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Chaos ADHD is the name of my ongoing Chaos Armies project, the name is a play on words from an album by the South American band Sepultura, who created one of my favorite metal albums in ever when they released  Chaos AD, here’s the video for one of the singles from the album Refuse/Resist. Of course, it’s a bit of self deprecating humor too since it’s a dig at how I can’t seem to focus on any one model/army for more than a few days.

The name Khaas however is a little different, almost a decade ago I started playing the World of Warcraft Beta. Initially I used the name that I had been using in Dungeons and Dragons, EverQuest, etc: Horaxe. But, I was trying to distance myself from my previous persona. I had been playing a Shaman way too long and wanted something different, eventually Wrath of the Lich King was released and I was finally able to play the Death Knight, the class I’d wanted since I heard about the MMO. I needed a new name, and it had to be good since I was planning to put a lot of time into this character.

I had a few criteria for naming characters, I wanted something simple (preferably 2 syllables or less), easy to remember, and immediately identifiable. I also wanted something that was a bit of an inside joke type of thing, as with Horaxe (the old joke being it was a combination of my two favorite things). Khaas is actually a nod to old school Dungeons and Dragons, in the Greyhawk campaign setting Kas the Bloody-Handed was the lieutenant of Vecna, until he betrayed the Liche and took both his hand and eye (which became popular artifacts in the game). So yeah, I was naming myself after a little known bamf from a paper and dice game. In the years that followed, I only encountered a handful of people who ever got the reference…

I began playing Warhammer in the late 90s, the first Vampire Counts book had just been released and I was all in. I started putting together a VC army but was quickly overawed by the Warriors of Chaos. I also began to focus on 40K as I liked the rules better than Fantasy at the time. Eventually, I turned my attention to other things (mostly the a fore mentioned EverQuest, then World of Warcraft) and for years forgot about the game. Now, over a decade later I’ve returned to the game (and army) I once loved…

When I got back into the hobby, it was Chaos all the way. I love conversions, I love the versatility. And in the end, evil will always triumph over good. Because good is dumb. One thing that’s always appealed to me is the fact Chaos taints everything it touches, in the fluff there’s often been mentions of people being seduced by the powers of Chaos. It’s subversive, and all encompassing.

My devotion is to Nurgle, the father of corruption. For all bend the knee at his fetid throne eventually…


If there is one thing I hope to accomplish within the community, it is to be an advocate for the hobby. I take that as a very serious responsibility. And so, I see the act of sharing information, tips, and thoughts as being a means to that end. I don’t have secret recipes or techniques, if you are curious, ask. It is through this sharing that the community as a whole grows. And when someone can improve upon my own technique, I am improved as well. For that is my goal, to see the hobby itself be the best that it can be. Below, is a repository of links to tutorials, theory, and fluff I’ve written in my quest to further the power of Chaos…

I get asked often about some specific techniques I use to get certain effects on my minis, so I have started creating these tutorials on my blog to share with those interested.

�-� ROT, GLORIOUS ROT! - Putrid flesh recipe I created for my various Nurgle themed armies, also works well on Zombies.

�-� IN RUST WE TRUST PT 1. - Rust and chipping technique.



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Today registration for the my tournament of 2014 opens, so it’s time to get to work on the army I’ll be taking. I already have a few random pieces ready, but there’s some conversions to do and more than a little bit of painting to do before I can even get started on the Display Board and all of the other little extras.

So, let us begin with the Condemned…

I’ve decided on a sort of water color approach that gives me a nice dry rot effect on the cloaks and fur. The armor will be done in Bronze and Copper with plenty of Verdigris and Rust. Which should add a nice contrast to the the cloaks and fur. As for these Warriors themselves, there is a bit of a story behind these guys. So, expect some more fluff soon. Anyhow, here’s a first look at the Warriors unit.

Here’s a look at the Standard…

The Gallows Tree, unit filler and resting place of the previous captain of the Condemned…

Early stages, but these should be coming together pretty quickly. It should also be noted, for once I’m not waiting on bases from the UK. I got my order from Scibor within a week this time, so everything should go much more smoothly this time around. Let me know what you think and enjoy!


Here’s a quick update. I give you Captain Randor, Ascendant Champion of Nurgle. He’s almost finished, I need to add some snow to his cloak, pick out some details (eyes in particular) then I can clear coat him and he’ll be ready for a base.

Get an eyeful!

Some blending with the airbrush and some of the watered down ink made the shield and cloak really pop. I’m definitely going to continue this throughout the army.

Things are really picking up here with school being so close, so it may take longer than I’d like to finish this unit. But I think I can make some solid progress now. Then, I think I’ll move on to the remaining Warhounds, and Gorebeast Chariots.

If you watched the buildup for Shiloh last year, you can pretty much expect a similar pace now. I’ve got some ambitious ideas for the display board, and I will need some serious time with it to make my ideas happen.


I used two heads from the Maxmini Mutation pack here, the gaping maw for the Champion and the Two Face for the Standard Bearer. You can find this at their online store, on eBay, or my personal preference on the Warstore - http://www.thewarstore.com/product68075.html

Maxmini is based in the UK though, so keep that in mind when picking these up. The rest of the bits in the pack are really nice. I’ll also be using some bits from Spellcrow and a few other places throughout the army, so this will be a very unique looking force.


I’ve begun really stepping up preparations, today I knocked out the Standard Bearer and the Unit Filler. First though I wanted to add some finishing touches to my unit Champion…

The Standard Bearer…

The Standard…

The Hanging Tree, and don’t forget about our happy little friend…

The previous captain of the Condemned…

And here’s the tree ranked up with the two heroes…


My Warrior unit is entirely magnetized, I have them set up with the + side facing out on the Right hand, and the - side facing out on the Left hand. I’ve got Halberds, Hand Weapons, Extra Hand Weapons, Shields, and Great Weapons for the entire unit. I will be adding weapons last. The Command models however will remain static, so I’ll be making those with all of their weapons, etc now.

I’ll be adding snow at the end to the entire unit, it’s just easier to do them all at once. Bases will also be done just before the snow. Basically, I’ll paint the Warriors, hit the bases. Mount them to their bases and let it snow…

Anyhow, hope you enjoy and be back soon with more!

Kera foehunter:

so sweetie is the next group going to be Bulls on parade :slight_smile:

I do like the color you have chosen for this group


Thanks Kera, I picked up foam and electronics for the display board I have planned. Once the Warriors are finished I’ll be back to work finishing up my Chaos Dwarfs then it very well might be Bulls on Parade :slight_smile:


After careful consideration, offerings to Father Nurgle. And even a conversation with a bonafide member of Neck Bearded Nerds of America, I’ve finalized my list. It’s sent in, and I’ve decided to go with the soup nazi mantra of no substitutions.

Here is the list!


Ingvar the Despoiler, Daemon Prince of Nurgle (Level 4, DoN, Chaos Armor, General, Lore of Death)

�-� Sword of Striking

�-� Charmed Shield

�-� Flaming Breath

�-� Soul Feeder

�-� Chaos Familiar

Keldor the Harbinger, Banner Man of the Crow Tribe (BSB, MoN)

�-� Biting Blade

�-� The Other Trickster�?Ts Shard

�-� Scaled Skin

Festus the Leechlord (Level 2, MoN, Lore of Nurgle)

�-� Harbinger of Pestilence

�-� Healing Elixirs

�-� Pestilent Potions

The Troll King, Throgg (Great Weapon)

�-� The Wintertooth Crown

16 The Condemned, Warriors of Nurgle (Halberds, FC, MoN)

�-� Banner of Eternal Flame

Note: Festus and BSB go here�?�

7 The Finntrolls of Wintertooth, Chaos Trolls

5 Chaos Warhounds

5 Chaos Warhounds

Gorebeast Chariot (MoN)

Gorebeast Chariot (MoN)

3 The Defiled, Skullcrushers (Ensorcelled Weapons, Std)

3 The Reavers, Skullcrushers (Ensorcelled Weapons, Std)


So, here’s what that means. First, I’m going to need 3-4 more Hounds of Xaphan!  I wanted to do that anyway, but I hadn’t planned on doing it right now. I’ve taken my first steps toward making the display board already, I may actually work on that next so I have a place to set units as I finish them.

An old friend of mine has expressed interest in attending the tourney with me too, and he’s going to be using my Chaos Dwarf army! So, that means I’ve got two armies to paint between now and the end of January. Bonus, the previously mentioned neck beard has expressed interest in my painting his Daemons of Chaos army he’s planning to take to the same tournament…

So that’s three armies I’ll be painting between now and January, the upside is I own two of them. And it’s a great way to get my commission work off the ground. Also, I’ll be painting a Cryx army for the same guy, but that I’ve got some time to do…

Oh, and I just got an order to make lasagna for 50 for the school. So, there’s also that. Yes, things are getting busy quickly! Let me know what you think of the list, I will have some more substantial updates very soon, I promise.


I didn’t have a lot of time today, but I did manage to get a lot of preliminary work started. First thing I did was knock around some ideas for the display board, I decided this year I wanted to do something very different so I’m using foam for the base. This is a high density foam by DOW, it’s 2 inches thick, 8 ft long, and 2 ft wide. I’ve cut it into 4 sections and will be layering these on top of one another to create the board. I decided to add caverns underneath the surface of the board, these will have LEDs hidden behind stalactites, I’ll keep the trolls in the larger chamber and the Spawn (for those unlucky rolls) in the smaller chamber.

On the top of the board I’ll be doing something fairly simple however, a castle at the back end with a Daemon Prince in each tower (1 is a regular part of the army, the other is for lucky rolls on my Aspiring Champion). The gatehouse will hold my dice.

There will also likely be other little surprises along the way, but that’s the rough idea, below is a sketch of my planned board…

Here is the board in question, it’s tongue and groove design means I’ve got some trimming and filling to do if I want things to end up straight.

I numbered the pieces and started laying out a rough cavern for the piece, and also outlined a channel that I will be using to run wires to the LEDs.

I used a keyhole saw to cut foam, this worked really well. It’s cheap, and doesn’t take up a lot of room so I highly recommenced it. I’ll be keeping the spare foam for later use (possibly for some hills for my gaming table or something).

With both of the center pieces trimmed I now have a better idea of how the models will fit inside.

When I put the top on I learned that Throgg’s fist is just a bit high for this, so I’m going to have to do a little fine tuning to make it work. Thankfully, not much though…

I put the units (or at least bases) on the board to get a good idea of where I want to put everything. I call this blocking, I do the same thing with individual units, figuring out where unit filler will go, etc - it can save a lot of headaches later.

Ah, now for something completely different. There’s not a lot I can do on the board just yet, but I can definitely get back to work on the models themselves (since I have them all and their bases on hand already).

First thing I did here was give the second unit of Warhounds a couple of layers of color, they’re drying on the rack now before I move forward. I also primed the Spawn, all three of these should be finished this week.

I also got to work figuring out the bases for my Skullcrushers, below are pics of the first unit’s bases using some Scibor ruins and Pine Bark. I’ll be using some milliput, sand, and spackle before these are ready to paint though.

So there you have it, production is in high gear. I’ve got to finish both my Warriors and Chaos Dwarfs quickly, both will be taken to the tournament (friend of mine is rocking the shorties) and I’ve just been contacted about a pretty large commission for a Circle of Orboros army (Hordes), and possibly a Daemons of Chaos army that will also be going to the tourney in January.

In short, I’m swamped… But I’m in my element, so expect more soon!


I always like seeing your stuff over on COTEC, and it’s great to have it transfered over here. The latest batch is very impressive but you’re gonna have your work cut out on three armies for January.


I got a nice surprise today, a used GW Castle. The assembly is a bit shoddy and incomplete (3 walls, 2 towers, and the gate), but it was cheap so it should work well for the display board. I think the walls are going to be re purposed as my new DM screen…

My big goal for today is to get the large cavern situation going in the right direction, also I’m going to start on some ideas for stalactites/stalagmites. I also plan to get some more color on the dogs and spawn, may actually finish them before dinner (we’ll see). I’ve made a slight change to my BSB… I switched the Biting Blade for Warrior Bane, and added a shield. New points total for the army is 2496, and the BSB now has a1+ Armor Save.

Sadly, today didn’t go quite as planned. Really busy with the family, and meeting with a lawyer in a few hours, so I’ll be back at it Thursday. The Daemon army commission is also a go, more details on that coming soon as I get them worked out with the client. But, it’s going to be another Display Board and matching base work, after all of this is done I’ll be doing the Hordes/Warmachine stuff for him too. But that probably won’t be until after the first of the year, I full expect to be booked solid with this guy for several months after seeing how much stuff he wants me to paint/convert. Which is good, it gives me more money to work on my new table :slight_smile:


I didn’t expect to get much accomplished today, as I knew I’d be gone most of the day with the wife meeting with the lawyer, etc. And I was right, but everything is going smoothly in the right direction so no complaints. However, I found a couple of things while I was out that are going to come in handy as I ramp up production, but we’ll get into that more a bit later. First, there’s the display board. This is going to be the biggest time sink in my Warriors this year. There’s a lot of work going into it, and conversely a WHOLE lot of planning. I got the first three layers of the board glued together and tucked in for a bit of light reading (being an English teacher has it’s advantages sometimes, loads of heavy books in this situation is a good thing).

Tomorrow I’ll be shaping the cavers and the floors a bit better, I’ll also be straightening the lines out on the edges a bit more and starting a couple of overflow features I’m planning.

I’ll also probably get some stalactites, etc sculpted and drying so I can have them ready when the time is right. I’ve figured out how I’m going to hide the lighting and house the important bits (the battery and switch), so I’m just about ready to tackle that area specifically.

There’s going to be a lot of incremental shaving, sanding and Spackle going on here, but it will be worth it. The finished board will be light and effective. I mentioned earlier that I picked a few things up, I got the back massager pictured below for $4 at a little shop. Guess what I’m planning to use it for and get a cookie!

More coming soon! And yes, the back massager is going to actually play a very integral part in what’s coming up…


With the glue dry I now have everything in two manageable pieces (upper and lower assembly). Much more manageable, I’m going to be working on a few interior terrain bits like stalactites and stalagmites, and probably a bolder or two. I’ll also be using some Spackle to fill in the seams between the foam.

But the first thing I needed to do was figure out the lighting situation, no point in having minis in the caverns if nobody can see them. I decided to use some self adhesive LEDs I had from the local bargain store, I literally spent $3 to add light, with 2 AAA batteries to spare.

I removed a bit of the ceiling from the major cavern to make room for Throgg, I also removed the outer housing from the LED panels. There is a small blue button in the center of the LED cluster that is used to turn them on and off, a little annoying to hit when you can’t see what you’re doing, but it keeps things tidy. I’ll be adding some material to the roof of the smaller cavern wall. And above I’ll be adding a small “cave entrance” and a ruined tower, which should work perfectly for representing hole as a source of light.

Here’s a shot of the Troll Chamber, there will be quite a bit of little terrain bits added here with there being so much surface area visible.

And the Spawn Chamber, small and simple.

More coming soon, let me know what you think.


I had to go out of town yesterday and didn’t get back until this morning, so once I had a chance I started hitting the workbench hard. First thing I did was get started on the stalactites for the Troll cave, I used toothpicks to keep them in place while I shaped them. I’ll be adding more of these a bit later, once these have had a chance to dry. And of course, I still have the stalagmites and other features to do in the cave, so this is going to be one of those built in stages kind of projects.

After that I decided to break out the Warriors and start layering on the metallic accents. These guys will go pretty fast from here, it’s mostly waiting for inks to dry and adding powders at this point.

After the Warriors I broke out the airbrush and started laying down layers on my Chaos Spawn and Gorebeast Chariots. I’m continuing the green/yellow on these, and happy with the results so far. But still, very early stages. Let me know what you think!