[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Cuisine

Ishkur Cinderhat:

What do you imagine do the Chaos Dwarfs eat? I am an avid cook at home, and just today it occured to me that I might someday invite some friends from our Warhammer group to a Dawi’Zharr-themed dinner.

Feel free to post recipes! :hat off


well, there dwarves of fire so try this

1. get a steak/chicken

2 marinade in wine

cook for about 2 hours

add seasonings

pore on more wine and add a match

serve with other stuff

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would say steak and thick dark meat. Mostly red meats, not much vegetables. Typical King’s buffet style, but in VERY hungry me style portions (I eat a lot). So, get a nice leg of beef or lamb, cook it to medium to well done, serve with lamb chops, ale and cider for drinking, if you don’t want to much meat, asparagus would LOOK good, a little broccoli/spinach/kurli kae (however it’s spelt. pronounced curly cow) and generally greent things. But, mostly meat, maybe a few roast potatoes or something… Caramlised peaches or similar for desert.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I agree that the Dawi Zharr diet should be mostly made up of meat. There are probably not many types of vegetables that will grow in Zharr Naggrund. Barbecues and flamb�ed pork would be suitable. Do Chaos Dwarfs drink beer or rather a stronger beverage?




flame grilled beef! dunno if that would offend Hashut, just dont drink anything with taurine in it.

The Slaver:

i would say have the meat almost burnt! also, serve some really dark wine of other beverage in those cheesy skull goblets you can get from the dollar store or the like. Other than that, i would say maybe a hard bread or cracker, and meat. NO VEGES!! they dont grow to well in volcanic regions.


Maybe some root vegetables, but otherwise, charred meat, dark wine, and strong cheeses sounds good to me.


People are saying lots of meat because veg doesn’t grow in the Dark Lands - so what do the animals eat?


each other of course! :slight_smile:

actually im serious, there are probably only predators in the dark lands, and the predators would all prey on each other


…and slaves that happen to “escape”. :idea

I wouldn’t know, but I hear Goblin and Hobgoblin meat, while a little stringy, can be quite tasty.


Yep - try to catch some snotlings :wink:


I am not a biologist, but short of having some exotic kind of animal that could photosynthesize as well as eat meat, I suspect that an all-predator ecosystem would be inherently unstable, since it would constitute a closed system with no energy input.

On topic, I think Sobek’s idea sounds good for a theme (skull goblets would be cool as well). It certainly beats snakemeat, jellied scorpions, desert rat and brackish water, which short of imports is probably what the Chaos Dwarfs would have to consume. :stuck_out_tongue:



angry boy, this is a fantasy world, biology and science have no place here, heretic


I guess they eat lot of meat but I also belive thay eat “hard” vegetables like carrots, onions and other that can grow in harsher countries.

Uzkul Werit:

The animals would live off the few plants that grow in the Darklands. Withered trees - that sort of thing.

Chaos Dwarfs around Flayed Rock would most likely eat greenskin and ogre.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I can well imagine things like mushrooms and algae growing under ground. These would work fine as diet for the pigs and the (rare) vegetarians among the Dawi Zharr.

Being a Bull-God, maybe Hashut has even granted the Chaos Dwarfs with a special breed of holy cattle that can feed on volcanic ashes…? :slight_smile:

The Dawi Zharr may have some sort of flat bread or pita bread (baked on a hot stone), which would be a nice addition to a fiery barbecue. Nothing too complicated, as grain probably needs to be imported / looted from the realms around the Dark Lands.


I think chances are like the dwarfs they can cultivate food underground, or terraforming parts of the land into farms Because of their slaving style they are more likely to eat domesticated meat, and would be the ones to invent battery farming.

instead of a flat bread maybe a flour/corn wrap. warmed up and filled with bbq style pork strips and cheese, onions, mushrooms, could be nice. I can also see them using a lot of fiery spices :slight_smile:

Of course you have to remember if you want people to eat it you might have to bend the rules a bit concerning chaos dwarf diet.


Zharr Nagrund is right next to the Mountains of Mourn. Where there are mountains there is water, and where there is water, there is vegetation.


I would imagine they make off with more than just slaves on their raids; they could very easily raid food supplies of other racs to complement their (probably) bland diet. That means you probably see alot of variety at Chaos Dwarf tables, depending on when and from were the latest slaving expedition got back from.