[Archive] Bolt Thrower with Power!


Greedings, dark servants of Hashut! :hat off

i didn’t knew how to get bolt throwers. most of them are wooden and the minis are expensive. but hey, who cares, i’ll build one (or better, two :))!

so i had to plan the project. ballistas are boring, everyone has a ballista as a bolt thrower, i wanted something… more evil :mad. so… this is the result, a metal bolt thrower cannon, a kind of a harpoon, but without the rope.

ta-taa! :slight_smile:

comments welcome…

well, here’s another thing i want to show you:

they are hobbos, MY hobbos! :mad

all my hobbos will get helmets, so you can see neither ears, nor the nose. i make some of them bigger than the other and will use skaven and zombie bodys, too. maybe i’ll get some more ideas how i can make them look more different to normal gobbos in the future.

i like them, because they are pretty fast to convert, especially these from the BfSP box (HW+Shield). the other guys are from my “Hobbo-Elite”(light armor, HW+ shield):). the hobbo with the pistols is the champ. one pistol is a hand weapon, the other is the shield… the pistols are only an illusion :~

okay, they are real and hobbos can’t get pistols, but who care… it’s all about cool-lookig minis

so… more comments, please! :hat off


Looks Great! I like the bolt thrower/thingy :slight_smile: and the hobos as well

:hat off ~Muffin Man


That BT is cool!

Minor thing: I would change the pose on hobbo #3, you’re going to get that pose with all the BfSP gobbo’s, so change it on all the other minis if you can.




That bolt thrower is genius! Your Hobbos have a very unique look, which I think words very well. It seems like a waste to make Elite Hobbos that arn’t Sneaky Gits… Oh well. :slight_smile:

Very awesome work, can’t wait for more. I myself just gutted 30 BFSP Warriors, and will be finishing my first unit of 25, and starting my second unit of 25.


The BT is beautiful, good work and its much better to look at than the mass of balistas out there, great job there Snotling.


Your skills and creativity never cease to amaze… im putting my money on Snotling winning the BFSP contest if he is entering in it!

The Flying Beaver:

Wow, those conversions are great! Those helmets really make the hobbos look scary!


Every time I read “with Power” I think of the old Nintendo slogan, "Now you’re playing with Power!"

Any more of these in the works, Snotling?


Wow i love your bolt thrower. I will use gobbo spear chukkas for my hobbos.


absolutely stunning!

great concept - wonderful execusion.

(Big) hats off to you my friend:hat off

Lord Zarkov:

Well done!


Yo-Ho! thanks for the comments, you’re the best :hat off

okay, let’s comment your comments.

of course the other hobbos get other poses, i don’t like this spear arm, it is only for a spear charge, not to hold a hand weapon and even with a spear does it look stupid. but is was the last arm in my sprue, so i used it for my prototype. and the BfSP hobbos get an own unit, except some of them.

my hobbos are my interpretation of 7th edition hobbos. the dwarfs lose their asyran look and become more rude… so i made the same with the hobbos, the helmets look like masks.

okay, elite is exaggerated, but they are better equipped than the other. my sneaky gits, when i build some (or… if i build some ^^) will look like that (not the robot, the guys above ^^).

the gobbo spear chukkas are cool, i like them. but they are wooden and i want use only metal except grey wood for the BfSP hobbos.

and yes, there will be a second BT, which will be a harpoon, too, but will look a little different. i’m working on it but i’m slow… school sucks ^^


and yes, there will be a second BT, which will be a harpoon, too, but will look a little different. i'm working on it but i'm slow... school sucks ^^

It sucks a lot less than work (I'm so busy it's making me ill), so enjoy it while you can.

I love these hobgoblins. I like them so much I'm almost tempted to make some myself, although I'm really only interested in dwarfs.



Absolutly awesome! Harpoon Launcher is realy original and you’ve pulled it of well.


I love these hobgoblins. I like them so much I'm almost tempted to make some myself, although I'm really only interested in dwarfs.

yeah, do it, it would be cool if this become the new style of hobbos and you are a quite good sculptor, i'm very curious how your's will look like!


Great work, nice concept artwork.


You stole my idea!!!


You stole my idea!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I think you'll find that Snotling had these models posted on Hand of Hashut long before you registered for either site, and prob before you had "your" idea.

Really nice once again snotling :hat off, I don't suppose there's any chance of a conversion guide as to how to make the bolt throwers? :~(Begs and grovels rather embarrasingly...) After all, no one takes just ONE bolt thrower now do they...


Good work as always.


You stole my idea!!!!!!!!!

hehe, no problem dude, it's our idea ^^

hm yeah, as usual, i use two throwers, too. and i allready build a second one , which looks a little different to the first... otherwhise it would be boring ^^
a turtorial would be too much work... for me ^^ bt i think, it's easy to see how the bolt thrower is build. if you have some questions just ask me. the problem with a turtorial would also be, that i don't work very systematically with a full concept... i just... glue some parts together and see... what happens ^^