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Time of Madness:

Hey all,

I’m looking at investing in my very own set of Chaos Dwarf custom dice.

I was debating going ahead and purchasing the dice on my own, but figured I’d offer it out to the community first to see if there was any interest.

I am trying to keep the dice as simple as possible. My basic plan was to get red 6 sided dice with black pips. The #6 would be replaced with the following glyph. (The glyph would also be done in black to match the other pips).

I’m looking at placing an order with Chessex as seen here


The more people interested in buying dice the cheaper it gets.

So would anyone be interested in doing something like this? Alternatively would there be more interest if I had chosen different colours/glyph?

Time of Madness


I might be interested but it depends on the price and shipping costs.

the colours work but I think that black dice with red pips would look more chaos dwarfish . The problem with the glyph is that people would think it was a one not a six and just a plain skull with a crack and not related to chaos dwarfs.

Pyro Stick:

the colours work but I think that black dice with red pips would look more chaos dwarfish . The problem with the glyph is that people would think it was a one not a six.

Thats what i think as well. It would be cooler as black and everyone would definately think the glyph is supposed to be a 1.

It would be cool to use this design as the base and just change a few of the sides:

It looks like obsidian and lava. Much more chaos dwarfish.

Time of Madness:

Thanks for the comments gents.

I think black dice with red pips may be a better option. The dice look sharp and I can see more people being interested.

I can see the problem with the glyph. The skull always get associated to the number 1.

Would any of these glyphs work better?

Alternatively maybe someone has a better design or idea.

Maybe I’ll make this into a pole for people to vote on colour/glyphs.

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If the dice was simple Black with Red Pips and the Lightning bolt was the glyph on the 1 i would get a few sets.

Time of Madness:

Is the consensus generally for the glyph to be on the 1? The lightning bolt is nice and simple and would make a good 1.

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I’d be interested in some CD dice, but I think I’d only be after buying some if the symbol was obviously a CD one, potentially the skull with lighting at the top.

What size would you be looking at for these dice? roughly the same as the GW dice?


dont forget ist best to supply the design as a vector based file (eps/ai)

Da Crusha:

I would like to get some depending on the price…

I think the glyph should be on the 6 because we want to say “YES!!!” when it is rolled instead of “that sux”. and the symbol of Hashut would be cool

Time of Madness:

This rune?

Time of Madness


This rune?

Time of Madness

Time of Madness
That would be awesome! :)

Hashut’s Blessing:

I agree witht he space speckled dice design and the red pips, black die.

Also, I wanted to suggest the Rune of Hashut, lol :stuck_out_tongue: I think that it would work better as a 6: most dice with a picture replacing a number, that I’ve seen, have it on the 6 and it is supposed to be relating CDs to a good thing (except for leadership tests). I think the skull signifies a 1, but the rune would be better as a 6. If people really wanted, could try a lightning-hair skull on 1 and the rune of Hashut on 6?

Regardless, I too would have to base my thoughts on price etc. I’d presume that they all get shipped to you and then passed on, in which case, maybe weigh some dice in an envelope and find out how much it would cost to post to various countries so that you can tell people a rough idea beforehand as well as the cost of the dice…


Pyro’s idea for the dice is quite snazzy very chaos dwarf old school, I too agree with the Rune of Hashut for the six. Does anyone know if they would be willing/allowed to make artillery dice?

Pity we can’t get the dice to come any smaller but they are about the size of an avarage die. Dice needed for troop roles mean that I always buy in big batches like the 27 that fit into the games workshop cubes. By the way extra Kudos if you can get them to fit into a dice cube. (I will pay extra). And I would assume that most Generals would also need large batches as well

I will give a formal nod of interest for dice. I’m unsure of the wording for the customised dice pricing but I take it one customised side = only the once per side?.. so if ten people give the nod it in theory costs (if everyone wants 25) $125 which is $12.5 USD each, not including postage. If we can get 20 people it gets cheaper again ($10.50 each person!) I’d speculate on the potential savings but there is no way to know for sure how many dice people will want

I get the idea that if possible it would cost $60 to make 10 of one of the artilery dice and another $60 to make the other set, so it seems plausable. That is If ten people show interest (it would be $12 each not including postage for the matching artilery dice) but if we can manage to get 26 people intested it then becomes $9 each set!

Meaning that a full set of 27 dice and 2 matching artilery dice would be $24.5 USD not including posting. (but if 26 people want a full set then it’s $19.50 for the set)

As this is American pricing this would have to get up and running soon as my currency value is doing well at the moment but who knows  what it will be when this gets up.

My other question is do we all throw money into a collective “pot” and then buy it with the order going to someone trustworthy within the site (say a willing mod, sorry I havn’t been around for a while you do look trustworthy but I’m guessing someone in the US might be cheaper, given shipping within the country always seems cheaper) which then would ship it to the corrasponding people. Given the ordering info this seems to be the most viable option. I’m sure we can ask their customer service for the approximate weight of the dice in order to decide the cost of postage to the destinations of willing people. Obviously my idea of a full set will only get off the ground with the support of 10 people so fingers crossed you like the idea. Don’t forget after the first 10 they can be added to person by person as the minimum will have been reached. So remember the more people that comfirm the cheeper it is for everyone.

The big problem as there is no way to calculate postage without knowing the place the dice will be sent to, is that someone whoever they are, puts their name up with country and sends a message to the site asking for the weights of the dice in question in order to get the final postage as close as possible to the final costs .

I’m guessing also that paypal or something similar would be the best way to pay/give payment to send middleman. I’m sure this can be done

Put me down for 25 dice and a possible artilery package if enough people are inerested. (if not 27 ordinary dice)

editied to double check sums etc

Da Crusha:

This rune?

Time of Madness

Time of Madness
Thats the one!


There are alot of other beautiful coulours on the site but looking at the custom order form I have a feeling we’d have to make do with just plain black with red markings (which is fine with me because the D3 they make comes in those colours too) so I’m guessing it would probably either be http://www.chessex.com/Dice/Opaque%20Dice/25418.htm or http://www.chessex.com/Dice/Opaque%20Dice/25414.htm


This sounds like a cool idea, it has to be the rune of Hashut as the six as you are always going to want to see it :slight_smile: I wopuld be up for a set depending on price :slight_smile:


Sorry for spamming up this forum a tad but I have sent the e-mail to find out the appoximate weights of the custom dice (the type we will be purchasing). So hopefully very soon we will have no excuses not to get these babies into print (and hopefully the least we get is 10 wanting packages cross fingers)

I’ll update this thread as soon as the weights are confirmed by the producer. (thanks for being patient with all the posts, but i’ll have this up and running if it kills me.)

Da Crusha:

this is going to be so AWESOME!!! Ill most likely get a set and Im open to different colors but I have to say I do like black with red writing and also pyros suggestion.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It seems that there is enough interest and since the Rune of Hashut as the 6 was mentioned, it seems that people would like that to be the design (if there are many people that disagree, please say so) and it would appear that will would be ordering enough to make it a worthwhile venture.

So, the question herein lies: who will we send money to to cover the cost of production and shipping them to said person (we all pay our share of the dice and an equal share of the postage to get them to aforementioned person)? Essentially, who will order the dice?

Then, the costs of shipping to individuals can be worked out by the person with all of the dice (cheapest possible) and we all then send that money.

Perhaps we should consider making a note of how many dice are wanted overall? At the moment, we have a confirmed minimum of 25 ordinary dice, plus however many other people want…


Count me in …for the dice with Hashut’s rune as 6s.

Glory to Hashut !!!