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Saw this - thought someone might be interested:


ps: not the seller, not affiliated with the seller, don’t know the seller, etc… etc…


Wow all in the original packs. About as mint as they come.


Yes! I was sorely tempted to hit the ‘buy’ button… and then I remembered the state of my finances.

EDIT: Actually, that works out to $4.20 per model… which seems REALLY reasonable… if yuo have the cash, that is.

EDIT2: Although, that feedback score is pretty scary…


Returns accepted with reasonable complaint is pretty nice sounding. Bid reasonable. Nice looking army, damn. Pretty clearly not recasts. The guy put way too much work into his listing for it to be a snow job.


A few things to consider before bidding…

1. The seller’s feedback is ZERO. Which means new seller and has not develloped a reputation before.

2. The photo date stamp on those photos is at least a month old. - maybe a slight concern or maybe not.

3. The price of worldwide postage seems very low. Either inexperience or the seller is trying to make this a “sweet” deal.

4. Bid at your own risk. I personally wouldn’t bid on it.

Time of Madness:

The 0 feedback is a problem though. At least you can pay via paypal, so if the stuff doesn’t arrive you can get your money back.

Time of Madness


I don’t know myself… The bid is more than reasonable and the army is great (look at all those hobbos!). Still, I wouldn’t risk my money to a seller with 0 rating…

The Besieger:

I think this army was already sold on ebay.

I remember the pictures.

This is the second time this army is on ebay (when i’m right).

The Besieger:

Ok ppl… beter stay OFF this deal.

Like i told before this is the second time this army is on ebay.

And 2 different ppl with 0 feedback score.





Lord Aldades:

Even down to the nice pink shirt in some of the pictures…

I was VERY tempted, but I`m not touching that one


I’ll preface my post by saying that I would certainly not buy that large an item from a zero feedback score, BUT, it’s possible he just reposted the item because the sale ended and nobody bought - as for a different name, you have to register seperately for ebay.au, and ebay.ca.


Yeah it could be. But still, it’s a great risk!

Lord Aldades:

I`m not sure about the registring, I use my same inlog on whatever ebay site I want to sell something


I sent the seller a question, asking for clarification…

Time of Madness:

Now that you mention it I recall seeing this on ebay a couple of months ago.

It sold via buy it now for around $500.00

Time of Madness

The Besieger:

Check the date


Member id vaghtitofekre

Member since: 20-Aug-11 in Argentina

Feedback profile


Member id bfordblack

Member since: 19-Aug-11 in Greece

Feedback Profile


The item location is consistent though (Ohio, USA), not sure where the “member since” details come from.


Its like they are trying to rip my heart out, I want that stuff so much! bits lip


"This listing (150682013125) has been removed, or this item is not available."

No reply to my message either… I hope nobody got scammed!


Maybe it’ll all show up again as separate lots… or it was a scam.  I considered buying it and even hovered over the button before thinking of all my other purchases lately :wink: … not to mention the fact that it was the same photos, same location, but different eBay accouts with an apparently different seller location. Sketch to the max