[Archive] Brush Slave League - Round 5: Command & Conquer


4 more entries in. Awesome job guys.

32 hours (or so) left. Nice to see all the new entries.

I’m quite affraid I won’t make it, this time. Boss is on holiday and have left me with quite a mess, so will probably be at work tomorrow, too - (if so I can’t finish my entries in time (only 30% done :-)).


Hey clam, there are 24 hours per day and if that isn`t enough there is always the night!

Have your boss chat with mine, they should get along well.


lol - you are so right :slight_smile:

Now who needs sleep anyway espicially not the dads with small kids and stessful jobs, right :smiley:


Dont get hope up, it wont get better when the kids grow. Mine wanted to be driven home at midnight in the middle of the week (after that disastrous game yesterday). Than there are some problems to be discussed and bedtime is after 01:00 in the morning with wake up call being at 5:15.

But the car knows the way to work, so small lapses while driving are no deal, right?

Blue in VT:

I know you guys will find this hard to believe…but…I actually have a new team this month!!! pictures have been sent!

Hang in there Clam…I blame all my stress on work…kids are kids…work is just a pain in the ASS!! :slight_smile:




I have to enter, but I’m not sure I will make it. Thanks to my work on my Golden Hat entry, I just started painting my models… So we’ll see…


Good one Blue! And good luck Bas!


Don`t get hope up, it won`t get better when the kids grow. Mine wanted to be driven home at midnight in the middle of the week (after that disastrous game yesterday). Than there are some problems to be discussed and bedtime is after 01:00 in the morning with wake up call being at 5:15.
But the car knows the way to work, so small lapses while driving are no deal, right?

Yes, guess you are right small kids, small problems - big kids, big problems ;)

- but to make it clear I love my kids, just so ....! "time consuming"?
Hang in there Clam...I blame all my stress on work...kids are kids...work is just a pain in the ASS!! :)

Blue in VT
No worries, and in 14 days its my turn :) 3 weeks off - laying on my back doing absolutely nothing (other than painting of course) :)


Hell am I glad that I still need to turn 17 this August and that university life is starting next year haha.

Have some bad news though, went to the hospital this morning for a gastroduodendoscopia or whatever it is called in English. Turned out I have a huge ulcer like thing in my stomach (5x6 cm at least). The practitioning doctor said he suspected it was pretty bad, and had them run emergency blood tests and a CT scan on me. The scan revealed that there is a really big, propable tumor (?), in the area between my blatter and right kidney. ( 7 by 9 by 17 cm aprox, and it’s obstructing the kidney a bit) He called a specialist and she said she suspected a lymphoma, which is a type of cancer. This means my stomach thing is probably also a tumor though. After that they told me they had arranged a spot in a hospital which also specializes in children’s cancers. So of to that hospital we went and now, after even more blood tests and echos to check out my insides, I am here and starting tomorrow they will determine exactly what kind of lymphoma it is and will begin with chemotherapy ASAP.

It was quite a shock for my parents and my older brother, I myself have been really calm since I heard it. I don’t know why though.

Anyway, wanted to share it with you guys, as eventhough you are miles away, this community has a special place in my heart.

And as always; cant wait to see the entries!! :slight_smile:


Good luck borador, I hope they found it in time and that you get better


Thanks furrie. So far it seems the ‘damage’ is pretty limited, and it is said to be well treatable.

It’s a bit of bummer though, I’d rather spend my holiday having fun lol

Uncle Fool:

:hat off Made it I think. Very poor entry I feel from me ( If I’m rushing I always plump for 40k models). Sorry to the guys who don’t like 40k my care factor is zero so Nah neh neh nah nah:D. My little brother helped with the photos too so I hope thats not cheating he’s not a photographer or any thing he just knows how to use this box with buttons on far better than me:yar:D

I can’t wait to see all the great new entries good luck Clam with the boss I have two young kids too (4 and 10 months) try changing a nappy when you can’t even pick up the child because she is too heavy lol:D (because of my back of course, she’s not a fat baby:P)

Go Blue:o can’t wait to see the entry you’ve put in I’m sure it will be superb:cheers


That was certainly some bad news borador. Hang in there, my friend. You’re now looking at some rough days/months ahead of you and we all wish you best of luck.

Also want to thank you for taking the time to come here and tell us about your situation. Lots of thoughts must be going through your head right now, and still you found time and strength to come here telling us - your other “family” - about it. Keep up the good spirit and if/when you need us, we’ll be there … ehh! well “here”? … ehh! You know where to find us :slight_smile:

Uncle Fool:

Borador, mate that’s some real bad news, but I’m sure there is a cure (you gotta think positive!!) Like I said I will keep you in my prayers and I’m sure fast healing comes your way. Keep your family around you and you can’t go wrong. I have my fingers, toes, ears and eyes crossed for you mate. Why not when you are fully recovered, pop over here to Aus to vist me, we have plenty of room, oh and did I mention the cocs, snakes, sharks, jelly fish, we also have a bacteria that pops up in the ground in the wet season that will make ya crook. So after all this now, they’ll be nothing LOL. Seriously though buddy the offer stands:cheers (Even have a couple of mates here from Germany:cheers). Good luck buddy keep us posted because we all care.:cheers:hat off:D:D


My best wishes for you Borador and your family!

I hope you will be healed at the end of the summer! :hat off



Thank you all guys!

That’s a super generous offer Uncle Fool, I’ll keep it in mind :slight_smile:

Today they have taken samples from the thing near my kidney. Results should be known later today if all went right. They also did a sort of “kidney bypass” to make sure my right kidney can keep on functioning like it should.

Eventhough I am not really struggling with it all at the moment (I’m kind of okay with it, the docs will fix me ;P) you guys are a big help to me and I really enjoy all the warm and loving words. Thank you very much mates, this means a lot to me.


@ Borador: wtf did you manage to acquire there? I am into vascular surgery so no expert regarding the gastrointestinal things

but I really hope you have got some competent colleagues there working on you.

Started on next rounds minis and hope to get clams ewal dvergar for one of the rounds later.


Phew, finished just in time. My entry is in.

@Borador: Best wishes. Hope all the entries cheer you up :slight_smile:


@DAGabriel: just heard it is a Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Very well treatable but it’s quite aggressive. The tumor in my stomach is also caused by this they suspect, but the test results for that tumor are known on monday so it could still be an ulcer although this is unlikely.

The one near my kidney was pushing on that connection thingy between my kidney and blatter, which disabled my right blatter from draining completely. This, combined with the pressure from the tumor could cause kidney failure and other nasties. Due to the tube they inserted (a double J catheter or something like that) it is save now and I already feel less pressure on there.

Therapy is starting tomorrow and the rest of the test results determine the way they are going to treat me. All lymphomas are treated the same way the first week for children in the Netherlands, that’s why they can start this soon.


thanks mate! I’m sure they will cheer me up, nothing like painted miniatures!


Oh godness, but yeah, from the bad things you can get that is one of the better ones and normally it is responding good to treatment. But dont let us discuss it too deeply here. If you havent got a better physician for your questions or problems fire away per pm.