[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Army (three armies at once)


Hello at all and greetings from Germany!

I wanted to start a CD army for a couple of times. I registrated to this site over 2 years ago but (how so often) I skipped the project and moved to something else…

Now I will try again - wish me luck this time.

In the meantime, something changed - now we have an armylist from Forgeworld. To be honest, I’m not sure, if I should be happy about it. It is an expensive book and only in english and I can’t expect every opponent to know it - and many gamers dislike playing armies they don’t know. The K’daii destroyer (often regarded as overpowered) doesn’t help.

But on the other hand, without the Forgeworld book there would be only Ravening Hordes or diverse inofficial Army lists. But I’m just not sure, if the Forgeworld list will be accepted…

So, how are your experiences with gamers or tournaments accepting our new army list? Especially experiences from german tournament players would be interessant, but I would be glad to hear any experiences.

Many words to come to this conclusion: I will try not only to make a Legion of Azgorh Army but will try to make a “count as” army as well. Two Count as armies, to be honest.

Beside Legion of Azgorh, I want to make this army fit as Vanilla Dwarf army and as a Warriors of Chaos army as well.

The Vanilla Dwarfs are the most fitting stat-wise, of course. And the warmachines are great, too. But I miss the Bull Centaurs, the sorcery and the monsters.

With a Warriors of Chaos army I have fighty sorcerer characters, can mount them on monsters to count as Taurus or Lammasu und can make Bull Centaurs count as Chaos Knights or Dragon Ogres (not sure, which I should take yet). I can take Giants as well… And a Hellcannon to count as as Earthshaker.

But the stats are not as fitting… For example, I would give the Chaos Warriors Great Weapons, to “reduce” the high initiative. And I’m missing Blunderbusses.

So, I want to start with units and models, I can use in all three army approaches. (Later on, naturally I will make units, which fit only in two or one of the army lists…)

Chaos Dwarf Warriors (counting as Infernal Guard/Dwarf Infantry/Chaos Warriors). I want to make them with shields (Legion of Azgorh warriors have always the shield) and handweapon/Great weapon. I’m planning to give them great weapons in the hand, that can count as both… saying it is a great weapon in one game and a handweapon in the next game…

Deamon Smiths (Deamon Smiths or Prophets/Runesmiths/Chaos sorcerers)… I will try to give them some armor and shield. There are great conversions in this forum for sorcerors I will try to copy. Especially the BfSP cannon crew converted to a fireball wielding sorceror. (Sadly, it would look a little inapprobriate for a runesmith).

Battlestandard Bearer: A must under the “new” edition (I must admit, I have not played for years - I don’t have an actual ruleset, nor Legion of Azgorh or Warriors of Chaos army books… only the actual Dwarf army book)

Earthshaker Cannon (Earthshaker Cannon/Grudge Thrower/Hellcannon)

Hobgoblins… more on this in another post…

For the conversion of my Chaos Dwarf I was looking for a simple conversion… I would have loved to make big hats, but I shyed away from making faces and tried instead helmets. My Characters will have Big Hats.

So, here is my first attempt. He will get a shield later on.

Critics and Comments are welcome.

Sorry for the long blablah and sorry for my bad english.


Looking good. The helmet really fits the style of the mini.


Welcome, as you can see in my blog I try a similar project, only in another way: three armies, all Chaos Dwarfs (pre-bighats, bighats and LoA).


It sounds to me that you might end up with four armies if you get carried away buying goblins for slaves.

I did it the other way around. I had two armies, and made the core of my chaos dwarfs army combining both of them. I use my dwarfs as chaos dwarfs and my bretonnian peasants as slaves. I mix these two together and add monsters, chaos dwarf characters, iron daemons, etc. I might start my army blog to explain this better. The best thing is that I don’t have to make a huge initial investment to start a new army.

I like your converted chaos dwarf. It has character and looks nothing like the common ones.


Thanks so far for the comments…

I had luck - a german ebay trader had a lot of old chaos warrior helmets and arms for sale. And they were not expensive. I bought them all. I have enough heads for the army (about 110 - 120) but only about 80 left arms. So I think I will use empire knight arms for one of my warrior units and the chaos arms for the other. This way, they look a bit different and can be used as differend unit options. For example I can choose to take one as Dwarf Clanwarriors and the other as Longbeards. Or one as Longbeards and the other as Hammerers. Or one as Chaos Warriors and the other as Chosen. Or one as Infernal Guard and the other as Ironsworn…

Or I take both as the same unit option, lot of flexibility this way.


Your mini looks quite cool - I’m eager to see your paint scheme! :cheers

What kind of base will you use for your CDs? 20 x20mm or 25 x 25mm?

I ask cause the Chaos Warriors have 25 x 25mm bases … or will you make special movement trays?



I’m glad, you asked.

I’m planning to make the bases interchangeable. I searched for a method to do this in the internet. As hoped, Deamon-Players came up with a nice method to do this.


In short, I glue the minis to a rock made of cork. The cork gets a magnet to pin it to either a 20mm or a 25mm base (also with a magnet). Hope, it will work this way.


A small update here…

I made a few dwarfs the same way as my test model.

For the beards I use a so-called Tube Tool, originally meant to make tubes and ropes…

For the first beards I took the finest size and made quite thin rolls. But now I think, thicker rolls of green stuff and the larger size looks better.

To be honest, the beards don’t look as curly or dreadlock as many others here on the forum. They look more like “normal” braided beards. Could be used for normal dwarfs, too.

But nonetheless I like the beards the way they are and it is quite easy and quick to do.


So, first unit is almost complete - only the command unit is missing.

23 Chaos Warriors:

The hands seem to be too big - seems to be an issue with this edition models…

Because I want to make interchangeable bases, they are without bases in the moment. I fear it will be difficult to put them on 20mm bases, wish me luck.

I want to make a second unit of warriors, but I don’t think I will have enough chaos warrior arms… Heads are plenty, though.

I ordered empire knight arms to use them for the second unit.

My remaining chaos warrior arms will probably go to characters, bull centaurs and other stuff…


Nice work dude dont think I’ve seen beards done like that before.


Thanks for the reply. I already feared to monologize here. :wink:

Command unit is ready.



and Standard bearer

Next, I will start work with sorcerers and BSB…

Then I will try a painting scheme - unfortunately it will be speed-painting


Very cool conversions there. Well done


Thank you! :hat off

Sadly, my camera can see better than myself - on the pictures I always see the messy job, I did. :frowning:

Kera foehunter:

I love those little fat guys and there beards


Started a few conversions. All are still WIP.

BSB with his fear inspiring mask (or is it his hat?)

his banner

a deamon smith… still has to get a shield and a fireball (planning to use the flaming skull of the empire wizard

from behind

another deamon smith, probably my prophet. He also has to get a shield and I want to give him the smoke skull of the empire wizard in the hand

other view of him

no great new ideas with this conversion, all stolen from great minds in this forum…

the one remarkable item may be the lammasu icons on top of the prophets staff and on top of the battle standard:

It’s made of a lion icon (I bought it from a bitz shop, I guess it is from the high elf lion chariot)… the tail cut of to make room for the wings… the wings are from the winged hammer from the dwarfen banner… the hairs on top of the lion tail are cut of and used as the beard…

I like it. :slight_smile:


Deamonsmith got a small shield

Prophet, too…

he also got a new nose… but he still looks like a cute pope :slight_smile:

I started work on my second unit with empire knight arms… the chaos arms look better, but the second unit will probably fit much better on the 20mm bases

and from behind

I started with my interchangeable bases (though only 20mm in the moment)

and I put my first unit on bases… tricky, they are very bulky with the chaos arms… I put the shield on after painting, I hope it will be possible…


Command unit for the second unit of chaos warriors


Musician (I give him the dwarven instrument, but I kept the chaos warriors arm… difficult to do, but not done overly well, I fear)

and the standard bearer

I’m happy with the bull’s head… though I think, it’s kind of funny, that I prefer to sculpt the banner icon, because I’m afraid of freehand painting… :slight_smile:


Lovely bulls head there. May I ask something?

Do you intend to do all the sculpting before the painting?

Would like to see color on them!


Thanks Gabriel…

Quite often, I sculpt convert an whole army or at least most of it…

But in this case, I think it will be a longer lasting project (or a neverending?)…

So, I intend to convert/sculpt the two warrior units, the two deamonsmiths and the BSB and then I will start some painting…

I already have a test model, but I’m not very happy with it. Though, I think, I will probably make a photo of it…

Nevertheless, painting will be the next step.


You really have eye for picking great parts for conversions! :cheers Those are REALLY cool chaos dwarfs, I even think you have given them this kind of brutal humorous aspect - even they are the servants of black magic and experts of war, they still look guys who are not able to use fork and knife!