[Archive] Chaos dwarfs 2013

Kera foehunter:

What are your planing to do with your Army of Chaos dwarfs in the year 2013.


Get them to some tornaments this year, lets say 3 atleast.


Get them to some tornaments this year, lets say 3 atleast.

+1 for me on this. That means getting them painted too!

Kera foehunter:

Hopefully finish mine by spring…


Receive my new ForgeWorld order, paint it up.

Make my second order when the first one will be painted, then paint the new ones!

Fiannly began all the Hobgoblins ah ah !

Groznit Goregut:

I’m going to my first tournament with them in a couple weeks. Not done painting them, but there is no painting score. Plan on using them all through 2013. My goal is to try to win a major GT award at one of the four Grand Tournaments we have in my state.

Also need to finish the army! Lots of painting to do. I don’t think I’ve finished a single model for sure. Still have shields or a few other bits to touch up.


I intend to finish them… And bring them to a tournament or two and a load of friendly games.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Finish painting my “tournament list” and get the youtube videos going!  Sadly I have two battle reports ready to go but only half of those models are painted and I realized during the editing process that battle reports without at least one unpainted army generally suck to watch.  So I’m waiting until I can at least field my army painted.

And what is Kera Foehunter’s plans for 2013???

Grimbold Blackhammer

Goltor Lintrepide:

Making as many conversions on my ongoing army and paint them all!

Kera foehunter:

I have a lot of plans this year. But there not only to deal with the bad boys chaos dwarfs

Going to field my Dwarf slayer They need to get the dust off them.

Complete My female Dwarf army. Trade figures

Then come the real challenge

Make war machines and terrain pieces I haven’t made anything bigger than a bull centaur.

Then get local guys back to sea hammer so that i can rule the seas again.

Last is to get the Slayerbrotherhood up to par

WE are planing more online games and challenges

so that would be my wishes

And maybe a game with details how i beat the crap out of the other players in a game

that’s it



I want to release painting plan and create big posessed steam engine. And release one of my dreams, but it’s secret for now.


I intend to paint up this year:

Magma Cannon
Hellbound Iron Daemon

Finish my 2 units of hobgoblins (need to paint about 10 models).  Finish the remaining 2 wolf riders.

Finish my 3 BC
Paint up my 2 battleragers and perhaps get a third

Paint up at least 30 Infernal Guard, buy a unit of 20 fireglaives

Finally, paint up the heroes I currently own, plus Drazhoath and also paint up my converted blunderbuss platform.

Beyond this I also want to get some AoW blunderbussers.

So just a bit to do this year…  Bearing in mind CD will be equally sharing my painting time with other projects.

At some point this year I will also salvage all my CD background material from my dead laptop and start writing again.


Paint the last CDs converted so far, build and paint K’daiis and Bull Centaurs hopefully…


getting a 2400 point army up, since i dont have any models yet (in the mail)


Build more stuff!!

And paint up to +/- 4000 points+ make plenty of pictures and finally finish that BullTaurus…

Da Crusha:

gonna make some better movement trays for my infantry blocks. gonna add lava basing to my blunderbuss units. gonna convert and paint up my crossbow wielding chaos dwarfs into blunderbusss cds. and Im going to finally add shields to my models.


since I’m just steps away from full paint, my main goal is to field a fully painted army!

also,since I’m 3 warmachine short, I’ll convert something for that (my target are the Quantum Gothic missile launcher and cannon turret), after my nippon-themed hobgoblin unit.

after that, I dunno, a big blunderbuss unit using AoW Thunder warriors? restarting on my possessed skullcracker-doomtrain?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Get my FW stuff made? Hopefully painted… Save up enough monies to buy the rest of the army?


Sell them all so I can concentrate on my WOC stuff…


Reconvert and paint my Minis to the standard I want, within in the time constraints of a business trip to Japan looming very closely