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A friend and I were talking one night and we both went to turn the conversation at the same time to the Daemons Stump, as I had been reading about it here and he had been reading a bit about it in his new Daemons book, and so we had a lenghty talk and decided what the hell and are currently working on making a full campaign for Daemon stump complete with rules, fluff and terrain. When it is eventually finished we would like to make this site… Sooo I was wondering if anyone else has attempted making this terrain piece and if so we would love to hear all about it and also looking for ideas from the group also about how to go about this and what things you would add into it, any ideas are more than welcome! Thankyou.


Not sure as to the shape but I think you should use either paper mâché or foam as your material of choice.

Perhaps make it vaguely humanoid/daemonoid in shape? And plant growth should be suitably chaotic in warped in its nature, perhaps bling water/lava/or oil nearby as well.


Perhaps those pictures can ispire you:

Ian Miller

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I thought there was a thread on this already? Have a quick search, it should help you get some ideas :smiley:


Thanks HB I found a thread that I have not seen before


But still not all the info I am after although I did find out some new stuff like the Vampires attack with the crown which I found very interesting and will make this campaign evan more interesting as we write it up!

At the moment from all I have heard I am thinking a large roughly rectangular rock in a chamber at the bottom of a mountain. The rock is kind of distorted, maybe has faces or something that can be seen in the rock and the colour would be a dark green that looks black or maybe a black rock with strange green effects on it.

These are just my ideas so far and I am still open to and welcoming any ideas and or information on this subject.

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It sounds cool. Glad ya found it. What other info did you want about it then?


I would make this fairly big, maybe 15cm across and about 20cm high. You could use it as an Arcane Monolith.

Stick some big pieces of bark around a core of polystyrene (or a tube), and fill in any gaps with ready mixed filler.  You could stick some wooden spikes in and do some funky daemonic roots made from loads of bits of wire twisted together and textured with filler (make them nice and thick, maybe 1.5cm wide).

Stick it on a nice big scenic base (30-40cm across), so that it blends in a little better with the board.

You might want to have some boulders piled up around 2 sides, to show where infantry models could theoretically get on and off. Or even on all 4 sides and have the roots coming down over them in places, like the tree is clinging to the rock.

I’d also do it like a crater ontop, with a relatively flat core surrounded by a low uneven wall of bark.  It would show where it had rotted away over the millenia.  You could have some tall spikes of wood in places to show its not just breaking down evenly all over.  

With some sizable gaps for minis to skirmish in and out, it could look quite nice.

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I thought of it as MUCH biiger, so I’d suggest those dimensions, but as though it’s just a corner of it coming from offboard… Just my personal tastes and preferences…


Grimstone thanks for the tips I do appreciate your help but, correct me if I am wrong but I thought that the daemons stump was not actually a tree stump but a rectangular rock.

Is there a book that states clearly what this place looks like?


according to the demon of chaos army book its a pillar of rock (page 27 IC -2130

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I think GSF was trying to suggest daemonic energy twisting into the earth around it, rather than say they were literal roots :smiley:


No I did actually mean a tree, I forgot about that fluff.

It should really be called Daemon’s Tump, as it has nothing to do with a tree???

I guess you could do what I suggested and then paint it as rock. :wink:

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Which is what I thought you meant :smiley: Looks like I’m the one that misinterpreted. Sorry Grim! :smiley:


Does sound pretty cool actually a large black rock with stone roots into the ground sucking magical energy into itself… nice.