[Archive] Chaos DWarfs as Warriors of Chaos?

Viskar Zhragoth:

Hello all, somehow posted this in the wrong place, I’m repeating it here…(Could a mod delete the one in project dev? please)

Hey gang, I was just wondering. I know lots of us play Chaos Dwarfs as Chaos Dwarfs, but that sometimes we play as Dwarfs in tourneys (especially since GW GTs don’t allow our army anymore…boooooo!)

But after reading the WoC book, I was thinking that it would be easy and cool to use your Chaos Dwarfs as Chaos Warriors and stuff.


Orcs or Hobgoblin units=Chaos Marauders

Sneaky gits= Marauders with 2 hw

Chaos Dwarfs=Chaos Warriors

Hobgoblins= Chaos Marauders

Bull Centaurs=Chaos Knights

Black Orcs=Chaos Chosen (for size and weapon choices)

Just wolves as Chaos Warhounds



Taurus rider as Lord on Jugger



Now I’m working on my first unit right now…but as far as a gamable list, I think I might try to fit it into this type of thing instead of Dwarfs (the tourney I’m making the army for has not decided on Chaos Dwarfs yet (and they are part of GW’s tourney circuit). I’m worried about getting the coolest army on earth done and then they tell me I can’t play it, and at this point, I’d rather not fall back on one of my other armies.  Not exactly happy with having to embrace Chaos (since I think we have already proven we can trap and overpower daemons…:cheers)

This whole thing might mean I have to make a few extra minis to be able to field both “types” of armies, (like an extra unit of Bull Centaurs?) But what do you guys think…anybody else thinking this or am I crazy?

Any input…???  Criticisms…??? Helpful Ideas…???

And please keep in mind I want to bring the minis to a tourney. who knows they might let me play them as Chaos Dwarfs after all.

Thommy H:

This topic has come up lots and lots and lots of times before. The consensus is “it works well enough if you have everything on the right size bases.” It certainly isn’t perfect, but the only other option is Dwarfs and it’s about as good as they are for representing Chaos Dwarfs, so if you want to play it that way then go ahead.


For converting base sizes these movement trays are excellent - Base 1 Conversion Trays from Battlezone Miniatures - Battlezone Miniatures

you keep your cd’s on 20mm bases but the trays space them as if they where on 25 mm ones - best of both worlds



Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

How about Chaos Dwarfs as Greenskins, you could still include slaves.

Black Orc on Wyvern: Chaos Dwarf lord

Black Orc Hero mounted: bull centaur

Shaman: Sorcerer

Black Orcs: Chaos Dwarf Warriors

everything else would be slaves. Big uns could be chaos dwarf warriors too.


I think it could be quite interesting form the modelling perspective. All the chaos dwarfs on this site, while excellently converted and painted, all end up looking a tad bit simliar, with a lot of brooding reds and metallics. (not counting swiss’s blue cd warmy). Nothing wrong with that, but it doesnt give the feel of true Chaosy army.

If you did your C Dwarf Warrriors as Chaos warriors you could really go wild with the colour scheme and conversions depending on themark, for example decaying warriors or tentacled warriors. Obviously fluffwise there not supposed to be mutated but if its your own army then why not, add a little fluff section explaining how certain extreme Chaos Dwarfs thought that Hashut was a blashphemous offshoot of the true four powers of Chaos, and they left the Dark Lands to join the Chaos Warbands in the north.

Pink stunties fused with daemonic steeds with tentacles. That would be sick.