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Border Reiver:

At Grimstone’s suggestion I’m starting this blog for the repainting of my Dawi Zharr.

As of today, the following minis are now up to standards:

Chaos Dwarf Lord on Great Taurus (Kurgan Grudgebearer)

My 20 strong regiment of Immortals (CD Warriors with Great Weapons)

And 8 other warriors with Great Weapons (part of the Nineveh Regiment)

And here is the list of things to update by the end of the year:

Avatar of War mini (picture up 3 Nov 09)

Sorcerer Lord on a Lamassu (Finished 8 Apr 09)

Bull Centaur Character (Hyksos Forgebreaker)

3 CD Heroes with Shields (2 done 24 May 09)

1 CD Hero with the Battlestandard (Meggido Fireforge)

1 CD Hero with 2 Hand Weapons (Borath the Slavemaster)(done 24 May 09)

3 Sorcerers (Ashkelon Runeforger, Ozymandias Ironbeard, and Gath Firestone) (Ashkelon and Gath are done, but Ozy needs touchups);

Hobgoblin Hero on a Wolf;

20 Warriors with Great Weapons (Akkad the Grim’s Raiders - 11 finished as of 3 Nov 09 - the other 9 finsihed on December 18);

20 Warriors with Great Weapons (The Nineveh Regiment - finished June 27, 2009);

18 Warriors with Blunderbusses (Sargon’s Regiment)(done August 3, 2009);

15 Blunderbussiers with full Command (Jericho Regiment, includes 5 from Sargon’s Regt


Great start so far Border Reiver like the dark skin tones of the Great Taurus, also the standerd is very nice can we see a closer pic to see more detail please.

Looks like a big job infront of you repainting all of that lot hope to see more soon


Wow Border Reiver that is a long list of stuff to paint - do you paint a model at a time or a unit at a time ? (I do the later).

The stuff you have painted so far looks great though

Border Reiver:

Unit at a time - usually in blocks of 5 or so. I find it makes standardizing them easier.



I really like the colour scheme of your Taurus and your Avatar!

They are not so common!

Impressive army … how many points could you field in a battle?


Border Reiver:

To be honest, I’ve never checked out how big the army is points wise. I’ve got at least 3K with two lords and 4 core choices, but I need to get more core before I can field 4K or more.

Border Reiver:

The next model to be redone is the Sorcerer Lord

on his Lammasu

I’ve always been happy with the colour scheme, so all that’ll happen here is a couple of touchups, some highlighting, and a little rebasing.

Kera foehunter:

look great !! i like the blue on the Lammusa! The last picture would make a cool screen saver

Border Reiver:

And now the Sorcerer Lord on the Lammasu redone (three boys, and other duties mean that I generally only get to paint at lunch or before work).

Here’s the rider

And the Lammasu shots

And of course the critter’s face (again)

Comments and constructive criticisms always appreciated.

Kera foehunter:

THAT LOOKS GREAT !!! a bit scary!! that looks so much better B R

Border Reiver:

Thank you, and now to rebase the hobgoblins (the small unit of 10).

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I really like the blue. Lammasu sure looks kool in a different colour!

Border Reiver:

By "a different colour, I take it that you mean the “wonderful” black and red colour scheme it was painted in back in early 90s?  That colour scheme was the inspiration behind choosing something that looked dark and nasty, not bright and colourful.

And because I was able take some photos today and al these lads needed was some rebasing My Hobgoblin warriors:

Again constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Kera foehunter:

they are cool !! love the difrent shieldsand the cd hand painted one!!

like the color you used


Nice, the hobgoblin is look good!


I love you Lammasu color choice! :hashut

Nice hobgoblins and nice wasted lands background :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

And now yesterday’s efforts

Two Bolt throwers

Gath Firestone

And one of the first CD minis I ever painted - Ashkelon Runeforger

Ammrik Gunrock:

Lovely old school hobgoblins. If they didn’t cost an Arm and a Leg I’d have a bunch myself!

Keep it up.

Kera foehunter:

love the bolt thowers!! even if one has canon wheels

i love the stone patio block you use to take picture on

Border Reiver:

The stone patio block is also known as my front steps…