[Archive] CD's in HoC rumor may be false


For those of you who don’t know, there’s been a rumor going around that there will be a Chaos dwarf infantry unit in the new HoC book listed as a special choice. One should keep in mind that this is a post of an e-mail from a friend, who had talked to his friend, who read the list and as such, this could be totally inaccurate due to this information not coming from a first-hand witness.

I just found this on Warseer, sorry if it’s already here:

Atrahasis said(quote):

Just had this passed to me by e-mail:

Quote Ok - Just had a phone convo with someone who had the new white dwarf

sat in front of them. New white dwarf list includes.


Chaos lord

Chaos sorcerer

Daemon Prince

DP seemed to be the Hordes DP (fly/terror) but with true ward save.

However he had NO access to any gifts.

Mark of Khorne gave MR1 and frenzy

Mark of Slaanesh gave ItP

Nurgle gave fear (think still +1W but didn’t ask)

Tzeentch costs 10 points and gave a 6+ ward…!!! Goodbye warrior

mage.(20 points for units to have 6+ ward)




Warriors 12 points, + 5 chosen (one unit). Same stats.

Marauders, same

Warhounds, same

That’s it. No cultists.


Marauder Horsemen






Chaos Giant.

Magic Items

Most have been thrown away with nothing to replace them. All magic

items including the common ones fit on a single page.

There were no decent weapons and the sword which used to turn you into

a GD now just adds +1 to a few stats.


Didn’t notice any changes here except the +1T armour may have disappeared.


Crown of Regen and Golden Eye. That’s it.


Helm was still about


Staff of Change gone up to 70 points plus can only be used for casting.

Power familiar renamed chaos famililar and down to 40 points.

Skull of Katam still the same.

Think spell familiar disappeared as did everything else.


125 stubborn banner and banner of wrath power Lv 5. That’s it.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I never expected the Chaos Dwarfs to pop up in the WD list anyway. They just don’t fit in, IMO. That is, anywhere else in the list but as crew of the Earthshaker.

Thommy H:

Deja vu…


already up, we all just said the heckcannon would be legal

they have a blurb saying where being re-done though:)


I was hoping they’d put more of an effort into the temp list than that… Oh well, there will be plenty of things to include in the actual list.

They’ve done just enough to make it tournie legal.

To avoid double posting I’ll lock this thread and we can use this one: