[Archive] Bolt Thrower with Power!


the problem with a turtorial would also be, that i don't work very systematically with a full concept... i just... glue some parts together and see... what happens ^^

That's the way it should be. I do the same.


- Kyte


Great job snotling, like the way you’re doing the hobbos and bolt throwers.

Ziggy Khataar:

Woww, what a good conversion and idea!

the Bolt-thrower DOES look very powerful, and the Hobgoblins hat are fantastic =)

great job Snotling!

The Slaver:

Awsome, i like the look of hobgobs being more like sneaky and evil (more evil??) goblins, or orcs, or a mix, whatever. Anywho, you pegged it mate! The bolt thrower is just great, and i really like the helmets, even though i wouldn’t choose that styles, but it seems to work well.

Traitor King:

That bolthrower looks apinfully good. and painfully effective come to mention it :stuck_out_tongue:

baba yaga:

This is a great idea, I will steal it shamelessly:cheers


Lol. I do that a lot! Just kinda go with it.


That dwarf-hobbo is awsome, I love his little hat!


hehe, thanks for the comments, guys. but don’t only talk, get up and do it, use the inspiration to build your own BTs, i can’t wait to see your versions of harpoon… things :hat off


i may have to work on these. At the moment I’m trying to create the cheapest possible bolt thrower. I’ve used some old goblins for the crew, some spears from my bits box with GS fins for bolts, and sprue for the frame. The only thing I had to buy was a bit of wire for the actual bow part itself. At an average cost of 12p a model, its not too bad. Still, I may replace them with something like this (much more asthetically pleasing!)

Lord Darkash:

What did you use for the BT and the hobbo Gunner holding the BT? (He’s my fav one) or is the BT sculpted? This idea is to be officially annexed in the name of Lord Darkash. To bolster his somewhat mediocre army! :slight_smile:


great stuff there love the helmets on the hobbos:)


wow i would never have thought of those

i might just have to steal your idea lol


Well… BBs done, it’s time to convert!

a short time after i finished building my BT, i build the second one. it was the same way (made a little sketch and build it with spontanious improvisation), but is looks a little different, because i thought it would be boring if the second one looks like the first.

…i didn’t post this one because i just finished the loader right now :slight_smile:

… same thing with my death rocket… i finished it for ages, but no crew, no pics :sick


I think it is genious! I would like to nick this idea as well as many of your other ideas, but I have already finished 3 throwas.


- Kyte


i have to say dude that your conversion’s are excelent , it makes me want to have a bash myself i might even try to make a squad of blunderbussers like yours i can only hope im a worthy aprentice


Wow Snotling! Those are amazing! You are quite skilled. I haven’t done much converting, or crafting in the case of the bolt throwers, but you are really good, so hopefully I’ll get half as good as you are! :hat off Beautiful work! :cheers


Can i steal Your genius idea off the bolt thrower?

better good stolen than badly homemade eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


Kera foehunter:

Adriaan don’t get into stealing that’s my job!!!

but if you barrow the idea it goes wronge you can give it back!!


Hope you dont mind, but i i made my own version of this. It looks like something out of Saw IV… Im a bit new, and cant realy figure out how to post a image yet >> :cheers

Anyway, i made it out of some old things i found down stairs… :idea

Anyone want to share how to make lava? ^^