[Archive] Chaos Dwarf pdf no longer on GW UK site

Thommy H:

At least as far as I can tell. It’s not where it used to be, and a search turns up nothing.


However FAQs aren’t working either:


Lets hope they are updating the PDF, and not something more ominous… I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt but being the fact its GW… I trust them about as much as Microsoft…


Aye, its odd. Thankfully its still availble on the US site. Odd how the UK GW have removed it, arent they supposed to encourage the hobby? The country that spawned the hobby after all. Oh well, what we can do is to show GW that there still are a large number of funhat-loving dwarfs out there, especially if this is an attempt to scare people away from collecting Chaos Dwarfs.



Anyone in the UK can call here is the info:


Not calling from the US, costs will be cazy! :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

Didn’t I hear that the Kislev pdf had been taken down too? I kind of figured this was probably inevitable - GW don’t support the really niche armies with models or in tournaments, so why tease people with rules?

It makes no odds to me, since I still have my Ravening Hordes book and the pdf saved to my hard drive, but it’s an issue as regards new players. Right now, it would be almost impossible for a gamer (in the UK, at least) to start a Chaos Dwarf army.

Then of course there’s the issue of “legality”. While I scoff as such nonsense, there are many who don’t. If the pdf isn’t available and the models aren’t in the online store, are Chaos Dwarfs any more a part of the game than other discontinued armies?


Here´s a suggestion though which is probably is the most effective. All you UK chaos dwarfs, start going to your local GWs during game nights. Always bring your Chaos dwarfs. Basically create a demand for the army and of course make people realise we´re not gone. Should be quite effective.



I know they are updating the FAQ, putting them in a section called the Shrine of Knowledge.  Whether this is up yet I don’t know.  I imagine they will move the pdf over there too.


Had a look on GW US


Soc Rules for the Hellcannon

Fear not, I have found the pdf!

Chaos Dwarf Rules PDF

Uzkul Werit:

Dancehat, I have been doing exactly that for the last six years. Going and complaining to Staffers won’t change a thing.


Dancehat, I have been doing exactly that for the last six years. Going and complaining to Staffers won't change a thing.

Uzkul Werit
Yeah but I meant more as showing people we´re here. Not really speaking much to the staff. Then again I dont know about the staff over there but over here they´re very encouraging when dropping these kinds of ideas.
For example one staffer here in sweden overheard me speaking of my VC convertion plans and chipped in and wondered if I could send pictures to them when the army would be done, or even just the vampire and varghulf.
Same with CDs actually.

Infact, you can barely go into the GW store here in stockholm without ending up speaking to the staff. Really enthusiastic(sp?) people, as it should be.
I will keep my hat and bling-bling for all to see, might not do any difference on a short-term but over time. Who knows?

So keep it up :cheers



i predicted this much.


let hope im wrong, i love using my chaos dwarfs at my local gaming club,

please phone the inquires hotline, this is a crucial time for chaos dwarfs, all hangs in the balance,

our gaming club is putting on a few games at games day, middlesbrough gamers club have been successful with their games winning a few games of the year, thinking about a slave arruption at a mine sanario so thats how im helping :hat off

i think it will be a good idea to put the pdf and a different hosted site in case it disapears

Thommy H:

Fear not, I have found the pdf!
Yeah, all the links still work, it's just that there's no way to get to it from the GW website (in the UK at least). It's not so much that the pdf is 'gone', more that it's made less accessible and therefore swept under the rug.


if you are using firefox

you can simply type in “chaos dwarf pdf” and it will give you a direct link to the pdf

Thommy H:

Again: it’s not that we can’t get the pdf. I’m assuming almost all of us have it saved if we don’t have the original copy from Ravening Hordes. It’s all about the fact that GW seem to be quietly dropping the Chaos Dwarfs before our very eyes. It was bad enough when the link was tucked away on the website, but now it’s non-existent.


GW websites have been doing quite a bit of revamping in the past month or so, so I wouldn’t let it bother me too much. For example, you haven’t been able to access bitz orders for awhile on the US sites, and some FAQs have been malfunctioning, etc.

It doesn’t seem like they’d just quietly eliminate them because of two main things -

1 - They just made the Hellcannon, which kicked everyone’s ass with the new concept of how Chaos Dwarves look.

2 - They’re mentioned in the 7th edition rulebook as a race, but isn’t focused on because they haven’t been updated in forever.

Thommy H:

you haven't been able to access bitz orders for awhile on the US sites
That's because they're fundamentally altering how the bitz service works.
1 - They just made the Hellcannon, which kicked everyone's ass with the new concept of how Chaos Dwarves look.
Just? It was a few years ago now. Same with the Warhammer rulebook.

Usually I play devil's advocate in most anti-GW discussions, but I honestly don't think they have a reason to put the pdf back up there. To the best of my knowledge, the Chaos Dwarf models won't be part of the revamped bitz service (judging by the free catalogue they have available for download), which is unsurprising since I don't think anyone actually ever bought any from GW directly - why would they when the secondary market is cheaper? So they're not making money from the race, and they're not in the business of supporting lines that don't actually turn a profit (like Specialist Games...).

From what I know of GW, they place a lot of value on producing a coherent game system which isn't cluttered with loads of FAQs and variant lists. A niche list supported by a pdf doesn't fit with that ethos - by the same token, you can no longer get hold of the Storm of Chaos lists, or the Kislev allied contingent list. Plus, they're well aware that anyone willing to make the effort to buy or convert a Chaos Dwarf army isn't exactly the kind of person who needs to be spoon-fed hobby material: we're all resourceful enough to find our own way to represent our forces.

But it's still a shame that, by any technical definition, Chaos Dwarfs perhaps no longer exist in an official capacity.


But it's still a shame that, by any technical definition, Chaos Dwarfs perhaps no longer exist in an official capacity.

Thommy H
This is my concern. If I go into a hobby centre or enter a GW/Rogue Trader Tournament with a chaos dwarf army, will they tell me that it is an illegal list?


I guess we will have to wait and see just what the GT season brings that will be our best indication.


I guess we’ll all just have to pray to Hashut. . .


All of the lists (even SoC lists) are still on the US website. I don’t see why you are all freaking out about them reorganising the UK website.


if the GT season mattered to you…

you would have freaked out last year when CDs were no longer permitted…

they’ve done this before…

more than once…