[Archive] Brush Slave League - Round 5: Command & Conquer


I’m hoping I can enter this one, it’s about time I bring something new to the table!


Sounds good, Borador :hat off

Lord Aldades:

Pictures taken, just te resize and mail them, so thatll be tonight after work.<br><br>Finally a sunny morning in lil old Antwerp


I sure will need next weekend to finish, how do you all manage to find the time???

On the other hand, it is the GH project which eats up most of it.


Nearly finished - just one minor work to do! :slight_smile:

Will take the pics tomorrow!



And got your entry, Zanko.

4 new teams so far, but still 6 days to do an entry. Perhaps I should see, if I could find some time to start an entry myself? Work is killing my hobby, but boss is off next two weeks - so hope to get something done for round 5.


Ready, only have to take some pics.


I am terribly sorry guys, still can not make it this time. My health won’t allow me, sadly (vomiting blood, lost over 10 kilos in 4 weeks and so on). The doctors are having a crack at finding out what’s wrong, as always I went to the GP way to late lol.

Had basecoated a few chaps on one of my “better days” but haven’t gotten around to painting and it’s not looking like I will manage to finish in time.

Blue in VT:

Hang in there mate! I hope you feel better soon!



My health won't allow me, sadly (vomiting blood, lost over 10 kilos in 4 weeks and so on).

I wish you all the best dude! :hat off

Hopefully the docs will find a not too serious reason which explains your symptoms!



Thanks guys, appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear, Borador - you will be missed, of course, but glad to see you got the priorities right. Health goes above all.

I wish you all the best, mate.

Take care.


Thanks clam, very true words mate!


Best of luck and heath to you Borador!

I only had loads of other things to do so I have send in pics for this round (:


Thanks Bolg!

Stoked to see what you guys all came up with!


And pics are on their way!

@ Borador: what the hell are the medicine men near you doing??? Where is the problem in finding the source of a gastrointestinal bleeding? Sometimes I am desperate about the state of medicine here in Germany but that seems to top it. Good luck to you!


Thanks DAGabriel!

Haha well I am to blame to. This is week 7 I think, first I walked around with intense stomach pains (in the upper belly area, just under my ribcage) for three weeks before going to the GP (after three weeks the blood vomitting started). I was hoping it would simply go away. He gave me something to reduce acid production in the stomach area, which helped a bit but not much. Then I went back after two and a half weeks, just like he told me and now they are running blood tests. Bacterial infections tend to take a while longer to discover from those, or so I was told. And they are trying to find out wether it’s the stomach or the liver or something else causing the bleeding, as it is not fresh, bright red blood that shows up from time to time, but dark-brownish, older blood.

And as it is older blood, it’s coming from somewhere deeper inside me (hence the checks) and it’s not just a little vein in my throat somewhere which isn’t all that harmful.

It’s a pain in the butt though, can hardly eat, which explains the weight loss.

But I have to agree with you, these medical checkups take a hell of a long time!

Anyway, back on topic, I’m looking forward to seeinf your entry DAGabriel!

Uncle Fool:

Good luck:cheers Borador, sounds awful, I’ll be praying you get well soon:D. I’m struggeling this month too, and probably won’t make the dead line I’m afraid. I’ve had 8 specialist appointments this month, all about my smashed spine they have upped my meds so I’m in no real state to do anything, never mind paint. I will try however, so if I do manage to get an entry in and it looks like a drug crazed idiot has painted it, I apologize in advance.:hat off


Thanks Uncle Fool, though it sounds you need it more!

Smashed spine? That is really terrible! Hope they’ll be able to relieve your pain and suffering someday soon!


good luck uncle fool & borador. I hope I can finish my team this month, I just got the keys to my new house so it might happen that I won’t make it.