[Archive] CDO Webzine Word of Hashut- Issue #2


Project Name: The Word of Hashut- Issue #2

Project Leader: Willmark

Project Goal:To complete issue #2 of the Webzine

Submission/Publish Dates Submissions: Saturday, August 30th / Publish: Saturday, September 27th

Editor: Sojourn

As yet undefined roles on staff: Cornixt

Confirmed Artwork requests: Alex, Ishkur Cinderhat, Baggranor, Xander, Trili

Confirmed Writers/Writing requests: Lord Archaon, Thommy, Uzkul, Grimstonefire, Gaixo

Here is the place that communications will take place for the community as a whole regarding the production of issue #2 of the Word of Hashut


maybe add the deadlines you’re going to adhere to? submission dates/ editing dates/ release date/ etc


PS - thanks for listening to my suggestion :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I was going to offer to assist Sojourn in editing, but if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know! (Have downloaded the first, but not yet had time to read it. Will print it off now actually :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thommy H:

Lord Archaon, Thommy, Uzkul, Grimstonefire, Thommy
I want to know who this second, rival Thommy is.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Do a member search and you can find out.


Lord Archaon, Thommy, Uzkul, Grimstonefire, Thommy
I want to know who this second, rival Thommy is.

Thommy H
Fixed Mr Smarty Pants! ;)

Pyro Stick:

Ive been wanting to do some kind of short story about a battle that includes the old 3rd edition war machines as well as the big hat chaos dwarfs. Ill write it eventually but i doubt i will get it done for issue 2. Just thought i would let you know just in case i do get it done or if there is a lack of things for issue 2 then i could get a piece of writing done.


Pyro why don’t you shoot for issue #3 then, that one is not out until the end of December.

Due dates for issue #2 will be posted shortly.

Gaixo confirmed for an article on Chaos Dwarfs!


Dates for submission and deadline for PDF out have been set, see above.

I will be sending emails shortly to all who are (or should be at this stage) articles for submission. I will also be sending PMs to those involved. Additionally some of you will be getting contacted for issue #3 and beyond.


Hello everyone: lots of updates.

Deadline for submissions for the 2nd issue of the Word of Hashut is rapidly approaching. I have been in contact with many of the contributors and time is rapidly running out, as is space. This is going to be a mammoth issue in terms of page count! Reminder Saturday, August 28th is the deadline. This will allow enough time for editing and layout prior to it being released at the end of September.

As addition to what I just mentioned, if you don�?Tt make it in this issue, don�?Tt be discouraged. We will have plenty of issue from here on out and having to many articles to choose from is a problem that any webzine editor would love to have.

Remember to vary submissions: Member spotlights, fan fiction, artwork, good photos, articles, conversions, test rules, etc�?� The better the variety the better.

On a future note we already have the artist lined up for the 3rd cover! I must say it is looking impressive. The member who is working on this shall remain nameless, but I think you�?Tll be pleased.

Issue #4�?Ts cover artists is still a bit in flux but we have a reserve plan in place if need be.

Now with all that said a bit of the Dark Side has to come out. I have had a few people respond back that they would do submissions and then not follow through�?� Fortunately there have been those that have step up, you get my meaning…


If you ever need any at the last minute, I have a handful at 90% (I’m not that great at finishing things, as you may have noticed) and I’ll get a speed on one of them.



I will shortly be finalizing the page count and content for issue #2. A site wide email will be going to out as a reminder for those that are still coming up to the deadline.

If you don’t make the deadline, don’t be discouraged. We are already lining up content for Issues #3 and #4. In fact the cover for #3 is already finalized.

WoH Staff members: we will be managing this through Google Docs so be on the lookout for this in the not-too-distant future.

Hashut’s Blessing:

A quick word: Mr. Xander and I are unable to collaborate due to timezones, so it may be that I write up our article, he may check through it and we send it to you…


Nice. I’m excited 'cause I finished writing my CMA exam on Wednesday so no more CMA stuff until NOVEMBER! It’s like a mini taste of freedom =D

I’m so pumped to edit this, especially if it’s as good as the last one :slight_smile:


Update content seems to solidify the page count at 40! Barring any last minute changes in terms of content. Right now we have a good selection of articles.

Editing and revisions will be the first order of business once content is set.

A few pieces of art remain to come in but all and all we appear to be in good shape.


40 pages!? holy moley! puts on reading glasses and gets her red pen ready

OK, bring it on. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sounds good! Sorry the CDR article wouldn;t have been ready, but a later issue would be simpler. Thanks again for the chance :wink: Keep up the good work all!


One day to submission deadline and all I can say is wow!

Graphical work is going apace and if you thought the first issue was good be prepared to be absolutely stunned, it’s coming together that good.

I am not lying when I say the improvements in this is going to make it equal to if not better then any fan produced webzine/ezine out there.


Deadline for submissions has now passed. Do not let that dissuade you thou, submissions will now be considered for issue #3 due out in December.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Awesome to hear about the level of content. Super-psyched now :smiley:

I think I’ll start an e-mail with Mr. Xander about our article, rather than trying to do it real-time. Then, when it’s done, we’ll hand it in and you can submit whenever you wish :stuck_out_tongue: