[Archive] CDO Reaches 10,000 Posts!


Yesterday we crossed a pretty big threshold: 10,000 posts! For a forum as young as ours, things are really exploding! While our Posts Per Day average is only around 50, in the last 24 hours there have been 177 posts! Quite an increase in activity! We are nearing 350 registered members and we have over 800 threads! It seems like at any given time there are at least 10 people on the forum, be they members or guests! On top of all that, so far this month 2317 unique IPs have visited the site accessing an average of 39.88 pages, that’s 92399 page views, and we are only halfway done this month!

With all the activity I have brought on a new member to our Staff. Besides being very active on the forums, Cornixt is also a dedicated Wiki user. He will make an excellent addition to our team as Grim, and other staffers may sometimes take leaves of absences. With our growth, I want to make sure a watchful eye is always on the forum so that if any problem arises, we will be on it immediately.

If I haven’t beaten it into your head enough, the 3rd Golden Hat has been announced! So get yours tools out and convert up an awesome Hobgoblin Hero! You have until September 31st to get up to 4 pictures of your painted model either PMed to an Admin (Beaver or I), or if you like, posted in the GH#3 thread. You’ll notice I have a reminder for GH#3 on the top of the forum page with a new plugin I installed.

As for the Site portion of things, my updates have slowed down a bit, but more Army Galleries are on the way, and more guides too. If you want to put together a very detailed guide, I will consider it for use on the main site. The main site is going to have only our most quality content, so as to boast our cause to onlookers.

The Wiki is in fine form, with Cornixt spearheading most of the changes and updates. Now that we are filling it up so well, I would really like to crack down on proper citing of sources and only having official information posted unless otherwise specified. More on this later.

Also, the Reputation System for The Market Place is in full swing. Read up on how to use it. Fairly easy, much the same as eBay! I have already given out some reputation points to people who I have dealt with. A return reputation point for my being a seller would be appreciated!

Overall, we are kicking major butt. In just over 6 months we have refreshed the Chaos Dwarf movement and activity is the highest it has been since the Hellcannon release. Well done everyone! Don’t forget to show off all your work by bringing your army to local stores, GW retail shops, gaming clubs, and tournaments! Help spread the word and ensure our place in GW’s future!

Also in the works are a few plugins for the forum. A Slave plugin and I have just installed a View Unanswered Threads plugin! That should make it easier to find some topics that need some love!

Cheers to you, :cheers


?just curious but what the bleep is that slaves thing?

10,000 is a big number, i really hope we are doing something to boost chaos dwarfs in this hobby, i know every time i mention my conversions to a fellow gamer i give them this web address to check out, even if they have no intention of signing up and playing as CD’s its still good to spread the word.

Pyro Stick:

rrr If only 1000 of those posts were mine. Anyway, thats quite a big thing for a forum thats not that old

Traitor King:


Go my 1.57% of total posts!

I agree, 10k is a huge milstone for the site, it really shows how well the site is doing.

Props to Cornixt, if anybody deserved to be a mod, it was him, with his great CD knowledge and willingness to answer anybodys questions. Well done!

Also, what IS that slave thing? Is it like a new reward system?

20,000, here we come! :hat


I’m also interested in the Slave plug-in :slight_smile: Is it going to be something like the ‘virtual beer’ at Bugman’s? Or do you plan to use it to (for example) pay for downloads? I know that some sites do that. You can add a file to the post, and everyone who wants to download it, have to give you points.

And of course congrats to our admin (and the rest of the staff) for keeping everything together :hat off


Woo-hoo! 10,000 posts.


I promise I won’t abuse my super-mod status. Everyday.


Congrats on your great success!


The Slave plugin is not as fleshed out as I had hoped. It was meant to be like Beers at Bugman’s, but this plugin doesn’t even allow people to give slaves to one another… even the admins/mods can’t. The plugin, called MyBux, just let users collect “Bux” based on how much they post and stuff, but then you can’t do anything with the bucks after…

I will be looking for a better plugin.



i have a slave, very random, i dont know how i managed to get one lol


Haha, ya, I enabled the plugin today, just to give it a whirl. I have a feeling it is pretty useless… but I wanted to see if anything happened differently than I expected. Nothing so far…

The Dark One:

yeh 10,000 posts

and i seem to have a slave

edit make that 2 slaves


Don’t get too attached to those slaves. They will all be sacrificed soon, I should think, as this plugin does very little but provide a second post count.

Traitor King:

So what does it do at the moment?

Lord Darkash:

The slaves are dead! long live the points!


Points are now slaves, long live the slave owners. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Dark One:

i thought we were losing our slaves


We did, and they were replaced with a more promising plugin. I am having issues with this new one… so I am testing it. This is my Test Account. :stuck_out_tongue:


so Xandor also has every medal when xander has none, strange your alternate personality is a far better converter than you

Traitor King:

So how are slaves earned now, as rewards from the admins and mods?