[Archive] Blue's Dwarf Throng...WIP

Blue in VT:

Howdy all,

So while I’ve been quite distracted by my MM90 quest for the past few weeks The largest collection of figures I have are a dwarf army formed mostly from the Marauder Dwarf range and some of the classic GW dwarf sculpts from the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Most of these figures I’ve had since my youth when I started playing WFB with 3rd editon.

The “lore” with my army is that it comes from a prosperous mining city on the edge of the empire named Culhaven.  Culhaven has a mixed population of humans and Dwarfs…the later drawn there for their expertise in mining.

Anyway…If I have more time I’ll fill out the “fluff” with more detail someday…lets get to the pictures.  Please keep in mind that almost all units are still WIP

My Core units are:

A unit of Marauder pikemen (recently expanded to 28)

The pikes are typically supported by two small units of thunderers like these:

Prince Ulther’s (these may get repainted someday…these I did in 1989?)

Bugman’s Rangers:

My Clansmen unit (these are the ones I’m currently working on):

Some clansmen individuals:

The start of my Hammerers (now 21 strong):

A Few of my Slayers:

And my Human Wizard:

I also have units of Lonbeards, Ironbreakers, a second unit of clansmen, Miners, Human Handgunners, Halberds, Archers, Knight Panther…etc


Wow I have a LOT of painting to do!

Anyway…looking through this tread will give an idea of my asthetic and how I prefer bright, bold, and vibrant colors on my figures…they are almost cartoony…but its fantasy afterall!  Hence my troubles getting the Dark and Scary feel for my MM90’s




Nice army Blue, wish my own dwarven army had so many lost marauder treasures (working on it though :slight_smile: ). Love the old skool painting style, keep it coming man!


I first I thought that said Dwarf Thong… and I didn’t really want to know… :wink:


some really nice work here, good stuff :hat off


I love old school dwarfs!

We want to see more;)

Blue in VT:

Here are a few new additions to my Clansmen unit.  (for you Bugman’s members…sorry for the cross posting!)

And a group shot of the unit so far…half way!




They look great. I love the older dwarf models.



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i really like your painting style, very smooth :hat off

Blue in VT:

:hat off

thanks ya’ll…I guess these give you a good idea where I get the bright clean style I’ve been applying to my MM90’s

Its hard for this old dog to learn new tricks! but they do let me experiment with some new color combos…when I get tired of painting green and blue…or red and blue the MM90s are a nice change of pace.

I have 5 more clansmen in process as we speak so hopefully this will be updated soon.




Great looking army you have got there, i like the bright colours fro dwarfs it works well for them :slight_smile:


Blue, You have an awesome collection going there… and your army has a nice feel to it… love the style! Really makes me want to redo mine! too many projects to possibly work on… yikes…

Blue in VT:

:guinesssmilie: Howdy all!

So this update has been a long time coming but I finally finished a few more clansmen and have started basing the whole unit. Here are the new dwarfs…I’ll get a new group shot when the basing is complete.

This unit is almost there! and now…after Darkblade’s movement tray tutorial I’ll have to make a good base for the whole unit.




looking great!

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Don’t know what to say to you any more :smiley:

Your works really make it worth coming here in this ‘rare’ section of the site.

Awesome, awesome work, Mr. Blue :hat off

Blue in VT:

Here are 2 more dwarfs that I painted for the monthly painting contests that we have been having over on Bugman’s Brewery.

November contest: Slayer

December Contest: Musician




Wow, that drummer is a great piece!  (so is the slayer :wink: :cheers


now that’s a drummer who hates his job!

Great painting!


Wow, looks great! :slight_smile:


The finished bases do wonders for them. Great looking stuff, keep it up.

Drummers expression is priceless, thrilled with his lot in life.