[Archive] C D old school or new school which do you like

Kera foehunter:

which do you like old school chaos dwarfs( like all the old tall hats )

or new school a converted fresh looking army.


Hands down anything non-big hat. Don’t care if its two pieces of clay lumped together with a toothpick for a weapon and badly painted by a 2 year old. Anything is better then the “hat” models that nearly sunk CDs from Warhammer or at least are directly attributable to the state or limbo our army is in right now.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Personally, hats, but in more realistic scale (by which I mean the dwarf part, not the hat part). But, I’m strange like that :wink:

Servant of Chaos:

I love the new converted armies, especially snotling’s, so I’m going to have to go with that. I absolutly hate the old big hats. However, Ishkur’s converted big hats are amazing, and I love his sculpting.


what about the new old school?

Old Skool - marauder minis

New Skool - Big Hats

New Old Skool - BFSP/CW conversions, Ishkur’s stuff etc.

I honestly think some of the people on this site (especially ishkur) are producing better CDs than GW ever did, so it’s the new old skool for me!

Pyro Stick:

I would agree that old skool are the marauders and citadel 3rd edition and new skool are the big hat models. I prefer the big hat models over converted models anyday with the exception of georcs awesome golden deamon winning CD conversion.


Hmmm…depends on the situation

I love ishkurs big hats, but i like seeing the new incarnation of chaos dwarfs up to date with 7th edition


I always think in three categories:

Helms, Hats, and Masks.

Helms being Maruader-type 3rd edition models, then Hats being 4th/5th edition models, then Masks being Hellcannon-esk models. There are then various cross-overs between these.

I like a little bit of each, though I tend to go for a Hybrid of Hats and Masks.


Anything 3rd edition in all honesty. My earlier post was me being snarky because I felt like being grumpy.


hats. they give the army a unique look, and believe it or not but those big hats can be useful in battles

Ghrask Dragh:

I like all the Chaos Dwarf models! Marauders stand out as my favorite, big hat models are very cool but I hate the new Dwarf plastic kits! people on this site have done wonders converting them but I just can’t approve them in any way, new plastic dwarfs suck IMHO!

Old Skool all the way, marauders and big hats! (not in the same army though :sick)



I love them all helms ,hats and masks and like the idea of all of them in one army although i only have 3rd ,4/5th ed miniatures:hat

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hats! It’s nonsense to say Chaos Dwarfs are in hiatus because of the hats. :hat Some of the miniatures were just awfully sculpted, and probably not many people felt that there should be anything Chaos without horns and helmets. Let’s face it, the artwork was not overly impressive either and curly beards aren’t exactly every fantasy gamer’s taste.

The hats are part of the Babylonian / Persian theme. The persians didn’t look ridiculous with hats, so why should dwarfs do? Give a Babylonian curly beards and steel helmets and you totally ruin the look.

Apart from the above theoretical rant, I am quite liberal at the style used. I think all of them can be justified and I actually do like the fact that our army is the one that can be sculpted in so many distinct fashions. :slight_smile:


I too like that fact, however it doesn’t change the fact that GW talks out of both sides of their mouth(s) whenever CDs are mentioned now-a-days. People can model their CDs in whatever fashion they wish. But to say that the CDs aren’t in limbo is wishful thinking. Sorry.

If anyone seemingly anywhere mentions Chaos Dwarfs to any long time gamer and their first reaction “oh the dwarfs with the funny hats”. Not the easiest perception to overcome. GW is going to have to fight this to some degree as their is still an overall perception of Chaos Dwarfs to this day for a lot of people. Is it the overriding factor? Only GW knows for sure. is it fatal? Maybe not, but a hindrance that no other army has to face.

As I’ve stated before in other threads when this comes up: GW is in a much different place now then they were in the early 90’s; they face pressures they never had to from within the industry and without. They face competition from any number of discretionary spending: people have many more aveneues for entertainment then what is a fairly expensive hobby, and only becoming more expensive all the time, with a high price of entry in terms of both money and time.; GW cannot afford another fiasco like the “Tall Hat Debacle” in 7th edition. If by some miracle GW does re-do CDs we need to hope/pray/sacrifice to Hashut whatever needed to insure success. Because another failure of CDs will most likely result in the death of CD as an army, right now I’d say its on life support.

Facts are facts: last time GW sold them as a full fledged and supported army they failed badly in the marketplace. GW follows the money (like any company), armies that are successful make money; there-by successful armies making money get updates with new models and rulebook(s)… Chaos Dwarfs haven’t had a full fledged army book since 4th. When did it come out 1993? 14 years later sure seems like a limbo to me. 2009 at the earliest? 16 years without a book… From there the next leap of logic is this: Why did they fail? One needs look no further then the stove pipes on the heads of said models. Bad sculpting are part of it? Maybe. Artwork bad? Depends, I’ve seen much worse from GW. These are contributing factors and perhaps minor ones in all honesty.

That being said: feel free to paint or convert ones models in any manner possible (note: thats anyone). In closing nothing personal.


3rd edition Chaos Dwarfs before the hats.

They look like what CD should look like - normal Dwarfs but slightly twisted.

Uzkul Werit:

I love the Hats. My painting and my converting isn’t too good but with these minis, I still have people staring wide eyed at my army.

Kera foehunter:

I like new school the best.But i have some old school stuff


Hats all the way. except with a touch of actual chaos.

if i remember correctly i made a thread a while back where it listed everyone under there catagory, bt im too tired to look for it now to put the data in here.


As was stated in that thread "there is room enough under Hashut’s hat for all. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Well till 2009 im standing with my newSchool army.Hope fully there new Chaos Dwarf army will be as cool as before.