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If you have an idea that hasn’t been attempted that you want added to this list, make a post here with a link to your thread.

General Ideas:

Non-GW Models that could be used as Chaos Dwarfs:

- Non-GW Chaos Dwarfs (Father Grumpmas)

- LOTR Chaos Dwarfs (Grim)

Rune/Symbol of Hashut

- Rune from 4th/5th Edition (gORCUS)

Scale Mail

- Sculpting Scail Mail (someone2040)

- Grimsnikk’s Scale Mail Tutorial

War Machines

- War Machine Conversions (Hashut’s Blessing)

- Help assembling a Hellcannon

Warmaster Chaos Dwarfs

- Eureka Miniatures (Xander)

Specific Ideas:

Chaos Dwarf Warriors

- n/a (Name)


- n/a (Name)


- n/a (Name)

Black Orcs

- Chaos Dwarfy Black Orcs (Grim)

Bull Centaurs

- Prowler of the Abyss (mousekiller)

- Centigors (Bill-117)

Death Rockets

- n/a (Name)


- Dwarf Giant Cannon Model (Cypher)

Great Taurus

- Brass Bull from Reaper (Xander)

- General Taurus Ideas (Oboudd)


- Slave Ogres - Forge World (Xander)


- Interracial Slaves (Xander)

Dogs of War

- CD Heavy Cav, Light Cav, Pikemen (Breakfiend)

- DoW Hobgoblins (Hobgoblyn)


- Building Daemon’s Stump


For the first time, I have updated this thread! I skimmed through the 4 pages of Ideas and this is what I came up with. Let me know if I am missing anything of import!

Thanks guys!


Not really sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but as it has the link to non-GW Chaos Dwarfs it seemed like a good spot.

I didn’t realise these figures existed until I saw them on eBay (I bought them more or less on an impulse).��They are old Grenadier miniatures Chaos Dwarfs (I will add them to the wiki page for easier reference):


Axes - https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/6434 :wink:


very useful

caos dwrf:

i love thes compilations soooo helpful