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As you will all know eventually I’ve sent a forum email to everyone, well, everyone over 2 posts so the long time lurkers don’t get hassled :).

I won’t repeat the info here, but if anyone wants to give feedback on the idea in general here’s the thread to do it.

I suggest reading the email first :wink:


I didn’t get one…

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Good e-mail, Grim.

I suggest everyone have a read so they can tell fairly quickly what’s on and stuff they should look out for in the future.

@two_heads_talking: Do you have an e-mail address listed in the user control panel?


I’m liking this idea, the news updates will be very nice, especially if something flies under the radar. Also might bring attention to something someone may typically dismiss.

Plus it could easily be adjusted to various needs.

Ghrask Dragh:

I like the idea too, a nice way to keep everyone up to date.


I didn't get one..

Neither did I...


Damn… I thought forum emails were just sent to whatever email address you used to register your forum account?  We are checking the right email addresses here?

Hmm… that could be a problem with my master plan :frowning:

Edit:  had a check in admin cp.

Seems we have about 1035 people that could get it (i.e. user group Dawi Zharr, Mods of Hashut, Immortals and Hashut’s Admin), but I think I saw it only went to about 530 people.  The only exception I made was to exclude people with a post count of 0, 1 or 2.

No doubt Xander and our other technodwarfs will be able to explain.


Ok, now it works.

I really like this. Makes it easier to not forget about the competitions and similar things. Well done.


I was just thinking it may have gone into peoples accounts in the junk mail box. It normally does that with my hotmail account(s) when it’s from an unknown sender and apparantly listed as dangerous because it contains some links.

Kera foehunter:

well this is a great idea !!


A neat little idea would be a “quote of the month” piece. If there’s a really funny quote, or profound quote, throw it in there. It wouldn’t need to be every month either… just whenever one seemed to fit.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow, we have a newsletter! ^^ Great idea, I can always use a reminder here and there… :hat off


Nice idea.

Reminded me I really need to get back to my Golden Hat entry.


I did not get this … now i am sad :frowning:

Time of Madness:

Newsletters are always a good idea! It’s unfortunate we have so many members with so few posts :frowning:

Time of Madness


For those that did not get it is your email the one you currently use?


This board is more active than most Warhammer boards I’ve seen-- so it makes little sense to complain about so many members with few posts. That’s pretty much the norm.

Time of Madness:

Not complaining, merely making an observation as I check out the members log.

Time of Madness


Thumbs up!

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For those that did not get it is your email the one you currently use?

Yes indeed it is maybe it got eaten by spam filter do you want to send it again or pm me it ?