[Archive] CDO Ontario Gaming Day - Project?


With two days to go, are there any special instructions? Or has that been happening by pm?


Um, you could PM me a cell number if you want to meet up with Willmark and I.


Although there probably should not be too many blokes walking around in chaos dwarf online t-shirts methinks.

Kera foehunter:

Well good luck there guys !! make us proud !!

don’t get thow in jail !!! Or wreck any hotels !!

have fun


We stole some mugs. But there was a “crude, hand-made sign” saying we could take them… Right?

Actually, I feel justified in taking them after being backstabbed in the art contest. Hmph!


Dude you got robbed that’s for sure. However I do possess a certain little piece of awesome artwork now…


You’re too kind, Willmark, but I appreciate the gesture and I’m glad you liked the entry. It turned out better than my previous years attempts. I don’t think I alone was robbed. There were lots of good artists spending time drawing there, so it would have been a healthy competition.