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Hi! Some of you might remember my old CD army showcased in this forum & the Word of Hashut webzine. It has been kind of a long time (years) since I posted new minis on these pages because, you see, In real life I travel a lot and usually never get home to work on my models.
However, recently I had surgery done under my left foot, an event that forced me to sit my butt on a chair and… Find something to do!  Over the next few weeks I’ll restart work on my Chaos Dwarf army, and, hopefully, I’ll add units as time goes by. So… What have I done? I re-based all my models and got rid of my first sculpts which were really ugly. This is why I decided to start a new army blog.

Here are the first five models of heavy Chaos Dwarf infantry:

And their standard:

The symbol on the drum needs highlights, the champion’s face is only primed.


Sweet! Nice to see you’re back.

A little bit too colourful for my taste, I think they need more consistency. I would reduce gold a little bit, they do not need golden weapons… but details are awesome as usual. The stadard bearer is magnificient.

Longing to see more.


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Pyro Stick:

I think they look great. The shields work really well with those models. Interesting looking weapons as well. Im looking forward to seeing a whole unit.

Time of Madness:

A little bit too colourful for my taste, I think they need more consistency. I would reduce gold a little bit, they do not need golden weapons..... but details are awesome as usual. The stadard bearer is magnificient.
Longing to see more.


I think it might be the weapon blades that is throwing them off a bit for me. I'm not a fan of the orange blades, however the unit looks great so far! I absolutely love the banner.
Time of Madness


Dude you rock :slight_smile: That banner is ace, really nicely done.

Blue in VT:

Very nice Skink…i always love your work!



That paint scheme is very cool and unique! I definitely love that banner! :smiley:


Looks great, banner is ace, but Im not sure about the gals head. Is it a wip och should it be orange?

Thommy H:

Yeah, everything except Grulka’s face is awesome. I actually really like the glowing weapons - I assume they’re supposed to represent magical/cursed weapons?


Woah! So many comments in onlt a few hours!

Ok, so…

First of all let me explain my reasoning behind this color scheme:

GOLD: CDs are a wealthy people ;P. A few golden plates here and there are denote their status… I don’t think I overdid the gold, as it is limited to the mask, boots and a thin line on the shoulder pads.

ORANGE BEARDS AND WEAPONS: my army will be painted mostly in four colors: Gold (yellow), Iron (gray), Dark red, and Orange. All my models will have gray/black beard, but these guys already have a gray armor. I needed a way to make facial hairs stand out. Also, blades are supposed to be enchanted, as I imagine Immortals to wield magic weapons.

GRAY ARMOR: again, army color. Also, in the black library book “Grudgebearer” Immortals are described to wear stone/granite armor. I tried to satisfy all the existing fluff on these warriors.

Bassman: I know what you mean. I tried so many times to reproduce the “dark gothic look” that makes armies like yours or Ishkur’s beautiful… But nope, I can’t do that. Apparently, after painting Lizzies for years I developed a sort of neat and extremely bright painting style! Seriously, I just CAN’T paint in a different way! Besides, I love bright flashy colors. What do you mean by “lack of consistency”???

Thommy: Yup, cursed weapons. Inspired by your book:).

Tjub: Face isn’t painted yet. Hair is ok IMO…


Nothing but praise from me… I love them!


Ah, okey… I was talking about the face. :slight_smile:


Well if I am criticizing is because I actually like  them and I see the potential to be one of the best armies in this website.

Well, of course I do prefer dark colours for Chaos Dwarfs, but this is just a matter of taste, I do appreciate people that choose a different path.

About consistency, I think rank 'n file troopers work with a limited palette of colors. two/three colors. So a main color (black armor), a very limited decorative color of the main color (like gold for details of the armor, you have too much in my opinion) and clothes (red). Smaller details can have their own colors but they do not detract the attention from the main color scheme.

That’s enough, your ensorcelled weapons are too much. Maybe it’s just the picture, they look orange, keep them golden like the armor (I would paint them like the darkest part of armor, like obsidian blades…).

Said this I’m longing to see the entire unit. I am sure it will look awesome!


And here I was hoping to see some Chaos Dwarf Spaghetti !!! You !!! I’ll track you till the end of the durum wheat field !!! Great work but yeah orange blades don’t float my boat but the painting is wonderfully crisp kudos bud.


My colour choices are pretty similar. You can get away with more variety if you use black, and two metallics, in addition to two other colours plus an accent colour.


Bassman: Don’t get me wrong mate! I know you’re just trying to help me, and I generally like your criticism, it is extremely constructive:cheers. I know what you mean about the color scheme I chose for my army, it’s too confusing. Perhaps 4 colors are too many. But you see, I have other 15 dwarfs (maybe more) already painted and I really DON’T want to repaint them all!

Without further ado, here’s the completed Immortals unit, 24 men (dwarfs) strong:

Uh… I admit I’m not the best photographer on Earth. What do you guys think? Are these pics too bright, the angles are good, etc. etc. etc.???


Ok, delete previous comments: all together they are awesome!!!

The chick is really hot!

ABout pics: why not a front shot from “enemy” perspective?

And… why 6x4? Pretty weirdo deployment :wink:

P.S. another complaining: When I will be albe to see them in the flesh?


Yay, looks great! :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

Superb unit.

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They look great!

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