carrying gunpowder. He’s trying to eat the little monkey yelling at him!

Build from empire, bretonia and beastmen bits.

Lords and Heroes

We all like to build heroes. And since Chaos Dwarfs don’t have that many different dudes it seemed straight forward. Now better at green stuff beards I made 4 dudes.

Daemonsmith Sorcerers

Raised onto large rocks to stand out from regurlar army guys.

Magical fire from their ungloved hands. Hammers since they’re smiths. Since they’re also priests I added som bretonia knight heraldic.


Extra cool helmet from a chaos knight. Backbanner from a flaggelant. Being raised to som rocks made it possible to give him a very large and cool shield.

Castellan with battlestandard

Banners are cool. Battlestandards have to be extremly large - and thus extremely cool. Took some tries before he could keep his balance.

Banner build from lots of different stuff. Orc banner, chaos knight spear, skulls from everywhere, and a chaos symbol.

Infernalguard Ironsworn

Infantery is the backbone of any good army. Don’t know if they are going to be ironsworn or just regurlar dudes with handweapons. Will know after some playtesting. I’m going to paint them like enscorled handweapons.

Command group

Drums from orcs. Found something called “miliput”, way cheaper than green stuff. The campion has a hairthing on his helmet, to help indentify him (if the giant axe don’t help. Added this to fire glaive champion too). Will also give him a tower shield.


Used both new and old dwarf warriors fore this. Beside colour they’ll are bound together by:

1. Chaos Dwarf beards.

2. Marauder shields.

3. Shoulderpad on right shoulder made from marauder drums.

Far left: “Old” dwarf. Used old chaos warrior head, since both old dwarf and old warrior had head sticking out from neck.

Middle/left: BFSP dude. Gave him another axe and put a symbol on his shield. Made it look like beard is behind shield.

Middle/right: BFSP musician. He had this big two handed horn. Had to chop him alot!

Far right: “New” dwarf. Much the same as fireglaves. Had to scanvenge hands though, since there left hand is molded to their original shields.


A pour captured slayer. He will now burn a the stake - not die in combat. Wagon build from cardboard and matches. Wheels from orc shields and spearspoints. Will paint the axe, shields and helmet in the colour of my mate Laus army.

20 Ironsworn

The whole regiment all together. They will have shield after I painted them.

The 13th Danger Zone

Taken before making beards on Ironsworn. All dudes together. Easily 1000 points (using two heroes).

The next few steps

1. Paint the army. Paint it! Just need to get a black spray and a tin bitz (or whatever it’s name nowadays).

2. Bull centaurs. Will make 5 BCs from a box of ogre bulls and some toy bulls from the local toystore. I like the big forgeworld dudes.

Heard they’re not worth their points in the game - but the models will be cool. My reward for painting the army I’ve allready made.

Champion, Standard, Musician, 1 regular BC and a Bull Centaur Hero (Hero could be used as champion, and champion as regular dude).

3. Warmachines. I have bits and bobs to build 12 more dwarfs. They will become crew members for machines (also orgre bull number 6).

Somewhere down the line:

Lord on bale taurus. I’ve started building the lord. Made from wolfrider legs, dwarf torsofront, greenstuff back, beastman head, empire arms etc. … I might work.

He’s to expensive in points to use in any near future. But the model will be a great centerpiece.

Fuggit Khan:

Nice start you have there, always good to see a new Chaos Dwarf Army Blog :slight_smile:

And I especially like your fireglaive conversions with the axe blade, I like them better than the FW ones…looking forward to seeing them painted :hat off

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Looks promising! I thought I was the only one who though of the title, Bloodbeard! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And do try not to buy anything more until you’ve completed the fantastic lot you have at the moment. Unfortunately, I did exactly that, hence slow progress with my own army…

Looking forward to seeing more from this blog! :smiley:


A small update.

And I especially like your fireglaive conversions with the axe blade, I like them better than the FW ones…

Fuggit Khan
Thank you. I really like the FW warmachines and heroes, but the CD infantry is rather boring. They all look alike. I like dynamic figures, and the FW ones look like the are completely stoic.
Looks promising! I thought I was the only one who though of the title, Bloodbeard! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks. I’ve been using the name Bloodbeard since I played my first pirate LARP ages ago. Now it’ll be the name of my general.

Undercoated army

So I just undercoated the army, and thought I’d share some pictures. I’m always stunned by how much an undercoat does to greens. The details stand out and suddently the army looks good.

A trick

I use tape that’s adhesive on both sides and put it onto a broomstick. Then I stick the minis to it, and it’s alot easier to spraypaint them. You don’t waste alot of paint, and it’s easy to get all the annoying points black. (Sorry about the bad picture - but yo’ll get the idea.

Daemonpriest Sorcerer on Bale Taurus

Very much a work in progress. Made from every kind of weird bit I had around. And since he cost so many points it’ll be ages before he has to be done.

I also have this idea for a bale taurus made from a toy cow and wings made of wire, green stuff, tyranid bits, alufoil and paper.

The dude is made from a beastman head with reversed horns, the front of a dwarfwarrior, legs from a goblin wolfrider, feet from a maruader, arms from empire knights and maruader shoulder pads.

His back will be covered with a green stuff fur cloak.

His beard i going to cover the choped up beastman head.

Will give him CD style hair.

Plate og chainmail from greenstuff to make the legs look sturdier.

The other bits are for his saddle/throne. A book cut from a dwarf banner, torch from warhammer house, staff w. book and chairpart from old vampire count on winged nightmare.


Just bought a “tin bitz”. So as soon as possible I’ll start painting the dudes.

Need to find a good way to paint pale allmost sickly skin.


Very nice start you got there, can’t wait to see more and se them painted!!

Fuggit Khan:

Just bought a "tin bitz". So as soon as possible I'll start painting the dudes.

"Tin Bitz"! Yes! Good to see I am not the only one who insists on calling it Tin Bitz...this new fangled "Warplock Bronze" name has never sat well with me :)


Great start, keep working at them

I love captured slayers, They have so many fun uses

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Very nice work! Where did you get the bull’s head for the helmets?


Update 2: 18-08-2013

Where did you get the bull’s head for the helmets?

Tarrakk Blackhand
The bull’s head is from an old knight of Bretonia. The have all kind of insignia on the helmets. Found two helmets with bulls, had to use them.


So i painted a test mini for the army - and my first time painting in two years. At first I wasn’t sure about the purple shoulder pad, so i tried three other things:

1: All Tin Bitz shoulder pad. Boring stuff. Too much of the same colour in one place.

2: Tin Bitz and Leabelcher with golden wash (gretone saphia or something). The wash didn’t work well enough.

3: Tin bitz and leadbelcher with purple wash. Hoped to get the feel of a purple metal. Couldn’t get it to work.

So i sticked with my orignal plan and I’m actually quite pleased.

Found out that I lost my Chaos Black, Babab Black wash and Devlan Mud (the best thing ever). I’m gonna have to get some new ones. Babab Black for all recess areas, will make the details better. And a (allmost) complete wash in devlan mud, ties the minis really well together.


This dude has alot of purple because of his west. Many of the other dudes have way more armor, bare arms og west made of fur. Otherwise the army would be too purple I think.


The bases are not going to be green. I plan to put sand on the bases, paint it dark brown, highlight with a lighter brown and put some small patches of scorched grass on.

To get a strong contrast, I intend to paint very small streams of lava on the bases. As if the earth if cracking under the weight of the regiments. The heroes will have lave running from the cliff they are standing on.


Update 3: Test Mini Done

After four years of studying I finally start working as a teacher - and just like that all my free time is gone.

Finished up my test miniature though (allmost at least).

Infernal Guard with Hand Weapon

I think the base ended up pretty well. I still need to get som water effect or gloss varnish to paint over the lava.

Found some bronze to highligt the tin bitz, work better than the leadbelcher i had used.

Compared to the last model this one i covered in Devlan Mud and the metal have been given Babab Black. I simply love Devlan Mud - it does everything to a mini.

The rest of the regiment

I’ll paint all the dudes and then figure out how the best line up. Then I’ll do all the basing in one sitting and thus making the lavastreams go from base to base.


I won’t make any other minis before I painted all of the ons I have. But I have started looking around for toys for warmachines. I know warmachines don’t have bases, but I plan to make some anyways.

How big is the:

Magma Cannon, Irondemon, Death Shrieker and Dread Quake?

If i find the right toy tractor and wagons, I’ll convert steam carriages for all of the war machines. So some aprox sizes  of the official minis would be nice.


Update 4: Hellcanon
Keeping to my own rules, I’m not allowed to buy more miniatures before I’m finished painting the ones I have.

But I needed a break from painting, so i startet building a hellcanon from bit and bobs, plastic card and so on.

The large 75*150 base is giving me the opportunity to make some cool diorama. Slaves being pulled to the cannon and such.

Fuggit Khan:

Cool Hellcannon! I really like that you’ve made the gun barrel extra long…it has more of an artillery/cannon ‘feel’ to it as opposed to the GW one which looks like a mortar. Nicely done :hat off


Update 5: Wheels and infantry

The flu got me! The dreadfull and feared manfluenza. At least it let´s me stay indoors and get some hobby work done.

Infernal Guard w. handweapons

Finished 5 infernal guard today. I’m gonna make the bases in one sitting when I’ve completed the rest of the regiment. I’m not a very good painter (and I don’t really like that part of the hobby), but never the less I’m always happy when finish a paint job.


@Fuggit Khan: Thanks for the complement. I’m going for a cannon look, not the mortar look.

The hellcannon is coming along slowly. I got the finish model inside my head. I’ll have to get the base for the miniature in order to finish it - so that I can build from the ground up (sort of speak).

The barrel is almost finish. I need to figure out a cool finish a the dangerous end, maybe from the bits I just got (more on that later).

The wheels are made from milkcarton lids, plastic strip, plastic rod and spears. This set is for one side - three more to go.

Lord Bloodbeard

I made som beard for the mounted lord. Next up is eyebrows, nose and mustache. And shorter legs - they are to long.

Bitbox Transportable

Denmark is a small country and the warhammer community isn’t that big - but it’s great.

Somebody got the idea to make a bitbox and let it move around from gaming club to gaming club. It’s a rather big box at the moment.

The rules are simple:

1. Take what you want from the box.

2. Put something equally cool back.

3. Give something extra to let it grow.

So I just traded in a lot of old bits from old armies, projects and so on. And in return I got a lot of cool stuff for my chaos dwarf projekt. Some things are for an iron demon, some for a set of magma cannons. Feet for a siege giant, legs for a bale taurus. I even got an original death rocket! Wuhuu!


Great bits collection there.

I am so happy to see another purple chaos dwarf army- purple is certainly the new black on CDO.

Keep up the great work.


I am so happy to see another purple chaos dwarf army- purple is certainly the new black on CDO.

Purple is a good evil colour. I really like it. And the lava/fire for bases/K'Daii/Taurus won't disappear like i might in a red schemed force. Thanks for your compliment.

Update 6: Bale Taurus and Lord Sorcerer
I'm kinda stuck one the hellcannon until I get a base for it. I wasn't in the mood for painting so I started working on a Bale Taurus.

Picked up Nora the Cow at a flea market for 10 DKR (1£). She's not a cow anymore - but Norax the Bull. Got it some extra horns, some teeth and cut the legs so that it'll be prancing (good mount pose). He's ready for some green stuff now.

I have an idea for wings made of wire, alufoil, pva glue and baking paper.

Also got some arms glued to the lord, made him a platemail back and shortend his legs. Now it'll be easier to make him hair and some more beard, to cover up all the connections. His legs are too "skinny" will make him som scalemail.


Update 7: Bale Taurus

Some WIP pictures of the taurus.


Repositioned the legs of the taurus to make him pranching. Will make some fur by the hoofs and on his back. The black marked squares is outlines for armour - like the one on his forehead.

He’ll have a small beard under his new mouth.

The other lines mark where I’ll cut grooves in his skin - like his skin is cracking and there’s lava underneath.


Started working on the wings. Made from wire and painting tape (it’s called that in Denmark. It’s made from paper). Started building some miliput on it for detail. I’ll paint the papertape with PVA glue to harden it a bit.

Size and base

Size comparrison. it’s also possible to see the taurus’ base. Made it so a 5050 fits into a 60100, so I’ll be able to field it as a bale and great taurus. Like all good mounts he’ll stand on a big rock made from bark.


Looks awesome! :slight_smile:

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LF to seeing this one done. So far, so good!!

Fuggit Khan:

Not sure how I missed your last post…but it’s pretty cool. Nice work on the Taurus, this is what I love about all the army blogs here on CDO, so much cool creativity from everybody.

And I agree with Yodrin, looking forward to seeing more :hat off


Update 8: Bale Taurus

@Yodrin and Soulassassin: THX for the kind words. Here is some more Taurus.

@Fuggit Khan: This forum is build from inspiration and cool stuff. Every time I look at a blog I get inspired. I could have sworn never to include hobgoblins in my army - now I’m not sure. Big hats? No way, they are silly - nope… they are really cool.
This army will never be finished.

According to my own rules I’m not allowed to buy more minis before I’m done painting the ones I’ve already made.

I kinda broke my rule. Bought 60ish old dwarf warriors, new quarrelers/thunderes, new warriors on sprues. They were very cheap. I got them mailed to a friends house - so I can’t stay working on them. So the idea of not letting the project grow to big without painting still holds.


Golden Hat
I didn’t enter the last paint/art/drawing contest and I really regret it. So I won’t miss the Golden Hat. It’s great in so many ways and shows just how awesome this community is. And who wouldn’t want to win those cool dwarfs?

But I’m not allowed to use money on the project (due to the rule) and I’ve been showing off too much stuff on the blog (my taurus etc.) I’ll have to make something new from my bits box.

But I have a plan. … anyway, the secret work is stealing updates from the blog.

Brush Slave League
Thank you Clam for a cool competition. But it’s also secret, so I can’t post any of the minis I’m painting yet. It gets me painting but it’s another cool thing stealing blog updates.

Bale Taurus
This guy is not a part of any competition. And between paint, glue and green stuff drying, I managed to get some more work on him done.

Attached the wings. They still need a layer of green stuff for the final details. Needed the wings attached, so I could finish up his armour and make some fur on him. He’s not glued to the base yet.

I got a plan for a saddle/throne. I got some magnets I plan to use, so I’ll be able use the same rider for the Taurus and a Lamassu.
Small details that still need to be made includes:
A nose ring, a skull for the beard, some ear rings, som skulls in chains from the horns, fur at the hooves and fur on the end of the tail.

First Battle
My relatively small army of Dawi Zharr has been in their first real fight. It’s only my second game of 8th ed warhammer. I fielded this 1000 point list. I used a proxy for a hellcannon.

The point is - I won the game! I’ve written a battle report here (no pictures).