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In my experience playing RAW leads to a definite decline in fun. And its usually people who don’t understand what fun is that play RAW.

Damm you are right!!
If they let you use CDs, then they’ll probably see sense. Why should BCs be cavalry, they don’t ride anything. And yes, same for Flesh Hounds, Dire Wolves etc, but they don’t have arms to carry weapons with.
Also a doubt, if they are cavalries we must apply on them spells or similar that affect to cavalries??
Again, RAW screws BCs here, as they are supposedly ‘cavalry’. Why should a sentient creature that is essentially a CD with extra legs care about your ‘Beast Cowers’ spell or whatever… Its just in need of an update to keep up with the rulebook.
Sorry, i don’t agree.

For me, BC use same rules of centigors: they use theire weapons as infantry.
Agreed. I do not agree regarding your poor choice of name however.


There can be no debate on what the RAW rules are, only about if they should apply or not.

RAW is very clear.. RAI is what's really up for debate.. And without further clarification from the source, this will always be a hotly debated issue.

Da Crusha:

I realize that this is a little bit of thread necromancy but nobody realizes that the dire wolf faq is not entirely unofficial, they do quote GW sources and equipment bonuses for bull centaurs are covered in warhammer chronicles 2004.

Q. Do Bull Centaurs receive +1S or +2S when using a Great Weapon? Also,
may they benefit from the “Fighting with hand weapon & shield” rule?

A. Bull Centaurs are cavalry in all respects except they use equipment
as if they were infantry and gain no armour save bonus for being

S. Warhammer Chronicles 2004 page 112 / Direwolf FAQ Council Interpretation

because the source says direwolf faq council interpretation, I decided to buy the book my self and read exactly what it says. It is referring to the ravening hordes as there are specific ravening hordes questions in the book (regarding blunderbuss) and does specifically mention bull centaurs and is completely official. I will scan the section soon so people can read it for themselves.

The Brain:

I realize that this is a little bit of thread necromancy but nobody realizes that the dire wolf faq is not entirely unofficial, they do quote GW sources and equipment bonuses for bull centaurs are covered in warhammer chronicles 2004.

Da Crusha
That is a nice find. I have that book when I get home I will check it out. Good work man. :cheers

Da Crusha:

That is a nice find. I have that book when I get home I will check it out. Good work man. :cheers

The Brain
thanks, this should completely end the debate as the RAW is in our favor.

for those of you that do not know what chronicles 2004 is, it is a book made entirely of FAQ and errata as well as additional troop types.


Nice find! This is esactly how I play them but the handweapon+shield option and nobody ever complained.

If so I’d start to use even the handweapon+shield option! Niiiiiice :slight_smile:


Did you notice the last line in the first post of this thread? :slight_smile:


Da Crush, you are the best, now i Can make a better strategy with my guys

Da Crusha:

thanks guys :smiley:

cornixt: No, actually since I keep a copy of the direwolf faq handy whenever I play cd’s, I wanted to check the sources since “direwolf faq council interpretation” is such a hotly debated subject, being credible or not.

Hashut’s Blessing:

cornixt, I think it was because it was stated as based on that interpretation: they simply need have QUOTED the Chronicles 2004 and it would’ve been enough for anyone. They may be unofficial, but pointing out something official that ends the discussion is still the official ruling :wink:

Bull Centaurs use weapons as infantry. Case dismissed :stuck_out_tongue:


Apologies if I am posting in the wrong place.

Just wanted to confirm that a Bull Centaur Lord/Hero can join a unit of fast cavalry and benefit from the movement. The BRB states mounted characters, but does this include Bull Centaurs characters?



They are effectively cavalry, so I’d say yes (and I have used him as such several times too). I’ll look up the rules though since you have created doubt in my mind :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

kramdratta: i have been vigorously researching since I have read your post, in Brb errata part 2 the word “mounted” has been removed from that paragraph thus allowing all characters to be able to join a fast cav unit. phew x.x that was close


Hello,I’m new to this forum, but I’ve been watching this thread with great interest.

I would like to clarify that the rules for great weapons being +1 strength instead of +2 is dependent on whether the model is mounted, NOT whether the model is a cavalry model or not. And technically Bull Centaurs are not mounted on anything , they are a single entity (like centigors). The same thing applies for additional hand weapons.



The last paragraph on page 55 of the rulebook includes cavalry as being counted as mounted for weapon use. It is inconsistant with other uses of “mounted/cavalry” though and you can always use them as infantry on cavalry bases if your opponent agrees.


whoops, sorry, I missed that rule when I was looking through the book. So, I agree with you that when the rules are RAW then bull centaurs only get +1 strength with great weapons. But I’ll keep on using the rules that they get +2 strength because of fluff and and because I only play in friendly games.

Thommy H:

Yes, we really don’t have to keep discussing these things in this thread. The first post is pretty clear - in fact, I think we should split this thread into a “Bull Centaur rules discussion” topic and keep the first post at the top as a sticky. It says everything that needs to be said on the subject already.

Da Crusha:

well thommy if we did that then these posts, which include very good on-topic rule clarifications, would get lost and then someone new to Cd’s would likely start new threads just to bring up these questions again.

thorwick: the post that I wrote, post #22, proves that RAW allows bull centaurs to use great weapons at +2 Strength.


You might notice that is included in the last paragraph of the first post.

Da Crusha:

cornixt: oh yeah I see that, its just that if the thread is seperated, which I don’t see any benefit of doing so, then we would have the bull centaur rules in one place and the discussion regarding them floating around somewhere else. right now the bull centaur rules are the first post and very easy to find and the discussion regarding them is immediately after.