[Archive] Chaos Dwarf gems on Cool Mini Or Not and other places on the internet! (not mine)


While browsing on CMON I found these gems and just had to share!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage[/align][align=center]Adam Benesz

Aleksandar Vilotic

Angelo Di Chello


Assorted Gems


Blitzkrieg Bob



Draftsman Daze




Gunamar Ironwill

GW Italy



Jack Finn

Jacob Fathbruckner

Jakob Nielsen

Kacpi 1998

Karol Rudyk


Kirill Kanaev


Master of Fire

Mikko Luoma








Rafal Maj

Richard Cowen


Rothand Studio

Sexy druchii



Stefan Johnsson








Zoo Art Studio

Pyro Stick:

I really like that axe but it doesnt really go well with the armour and the mage just looks weird. Its well painted but not with the right colours. Really cool light effect though.


They are missing the typical beard but the lighting from the sorcerers staff is pretty cool as well as the sorcerers base. Nice find. :hat off

Ghrask Dragh:

Jakobs Sorcerer is amazing, watched the WIP shots and had to wait a long time to see the finished mini!

The colours are the only thing letting it down but I’ve noticed while thinking about painting mine there isn’t much you can do to it, Pyro has the right idea creating the bases as he does, nothing you can do to the miniature itself.

Love the green armour on PrawnPowers marauder, red is abit strong but I think the shield works very well!! I know people might not be too keen on the red on the axe but that blending is fantastic :hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

It looks good and it’s all done well, but as aforementioned, the colours aren’t fitting well on the sorcerer. Also, why has the warrior’s helmet got a random bright patch over one eye? With the sorcerer, either more light needs to shinge on the model itself and from within (I.E. brighter colours, closer to white) or he needs to calm down on the lighting on the base. It looks like there is a secondary light source (I assume it isn’t intended to be that way).

EDIT: Having said that. I can’t do it, so kudos to the painter.


I like them AND the colour choice. the soft blue and pink looks great to be honest. I enjoy alternate colour schemes, so good work. Also the axe looks great on the first guy; well shaded and blended :slight_smile:

wish I could do that! n_n

Hashut’s Blessing:

Just had another look at the first base and I love the green crystal like effect. Very cool. Perhaps my favourite part on both models (not to say they’re bad, just that bit is my favourite and in-keeping with the them).


The subtle blending and unexpected colour combinations remind of the style of painting you often see on Rackham figures.

Kera foehunter:

i like the old school stuff great painting on the figures those people over there shure can paint . but cool mini or not i can be on there for hours

i get there once a week and


I am also rather fond of the grenade on the sorcerer’s belt. Made me laugh when I saw it.

I would kill to get my hands on the sorcerer model. I am going to have to continue the hunt.


WOW! Great find :hat off

The MM90/3c is awesome - love that axe - and the green armoury :slight_smile:

And the paintjob on the mage is so great (like allways :hat off Jakob) - but as a few others - I’m not so fund of the colour scheme itself. An explanation to that scheme could be that Jakob calls this Mage: ‘Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer of Tzeentch’. Love the base, think I might steal that idea.


Another nice classic Chaos Dwarf paintjob found on Cmon:

Edit: don’t know if these are somewhere on CDO already but it never hurts to show them once more! (especially convenient for the newer members right! :wink: )

Time of Madness:

Woah this topic’s back from the dead. Nice models though and lovely paint jobs. CMON is such a good resource/inspiration.

Time of Madness

Pyro Stick:

That Khazek Doomlord is awesome. Ideally, thats how i would like to paint mine, apart from not green. The designs are cool but it must have taken ages to paint them.

Thanks for bumping this thread. It reminded me that that gap in MM90/3c helmet was his face, not just a weird piece of his helmet. I always thought that bit looked weird as a piece of his helmet…

Another nice classic Chaos Dwarf paintjob found on Cmon:

Im totally going to use that shield with my MM90/2b.

Kera foehunter:

this is the reason why i don’t go to cool minni or not!! They are painted so cool


wowowow… so good. so jealous

I better start practicing my painting. I’m always so inspired by great paint jobs…


I never know how to react to threads like this. They’re both inspirational and depressing.

Ghrask Dragh:

I know it’s not your typical 28mm but I think it’s one of the best Chaos Dwarf miniatures EVER…

by kisscool fig

Kera foehunter:

i need to take him shoe shopping!!

it is a cool figure Ghrask


He kind of has a Don Quixote look to him, which is by no means a bad thing.