[Archive] Brush Slave #10 - This is how I would do it, November Painting Challenge


Voting for November’s theme has now ended. A close race, but last minute a theme was found - and it was …? :

"This is how I would do it"


(Re)Paint a miniature that is from a colored/pre-painted “toy” line (could be Heroclix, Wizard’s of the Coast, Rackham’s At-43 or another plastic toy/toy soldier maybe even a Kinder Surprise toy.

Challenge special rules:

This time we’ll ask you to enter a picture of the “miniature” before you start stripping, prime and paint it - as we would like to see what you actually did to it.

Like always, it’s pretty much up to you! So you can pick any “toy”, but we’ll ask you to make it plausible as a wargaming miniature, meaning it has to be based on an appropriated wargaming base. It also has to be “in scale” with the most common war games. So no foot tall (or bigger) dinosaurs and gigantic robots etc. The keyword here is “plausible” :wink:

Deadline will be end of November 2011 (your time zone)

After deadline will run a poll and ask the members of CDO who did best. Winner will be rewarded with an additional bonus challenge point.

More info can be found in the official BS FAQ.

There will be no poll for December, as Ill abuse my powers and single handed decide the theme for December (wonder what that might be …? :rolleyes:).

But the 4 themes from the November poll will make it to the Januar Challenge - should we decide continuing in 2012.

Cause yes, it’s time for evaluation, so your opinion is needed here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10016 - or else … December might be the last BS :wink:

The scoreboard as it stands:

Abecedar (5)**

bas_2312 (3)**

Bassman (1)

Blue in VT (3)*

Bolg (4)** (Bolg is awarded 2 points for entering 30 small based beasts in a large movement tray)

Borador (1)

Clam (5)*

Golder Goldeater (1)

G.2 (5)**

Hazkar (4)**

Inkpwn (2)*

Loki (1)

Ryanamandaanna (2)**

Tribun (1)

warh (3)**

Zanko (3)

*=finished the November Challenge

=finished the Challenge with a big beast (2 points)

And then, all there is left to say is thanks to all that took part in BS #9. Our most impressive one (IMO). I’ll hope seeing you all back in BS #10. Looking so much forward seeig how this one here turns out :slight_smile:


Yay! I was hoping for this theme! Now it’s time for a trip to the toy store…

Lord Aldades:

Ow, nice theme, count me in!


It had my vote, And I will try to enter more than once for sure (:

This is not an entry, just something to get the topic started:

Original model from the same range is next to it, oh and we hunted this guy down in a Necromuda scenario (:


I just picked this up from Toys R Us to make a Chaos Mammoth. I guess I could try to finish it by the end of the month (without the dude, of course)…


but gonna paint something up, I have a lot off dreamblade minis so I could re-paint one of those.

Just a quick q, can it be a warhammer mini that is painted, but needs a new paint job(different colors and all)?


hmm,thats an interessting one,not my favorite but will see what i can do

@furrie:would say it has to be pre-painted by company,so a repainted warhammer mini wouldnt count


Nice theme!!! Will try to paint something up, if the hand allows it. Man I hate sprained fingers!

Any bonus challenge this month?


Looks like the members are buzzing wih exciting in regards to this challenge. I just read through the thread, and it was a nice change from the usual comments, like “I’m not sure what I am going to paint” or “I don’t think I have a mini that fits that category”, instead I am hearing the opposite, which is a really nice change.

I am really looking forward to this one. I can’t wait to see what people come up with.


Agree G.2. - and I will certainly be looking forward to this.

Nice theme!!! Will try to paint something up, if the hand allows it. Man I hate sprained fingers!

Any bonus challenge this month?

Yesss!?? Like I said we will run a poll afterwards, and the one winning that - will be rewarded with a bonus challenge point :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh sorry, must have missed that part haha. Brain is malfunctioning I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i’ll paint this guy

Blue in VT:

haha…what is that thing!!

I’ll have a root through my daughters toy chest and try to find something that she will let me paint…probably fairy related…sigh…girls…



Now this is a good challenge theme.

warh, vet du varifrån det där är? It’s looking strange!


if you remember gogos, those hard plastic miniature monsters that all the kids collected.
This one is a copy of that, think they where called “draco” something.

Lord Aldades:

This will be my entry’s pre painting picture then

A japanese gashapon (capsule toy) of the Gold Saint of Scorpio, Milo. Stands about 32mm when removed from the socle, and as such can batter it out in our SuperSystem games at the club.

Yes, I like anime and SS in particular :hat off


one of the fastest miniatures i’ve painted :yar


warh, that’s hilarious. :smiley:

Lord Aldades, that’s pretty clever.

Lord Aldades:

I got a heap of capsule toys and heroclix (a few cardboard boxes full actually), I find them the most reliable source of miniatures to game oddities with. That and the fact that they are dead cheap, if you stroll a bit through my bloggie page you`ll find quite a few entries of repainted Saints, Gundams and Marvel supers.


okay,found a nice mini for that round

right now waiting for the primer to dry,so i can start to paint it