[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Spaghetti (Skink's Army) new BT!


I’v been lurking around this forum for more than one year, and now I finnally decided to post some photos of my first unit. As you can see it isn’t complete yet. I’m painting a unit filler: Goblin Slaves, that will be ready (hopefully) during this week end.

Hope you like em, suggestions are more than wellcome!!!:):):slight_smile:


Ok, it seems like all the photos that I attached to this thread didn’t uploaded. I tried to attach them to this reply but they won’t upload!!! Ehm… can u help me? :cheers



thx Tjub:hat off, here we go

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Those guys look awesome! I like your take on the helmets and poses. What’s going in the big hole on your movement tray?


Those guys look awesome! I like your take on the helmets and poses. What's going in the big hole on your movement tray?

Tarrakk Blackhand
Presumably the filler mentioned in the first post, Tarrakk. :D

I like the stylised look you've gone for - almost Rackham-esque. I may have to co-opt a few of these concepts...


Wow, really cool and unique! Also nice to see someone who tries a bare head besides from me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thx Tjub:hat off, here we go

I really like those warriors and the lava flow... Thumbs up! :cheers
There are so many great army blogs here on CDO right now, great inspiration!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

For “filler”, I’d add an ogre! :smiley:


I like that I have acquired more helm disciples!


This forum is switching from to Hat lovers to Helm/mask lovers! :expressionless:

Well, yours’ are so cool that even hat lovers should adore them! :hat off


They are good indeed! Seems pretty ashy!


amazing work Skink they look awesome, i really like the lava on the base looking forward to your next post :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

cool looking guy i like the paint job on them!! the gold look great

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Lovely colours and very clean painting. Masks and armour are also quite unique. My hat goes off to you, Sir! :hat off


Awesome stuff, Skink :hat off

I am particularly fond of the �?~gas mask�?T looking guys - more of those please.

And a suggestion … I would add some kind of iconography to the shields. Plain metal can be a bit dull. And as I can see you master the brushes - there is a basis for showing off your free hand skills :wink:

Now lets see your goblin slave unit filler.


Yeah very amazing stuff!

Brilliant masks! Much better than all of my poor attempts … :hat off

Also good painting, so much I can evaluate this (the pics are not very keen and bright)! :slight_smile:

I´m curious to see more of them! :wink:



Ok, as promised I finished the Goblin Slaves (Warrior Fillers). Maybe I can call em Sam & Rodney.

That’s how the whole unit looks like.

Even if I’m pleased of how the slaves turned out I don’t like the overall look of the unit. Guess that I’ll have to build 4 more warriors. I can always keep the goblins as a mascotte :smiley:

CLAM: I am particularly fond of the �?~gas mask�?T looking guys - more of those please

all you have to do is ask:

I’m currently working on a chaos dwarf lord (lady), wich need only to be painted. Stay tuned for an update :)… just hope that I’ll be able to purchase a new camera!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome figures! I think we can all use a new camera, esp me!


I agree with you, make four more warriors, they’ll look more compact!

Save your beautiful slaves for an hobgoblin unit, they are perfect.