[Archive] CDO's Presence at Baltimore Games Day 2010


Vexxus and I will be attending this year’s North American Games Day in Baltimore. We want to have our own table there and have been working on ideas for our own Club Table.

For all the details on club tables, check here:


Vexxus and I will be constructing an 8’x4’ table with a Chaos Dwarf mining and excavation theme. The object of the attackers will be to liberate the enslaved workers and capture the camp. The object of the Chaos Dwarfs will be to drive off the attackers and defend the mining operation.

We have a couple sketches of the plans for our table which I will upload shortly.

Although we have the rough outline of what we want to do with our table, we are requesting input from the whole community about fun and interesting ideas we could incorporate into the game. At this point we are brain storming, so please don’t be offended if your ideas aren’t used.

We are also wondering who will be attending Games Day in Baltimore, and if those people would have any interest in helping run the table, or at least be around for solidarity.

Vexxus and I are planning to have business cards and materials to help promote the site. If you have any ideas on other things we could do (Banner contest, Art contest) to help promote the site, then make your ideas known here.

Vexxus and I have to submit an application for a Club Table by April 3rd, so we have about 2 weeks to flesh out our ideas fully before we begin construction of the table.

We’ll likely be bringing our Chaos Dwarf army and our Orc army as the two default armies, but, as the Club Table Application suggests, Games Day attendees will be able to use their armies as well.

Additionally, we will be bringing a Glass display case (pictured here: DETOLF Glass-door cabinet, black-brown, 163/4x641/8" (43x163 cm) - IKEA) to display the armies of our members (should you decide to bring yours).

Anyway. Let the Games Day discussion begin! We want 2010 to be the Year of the Chaos Dwarfs!


The table is designed to be reminiscent of the map of the Dark Lands, which shows the Chaos Dwarfs branching out from Zharr Naggrund with factories and roads. The table will feature a small volcano that has been tapped for molten lava, and an oil repository with a windmill oil pump. The table will have four tiers, the top tear (4), and then three excavated tiers (3,2,1). There will be a path down to the bottom tier on the top side (as shown), and the middle will be impassible terrain (tiers 1-3 being too steep to descend), but on the bottom left side, you will be able to move units down the tiers (which will each be big enough to accommodate units.

If you have further ideas for details we could add, then let us know. We will mainly have chained slaved with pick axes along the walled tiers in the middle, and other mining equipment and slave drivers strewn about.

Thanks for your input!


Great project! Unfortunately Italy is a little distant from Baltimore, if not I’d be there for sure!

Why do not shape the battle field like an open pit mine?


Shape the pit like an U, the centre plain, surrounded by hills that form the steps of the pit.

Fluffwise we are supposed to grind the plateau of the plain of Zharr…

Looking ofrward for updates of this thread… it sounds really cool! :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what the board is supposed to be, but not a U shape. The board is merely divided into two halves. :slight_smile:


If you need any ideas for the buildings let us know and we could throw together some sketches.


First ideas:
1.) Illuminate the Lava from below!
2.) Add an animated ropeway/conveyor belt/wind wheel and smoke generators (smokestack or steaming earth, → model railroad supplies), maybe add sound or “Terminator” soundtrack.
3.) Cover the ground with glimmering model railroad coal. Add a small tar pit, maybe with steaming earth (Methan).
4.) Add maybe a slave pen as objective marker.
5.) Add some metal vehicle in CD style, maybe something like this Mage Knight Atlantis Guild Tank - ICONIX
6.) Have a removable background with a dark red sky and a dark green glowing Ziggurat in the distance.
7.) Have printed out “display only” copies of all “Word of Hashut” issues! Maybe best promotion for this website.


I should be going to GD Baltimore this year.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ideas for the scenario or possible minigames you may wish to consider are to capture the slaves (essentially, have a few models of most races that are converted to be slaves and they are “loot counters” that are considered to be in CD possession unless in enemy hands).

I would suggest a banner, but I know that they are expensive, but if money were no object, create one (likely the website’s banner, lol :stuck_out_tongue: ) and hang it under/above the table.

I too was thinking of WoH copies, but maybe just have the front covers as flyers, maybe with samples from them in the cabinet behind the models? This encourages people to come to the website instead of just reading the content.

I wish I could be there guys, but I can’t, sorry. Also, wear the shirts!!! (Steal it back from Sojourn :wink: )


Oh man, all these ideas sound amazing! definitely take lots of pics!!! Spread the CD word!


A workshop, with a Daemonsmith forging weapons, like Isengard in LoTR. You could have a Kollossus under construction :slight_smile: With scaffolding around it and stuff.

Impassable lava river? Like Firehammer says, you could try to illuminate it from below. I poured coloured resin to make lava once, although I’m not sure I’d recommend it as its amazingly smelly. Could do a real Mount Doom look. It could erupt mid-game and annihilate units :cheers

Wolf Rider patrols that turn up mid-game?


You could get some ideas from the Lord of the Rings- Last March of the Ents. Some pics are in White dwarf USA #357.


Sounds like a brillent idea cant wait to see how it turns out :slight_smile:


It looks like to me a very good news. :slight_smile:

It is sure that you do a great work.


A workshop, with a Daemonsmith forging weapons, like Isengard in LoTR. You could have a Kollossus under construction :) With scaffolding around it and stuff.

This idea is ace! Like a big Ork Stompa under construction.... :)


Thanks for all the suggestions so far, guys! Keep them coming.

Where are all my east-coast peeps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Old One Eye:

There could be watch towers kind of like in a prison with searchlights and all


Ooh, not a bad idea. I definitely planning to make a watchtower. How would one do search lights with Warhammer tech, I wonder?


hm, for example a huge device with a minerals as a source of light and a big moveable mirror attached to it. A prison tower would be really cool, but I would prefer more industrial stuff, boilers, chimneys and so on. probably good to combine with a watchtower ^^. It’s a pitty tha I cannot join your project, I would love to be a part of it ^^


Perhaps we need to have the UK/Euro contigent get organized and duplicate the same idea for Gamesday UK.


Gamesday UK? why not Games Day Germany… it is mor in the middle of Europe so everybody who want to join has a shorter way to come :smiley: